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18554__heroes_lSomeone help me! I’m mutating into a sci-fi geek — and to my knowledge, there’s no known cure. Early symptoms included an unexpected pang of anticipation surrounding the X-Men trilogy, followed by a full-blown fever for Battlestar Galactica. Now, even more troubling, I’m finding myself addicted to NBC’s Heroes after just one inhalation. (For those of you who missed the premiere, by the way, it’ll repeat on NBC tonight at 8 p.m., and is streaming at

Call me clueless — wait, a lot of Lost fans already did that this morning — but I was totally caught off guard when it turned out that Nathan (the formidable Adrian Pasdar) , not Peter (Milo Ventimiglia), was the sibling with the gift of flight. (Side note: Anyone else still bitter that Pasdar’s brilliant late ’90s series, Profit, never became the breakout hit it deserved to be?) What’s more, while I’m still not sure that Niki’s mirror-image vengeance-lady qualifies as an appealing superpower, the all-too-human drama of her life as a struggling single mother more than made up for it. (Who knew Ali Larter was this good an actress?) Best of all, though, Hayden Garnier Fructis Panettiere’s regenerating teenager, Claire (pictured), left me gasping at every turn. That scene of her sticking her hand in the garbage disposal was perhaps the most rivetingly grotesque moment I’ve experienced in prime time this year. I spy a major star in the making.

addCredit(“Heroes: Dean Hendler”)

All that, and I haven’t even gotten to Masi Oka’s teleporting Japanese businessman (talk about a quick study!) or the dashing Sendhil Ramamurthy’s academic ringleader, but with a premiere this nifty, it won’t be long before poor Scott/Cyclops is crying into his wraparound glasses wishing he were half as cool.

What did you think of Heroes? Have you checked out its groovy website, complete with a live-blog of the premiere from series creator Tim Kring, an online comic, and more? And what to make of the spoiler-ific opening moments, which indeed promise that these characters will eventually save the world?


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  • e

    LOVED it.

  • teacherdrama

    I liked it so much I told my students to watch the rerun tonight if they missed it last night. I officially declared this (along with Lost) as the show I’ll be pushing this year!

  • Mr. Show

    The only new show on my schedule that will be given a coveted TiVO season pass. Just hope it’s not on when anything else is (since I’m too lazy to check), or else it’ll be watched but on alternate avenues.

  • Lee

    LOVED IT! Finally, a show that lived up to the pre-season hype. The cast is fabulous–I love the guy who plays Hiro. I just wish they didn’t reveal what was coming in future episodes–ie the comic book thing. Definitely will be watching.

  • The Other Kyle

    I’m in love with Hayden in this show.
    My only complaint? Get this show a budget for Gosh-sakes! The effects were awful when used and basically non-existent. I’m all for leaving stuff up to the imagination but you gotta use at least a little effects work on a super-hero show other than the god-awful flight scene.
    Smallville’s Pilot had infinitely better effects than Heroes and that was done 5 to 6 years ago.

  • j

    Too much going on. I was very disappointed. Season pass: cancelled

  • Mr. Show

    I liked that they showed what the finale will hold (unless the heroes do something about it). It gives you something to look forward to, and you know that the showrunner has a definite plan in place for how the season will go. As opposed to say Lost, where its writers have admitted that they make it up on the fly.

  • EM

    I was pleasantly surprised. It gets a place on my Monday night agenda.

  • ceej

    I KNOW I’ve read this exact same plot in a comic book somewhere…

  • Tory

    I gotta say I enjoyed Heroes way much. Also with you on
    Profit. My fave show of all time. It’s on DVD now and
    totally worth it.

  • Jess

    I wasn’t expecting much, but I tuned in because I’m a sucker for super heroes (and they used Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek” in a promo). As it turns out, it was really good! I was practically glued to the screen. I already love Claire and Hiro, and I can’t wait to see what other characters they come up with. I also like that the creators seem to have a definite plan of where they’re going, because it feels like we REALLY have something good to look forward to.
    As for the special effects, if the show does well, the budget will go up and the effects will improve! I didn’t think they were particular bad, though. Just nothing special.
    I really hope people give this show a chance. There just isn’t enough good sci-fi on TV since X-Files ended (Lost is great, but it’s not straight up sci-fi). And as we’ve seen with the unjustly-canceled Invasion and Firefly, sci-fi often has a rather short shelf life. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

  • Phil

    I have mixed feelings towards HEROES. On many levels I did enjoy it since I have been a comic book & super-hero nerd since I was a kid, but I’ve since grown up out of that phase, though I do enjoy Smallville, and the usual cool super-hero movies like X-men or Spider-man. I don’t collect comics anymore, and instead opt out on reading the stories when they’re collected into graphic novels.
    I liked the diverse cast of HEROES, but it was alot darker than I had imagined the show was going to be. Claire’s “father” seems to be the focal bad guy of the series, and I’m interested to see how the storyline of how he adopted Claire pans out, as well as who he truly works for. However, when Hiro actually quotes the classic X-Men comic in which Kitty Pryde’s theory of time travel, which began all the X-Men headaches of DAYS OF FUTURE PAST storylines, I was like, Okay, so they’re tryin to be tongue-in-cheek, as well as intelligent, GOOD FOR THEM!
    I didn’t quite understand Nikki’s mirror image powers, AT ALL, and this is coming from someone who’s read comics for the past 25 yrs. That NEEDS help. Intrested to see who the daddy is of her kid though, can’t quite make up which mixed race he’s supposed to be…
    And finally, the situation with Nathan & his brother Peter. Very interesting Cyclops/Havok dichotomy going on there, if Peter does indeed turn out to be “special” as well. I am engrossed, and have been since the very mention of this series, but I hope they explain themselves well enough to a point where a fanboy like me doesn’t think this turns into PURE CHEESE, cause those forboding comics predicting their destinies seems kinda lame…..

  • Lesley

    I originally was only interested in this show because of Ali Larter (though the premise sounded cool) Turns out I enjoyed this a whole heck of a lot more than I thought I would. Especially after most critics pretty much bashed it, I thought it would be….not so good. I was worried it would be a bit too heavy on the scifi content, but it looks like its going much more relateable. Hopefully it won’t get TOO caught up in its own mythology, like previous shows before it.
    Loved loved loved Hiro. I want one of my very own. I am intrigued by IndestructoGirl and her story. I want to know WHY she insists on filming the attempts to hurt herself. To make sure she isn’t crazy? Who else was cringing when she nonchalantly put her ribs back into her body?

  • professor74

    I think the single mom’s power has to do with an Incredible Hulk except that it does not manifest itself physically but more mentally. That person she sees in the mirror is her alter ego. (I am really interested to see what happens to that video).
    I think Claire is videotaping it so when she is ready to tell people – she has proof.
    Thank you Michael (and Phil) for posted. Its good to know that I am not the only comic book geek out there.

  • Karoline

    I am definitely adding this show to my schedule. The premiere was excellent, although I’m afraid that it won’t be as interesting to watch with the normal number of commercial breaks. Good cast, good twists, good ‘X-Files’ vibe. Looking forward to next week’s episode already.

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