'Snakes on a Plane': Samuel L. has got your number!

171212__snakes_l[UPDATE: Those motherf—in’ snakes on that motherf—in’ plane crashed that motherf—in’ website. Stay tuned as the parties involved scramble for more motherf—in’ bandwith.]

Samuel L. Jackson is talkin’ to you. Well, that is, if someone out there would be kind enough to send you a personalized phone call or email (in Jackson’s voice, natch) that encourages you to go see Snakes on a Plane. Or you can send one to yourself, like I did. Just click here. Trust me, it’s well worth five minutes out of your busy computer-solitaire schedule.


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  • Brandon

    Mike, this may be the single greatest thing I have ever seen. I’ve been freaking out my friends and relatives all afternoon. I probably shouldn’t have sent one to my grandma, though…it scared the hell out of her.

  • liz

    I love this!!!!!!!!! I’ve probably sent 20 of these out to people.

  • Jesse

    “Or you can send one to yourself, like I did.”
    I love your honesty. Can’t wait to send these to everybody!

  • Kristin

    Dear Michael,
    I absolutely adore Popwatch – read it everyday. But this might be the awesome-ist, fabulous, wonderful, outstanding link ever. You should have added, “Impress your friends and co-workers with this great link!” Thanks so much!!

  • Katherine

    my boyfriend sent me one, and it was hilarious! the caller ID said his house number, but I picked it up and lo and behold….Samuel L Jackson!
    it was awesome, everyone should try

  • Ed

    I think the link is down, I couldn’t send one since there is not button to push after I enter the info. Whaaaa!

  • Tommy G

    I tried this yesterday, but it doesn’t work so hot with cell phones and voice mail. If you can get them to pick up the phone right away though it’s pretty cool.
    You can also preview the message on the Web site, which rocks if you’ve never had Samuel L. Jackson curse at you before.

  • Kate

    Just goofing around, I tried it and got the message that Samuel Jackson can’t say my name yet. Does my name really strike that much fear into his heart? It’s hardly Attila or Nosferatu or Vlad the Impaler…

  • EP Sato

    Samuel L told me to get on my “trendy azzed Vespa Scooter” and get my “azz downtown” to go see Snakes on a Plane.
    I hope they do this for EVERY movie! Imagine getting a call from Bruce Campbell inviting you out to see Spider Man 3. I was iffy about seeing the movie before, but now that SAMUEL L his danged self has asked me to go, that bad M*ther f*cker is assured my $10. Snakes on a M*therf*cking plane, SHAKE AND BAKE!

  • allison

    is it just me or does it take forever to send to a cell phone?

  • Alicia

    Allison, I think it’s just you. I sent it to my sister’s cell phone, and she received the message right away (freaking our cousin out in the process; he answered her phone, so now he thinks my sister has a stalker or something). I also sent it to my own phone, and received it quickly.
    Anyway, whoever thought of this is a genius! I laughed so hard I had tears rolling down my face for five full minutes. I will definitely be in line for SOAP!

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  • T

    just wondering, i can’t find the link to do this. Do you know if they’re still doing it?

  • kate

    hi there.. I have tried and tried to find the voicemail section so I can prank my friends.. I CANT FIND IT.. i’m really dissapointed.. Please let me know if it isn’t on there anymore.. if it is still on the site can you give me directions as where to go.. Really want to check it out.. thanks.. k8

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