Trailer Blazer: 'Feast'

132734__feast_lFeast, don’t fails me now!

Your gory trailer has hit the Interweb with a loud, wet splat, and boy, is it a forthright portrait of the crap to come. From what I can deduce from this lowlit preview, we’re in for just the sort of straight-to-video quality we’d expected, having seen the final season of Project Greenlight. For anyone who’s interested, the words running across the crawl in my head while I was watching this: from… dusk… till… tremors… ever notice henry rollins looks like a ‘roided-up robert sean leonard?… tofurkey… (the last one may be unrelated)

At any rate, those hearty young marketers charged with foisting Feast on the American moviegoer seem to have taken the so-bad-it’s-good approach, showcasing lines like "It’s gonna eat us!" and even including a sequence that pays homage to Samuel L. Jackson in Deep Blue Sea. Oh, and the banner blurb? It’s from young Harry Knowles, critical credibility incarnate, and it reads: "F—ing awesome!"

Horror fans, Rollins fans, crap fans, jump in here and feast on my foolish musings.


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  • mike

    There are two kinds of movies that are almost always moneymakers, animated kids movies and gory horror movies. A new one of each is released about twice a month. Quality, plot and even lack of star power doesn’t seem to matter as much as a deeply disturbed trailer. Enjoy. Aren’t the fall movies here yet?

  • stephanie

    Honestly, I don’t really care if it’s good or bad. I was hooked on Project Greenlight and can’t wait to see John Gulager’s work. Let’s remember, this is a horror film, not the next Oscar winner. Take it for what it is and enjoy.

  • Allison

    I am so with you on the Henry Rollins observation!

  • Ned

    Flesh eating monsters laying siege to a remote bar? I’m there.

  • Miles

    FEAST? what a great thanksgiving title, they should release this film on thanksgiving weekend, a great counter programming to the Oscar Bait, plus the marketing alone would be a hoot. Like Snakes on A plane, it will be a movie I will talk about, but probably won’t see.

  • Jamie

    The Henry Rollins thought is provacative… wouldn’t it be interesting to see them do a “Hulk” type of movie together?

  • Julie

    The difference is, “Feast” is actually a decent movie. I saw it last year at the Chicago International Film Festival. Complete with Gulager!

  • Stephanie Travitsky

    I don’t know about anyone else, but when my best friend Dave and I went to see Deep Blue Sea in the theaters, we were the only two people who were laughing our butts off when Sam Jackson became a Scooby Snack for the shark. The timing was so brilliant! This movie looks interesting.

  • ol raz

    This looks like a kick ass flick that was made for a specific audience…ME! and I can’t wait to see it. If you think it’s gonna be crap go watch one of your lil’ arthouse pansyboy flicks! you don’t like this stuff, shut up and let those of us who do plop down our cash and support this type of art! WEEHAH!!!

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