In defense of the 'Project Runway' judges

111319__nina_garcia_lSo The A.V. Club’s Scott Tobias has a column declaring he’s confident that the Project Runway judges "are on crack this season." (Thanks to TV Tattle for the link.) "There are now seven designers remaining in the cast — we’re at the halfway mark, more or less — and three of them should have been booted within the first three weeks," Tobias continues, making a case for why Angela, Jeffrey, and Vincent should’ve already been auf’d.

Me, I couldn’t disagree more. (And it’s not just because of my growing crush on siren-like Neeena Garrrrcia (pictured), nor the way I’m tickled by Michael Kors’ insane bon mots — like last week’s "Comme des Garcons in Amish Country!") Think about it: Jeffrey’s mom-dress may have been fuglier than his massive, tattooed neck, but his glamorous recycled newspaper outfit and flirty dog-as-accessory frock proved far more innovative than anything sweet-but-uninspired Robert sent down the runway in recent weeks. (And as Missy Schwartz’s recent Runway cover story for EW points out, past work does count.)

As for Angela, yeah, I rooted for her ouster after she coughed up that hideola purple bubble skirt during the doggie challenge, but clearly the judges saw something worth saving. And they proved far more astute than me, as Angela’s subsequent Audrey Hepburn dress and Macy’s cropped jacket would later prove. Seriously, if Tobias thinks Angela and Jeffrey should be out, then who should be in? I’ve already forgotten much of Bonnie and Katherine’s work, and I’m still working on forgetting adorable Bradley’s. That said, I’m with Tobias on one point: How is Vincent still in the competition?

What do you think of Runway‘s judging this season? Let the motherf—in’ walk-off begin in the comments section below.

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  • Nessa

    Jeffrey’s dress last week looked like the Gordon Gartrel rip-off that Denise made for Theo. The only dress I liked by him all season was the newspaper dress – which I only liked because it did not look like newspaper. Angela’s Audrey dress was beautiful. I could do without Vincent.
    Michael’s comment about Comme des Garcon in Amish Country finally topped my other favorite – “She looked more like Apalacha Barbie.”

  • Josh

    If past work does count, Alison should be IN. Yes, that dress was the worst for that challenge; she struggled. But she, along with Uli, had been designing great outfits that have been criminally overlooked. At least Uli has won a challenge and been mentioned, but I do feel a big mistake was made with Alison. Otherwise, I think the ousters have been fair.

  • Vance

    Vincent needs to be out but I don’t think Angela is that bad. On her good weeks, her looks are amazing. It just took a few weeks, as opposed to Robert who had his best weeks at the start and then drifted off. If it had been reversed, we would be saying the same about Robert.
    I’m still not sure about Jeffrey but other than Allison, everyone else auf’d deserved to be.

  • Dave

    Could they at least boot Jeffrey’s HIDEOUS neck tat? Seriously, that thing gives me the chills. I think the judges have been pretty fair, except for Vincent, he needs to go. I’m totally rooting for Kayne and Uli, but I think Michael will win.

  • kinglouieXVIII

    I think for the most part, the judges do get it right. I too do not understand how Vincent is still in the running over sexy blonde Allison (who will as the hottest PR contestant eeeever). I like Nina Garcia; she’s not afraid to tell the contestants how she really feels (and she’s not bad on the eyes either). And Michael Korrs’ catty, over the top statements are priceless to PR.
    “Of course you like that it’s shiny, you’re GERMAN!!”
    Aaaah, priceless indeed.

  • Rishi

    Nina Garcia taste in fashion is equal to Osama Bin Laden taste in house hunting.

  • kriselda jarnsaxa

    Angela’s had a couple hideous messes and a couple *very* nice pieces – and on the whole, I’d say I like her good stuff more than I hate her worst stuff, so I’m ok with her still being on the show.
    Jeffery? Him, I just don’t like at all. His designs leave me cold and his personality makes me want to throw things at the screen. My general feeling is that I think he should be gone and they should have kept Alison around, but I may be biased because I just dislike him so very much.
    As for Vincent, well, he’s completely, totally, utterly insane – which makes for …interesting… television. If he were to have been auf’d already, I’m not sure who – aside from Alison – I would want to see in his place.
    If I could “set things right” in MY world, I’d keep Angela and Vincent, since he’s at least …interesting… to watch, and replace Jeffery with Alison. I think that would have been more appropriate than how things are currently.

  • Sarah

    I think for the most part the judges have gotten the eliminations right. The glaring exception is Alison. If the past does count for something, then each of her outfits were definitely better than everything Vincent came up with (hellllooo the Twiggy dress, wrapping your model in paper so she can’t walk down the runway, the basket hat?!) Yes Vincent makes for good television, but he is such an inconsistent designer, it just doesn’t make any sense that he’s still there and Alison isn’t. As for Jeffrey, the attitude alone should be enough to get him kicked off. Angela has been quite inconsistent too. I think the only reason she won the Macy’s challenge was because Laura and Michael were there to talk her out of putting those damn rosettes all over the place.
    But I love Nina Garcia and Michael Kors. Keep those bitchy comments coming!

  • tarjay

    It’s not just who has been voted out that shouldn’t have been, but it’s the timing too. Yes, Angela has made some decent pieces recently, but her early work, her inability to sketch, her unfamiliarity with the machines, etc. should have had her auf’d a long, long time ago–especially over some of the more talented designers like Allison and Robert. The same goes for Vincent. I agree with the other posters that Allison should not have been auf’d at all. Not only had she not been in the bottom 3 once whereas Vincent had, but I think Kayne’s dress for the recycle challenge was actually worse. They said Kayne avoided the final two b/c of past performance, but that doesn’t explain why Allison then was ousted. They are definitely keeping Vincent around for good TV.

  • dee

    Michael is the clear winner of this competition. He doesn’t even need this show anymore. He has been the biggest surprise in being able to make well constructed, tasteful clothes despite the portfolio he initially brought which suggested he knew little about class. Uli has a magical touch with colors but many of her clothing is similar in design. Jeff’s problem will always remain the huge chip on his shoulder but he is talented. He along with Kayne who really impressed me with the goth Marilyn look, are the dark horses for the final three. What matters to the judges is making clothes that are put together well (they even had to acknowlege that though hideous, Angela’s puffy skirt was well constructed), and taking risks with designs (Robert failed in this way). With that being said, this is why Vincent (unfortunate risk taker) and Angela remain. Unfortunately, Allison fell victim “well constructed” part. I did like her though.

  • dma69

    Michael Kors took a while to grow on me. Now I love his catty comments. Nina Garcia I never ever liked. She comes across as a pompous snob.
    Vincent should’ve been voted out a long time ago. The basket-as-a-hat outfit really lost it for me. Angela ocassionally makes great clothes – if she doesn’t use those stupid rosettas and bubble skirts. I can see rosettas if you’re making kids clothes, but not for adult clothing. Jeffrey is talented but obnoxious. Just like Santino was.
    My choices for the final three: Michael, Laura, and Uli.

  • nd

    I totally agree with the majority of posters here…Vincent should have replaced Allison. I still am distraught that adorable little Allison is gone :( I had her in my Top 3. Now, I’m rooting for Michael, Laura and Uli. Vincent is obvioulsy a mess, Angela is kooky, Jeffery is scary and Kayne is too….Kayne…for my taste. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE Nina Garcia and Michael Kors.

  • Carlos

    I love the show and normally agree with the judges. Of course we all have to realize that we see the outfits so quickly and thru the tv so we miss some of the finer details.
    I like both Garcia and Kors and Heidi is a hoot. She gives tough criticism and then smiles like she just complimented you and/or doesn’t care. :-)

  • Will Holston

    Uli, all the way

  • Maria

    Michael all the way! He’s so talented and sweet and humble as well.

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