'X-Men': Which film should be made next?

154350__wolverine_lAs we learned in the last X-Men movie, a) mutants watch their own web parodies, and b) it’s highly unlikely that Fox will ever reassemble its mutant all-star team for a fourth installment.

With Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine movie in the works and the rest of the grown-ups priced out of range, a proper X4 will probably never happen. But there are other possibilities: Which would you like to see?

1. A "Young Magneto" movie has been proposed. According to script spies, the scene where Mr. Miyagi exhorts him to "make these paper clips your bitch" is particularly moving.

2. There’s the oft-discussed Saved by the Genetic Anomaly: The New Class approach, which shifts the focus to Prof. X’s younger students: Bobby "Iceman" Drake, Kitty "Shadowcat" Pryde, Piotr "Colossus" Rasputin, and David "Mildly ADD" Micklethwait.

3. The bold approach: three hours of watching Prof. X try to pry his consciousness out of that coma victim’s body, culminating in a triumphant finger twitch. It will be the My Dinner with Andre of comic-book movies, and I will make it myself, using nothing but a vintage camcorder, audio snipped from old Next Generation episodes, and a very lazy friend.

Or perhaps you’d like to see something else? Make your last stand below.

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  • Barre

    I would vote for the next generation — provided the movie is directed by Bryan Singer.

  • nathan

    Of course the Wolverine movie is at the top of the list, but I’m not all that excited about any of the other characters really, especially Magneto, I think we’ve all had enough of that villain.

  • FilmNerdJamie

    Personally I have zero interest in any X-Men sequel, prequel, spin-off, etc. for one reason: no Bryan Singer.

  • katie jane

    Whatever they make, please please please- put Emma Frost in it.

  • Marnie

    Oh, look… Gambit still doesn’t his own movie.

  • rbk

    Magneto prequel sounds great — depth and grit, etc. The next generation bit would probably flop — none of the kids can carry (let alone open) a movie yet. Does anyone even know the actors’ names?

  • Kate

    Cyclops Reborn…I know that James Mersden can’t be on two sets at once but I still hate hate hate what happened to Cyclops in X-Men 3!

  • Roderick

    I’m guessing that the final scene after the credits was a way to be able to justify another sequel (X4) in the event that Mr. Ratner burned and crashed. Since it didn’t burn and crash I am assuming that X4 is in the works regardless. Hollywood wants to make money (See: Hollywood buys remake rights to the already brilliant Battle Royale to only make it go from NC-17 to a rated R feature for us Americans). Plain and simple. I have a feeling that they could use the whole Phoenix-revives-comes-to-life-shtick to bring back both Colossus and Wolverine. Plus, they need Gambit and a REAL Psylocke up in the mix someday.
    And if anything, Fox needs to redeem themselves after not making Storm the most powerful mutant. I mean, seriously, she can cause tornados, tsunamis, lightning… she could have blown that entire Magneto army from up in the air. But instead she flew, well, like she was on a wire. And WHEN THE HELL IS ROGUE GOING TO GET ALL SUPERMAN ON OUR @$$e$ ALREADY?!?!!? GOSH!!!

  • V.M.L.

    They should make a movie about Angel. I’m not an X-Men fan, but I really dig Angel. ^_^

  • W-Burn

    Brett Ratner as Brett Ratner in…Brett Ratner.

  • L.

    Um….hello….ROGUE ANYONE?!
    She is THE SINGLE MOST neglected character in the franchise, and ironically one of the best and most interesting. Her story/power has the most “human drama” of any of them and her character is the only one that still has a REAL direction left to go….in fact it still has a HUGE one. The fact that 3 films went by without Rogue getting her powers LITERALLY boggles my mind.

  • ep sato

    All they need for the new sequels are Wolverine and Prof X. I always felt Famke and Halle couldn’t get their parts right, and everyone else can come or go as far as the line up is concerned. Ya’ll already know I won’t miss cyclops even one iota. The idea of doing the gig with the younger X Men and one old man (wolverine) would be a re imagining of the era when the X Men line up changed with pretty much every issue. Also, aren’t Dazzler, Longshot and Psylocke as of yet not in the movies? There are a LOT of X Men…

  • Brad

    I don’t care which other X-Men they put in another sequel (though I have my personal favorites like Gambit), but you can’t have a sequel without Wolverine. He is the heart and soul of the X-Men. I liked the actual team thing they had going in X3, as it felt more like what you read in the comics, where they train together and work together to defeat their enemy.

  • Christopher

    Attention Marvel: cameos are your friend. Your current plan for an Avengers movie, by releasing all of the Avengers’ seperate properties through ONE studio to prevent the licensing headaches, is a bold, Peter Jackson-sized move that I hope will pay off big for you.
    1) No one needs Halle Berry to make an X-Men movie. Stop screwing up the franchise to accomodate this overrated model.
    2) Whichever vengeful producer was responsible for ending Cyclops to spite James Marsden? YOU’RE AN IDIOT who has harmed the franchise with a stupid personal move. (You also happen to be the same idiot who bucked for ‘Oscar winner Berry’ to get all that screen time.) Remove yourself from the franchise, or let Marvel remove Fox from the franchise. This is Marvel’s most appealing license… you are personally destroying Marvel.
    3) You DON’T have to do the same actors. If an actor is too big in price, move on. Patrick Stewart comes from a big, happy ensemble cast family… that has a long and complicated history of screwing each other over for screen time, dialogue, etc., as soon as they transfer from the small screen to the big screen. Start looking for his replacement today and stop wasting time trying to accomodate egos or greed… there are fine actors who will LOVE to inhabit that role for a fair price.
    4) Stop thinking so chinsy/small/petty. Invest in the property properly (this goes back to “get this out of it’s current studio”) or move on. You could do “The New Mutants” on television, using the same actors and set that you use for the next two or three X-Men movies, and have massive cross-promotion.
    Okay… now that I’m done ranting… number 4 there pretty much is my idea. Do a “New Mutants” for television, concentrating less on special effects and more on drama. Have the actors from the movies do cameos. Then, when it’s time to do the next movie, write the New Mutants into a few scenes, and use the same sets.
    And make the new movie Mr. Sinister vs. Apocalypse vs. Magneto with the X-Men siding with Mags.

  • Lily

    Wolverine. That’s the only one I’d pay for.

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