Who's getting DQ'd on 'Project Runway' tonight?

9498__angela_lOverheard today at PopWatch HQ:

Editor1 (11:03:48 AM): OMG, I am so excited for tonight’s episode of Project Runway! Who do you think Tim Gunn is going to disqualify? It’s totally Keith, right?
Editor2 (11:04:40 AM): No way! Too obvious. I think it’s going to be Angela (pictured).
Editor1 (11:04:58 AM): Really?
Editor2 (11:05:40 AM): Homegirl from Ohio doesn’t know how to use a sewing machine or sketch. How did she turn out that whore-ific outfit last week without knowing how to sew? I bet it’s a bubble skirt from her vast collection of bubble skirts in her closet.
Editor1 (11:06:12 AM): Wha? You think she might have just used  an existing skirt, sewed on some hair scrunchies, and sent it down the runway?
Editor2 (11:06:50 AM): Exactly! And that’s against the rules.
Editor1 (11:07:23 AM): I’d kind of love it if it was her.
Editor2 (11:08:47 AM): Totally. She should’ve gotten booted for designing something so fug in the first place. And her execution sucks.
Editor1 (11:09:17 AM): Interesting theory. Either way, though, I can’t wait to watch the dismissal. Tim Gunn’s brand of stern disapproval in the previews is oddly arousing. It makes me want to buy a Macy’s INC dress, sew my own label in it, and bring it to next season’s auditions.
Editor2 (11:09:38 AM): Arousing? Um, okay, I have to get back to work.
Editor1 (11:09:54 AM): Hey, wait, where’d you go? You’re not calling Human Resources, are you? Hello?

[EDITOR’S NOTE: I know you all already totally know who "Editor1" is. But who do you think will face the double barrel of Tim Gunn’s rage and disapproval tonight?]

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  • dub

    Keith is TOTALLY getting the axe- he’s such a trouble-maker, of course it’s him:
    1) He’s the only one who seems to be proud of his flagrant disregard for the show’s rules and procedures.
    2) Bravo is already milking his status as this season’s villain of the moment. The only way the show would get cut [edited] like that is if they’re using him to create as much drama as possible while simultaneously setting him up for a fall.
    Mark my words…

  • newbie

    I love the Angela theory!It would be the most satisfying rectification for her inexplicable survival the past few weeks. How can Heidi tell her that “we question your taste level” the week after she is uncooperative and yet she stays?? You have to figure it is someone who has been featured somewhat thus far so that it will have maximum impact. I’m concerned that it is not her though b/c one of the previews shows a big close-up of her in shocked horror/disgust mode at Tim’s disclosure. Thus, my vote remains on the impishly handsome and staggeringly arrogant above the rules Keith. He’s found ways to openly not follow assignments, so Lord only knows what he’d do behind the scenes. Can’t wait to find out!

  • Gretchen Weiners

    I think Keith is too obvious – at least for submitting those jank sketches. I heard rumblings on other blogs that someone snuck out to go to a party and didn’t notify production. Or that someone used a pay phone to call home about them winning a challenge. I don’t think I want anyone in particular to go, but I wouldn’t mind so much if it were Angela or Keith. As long as Laura and Alison stay in I’m good. I love them long time.

  • Zap

    Um, I hope it’s not Keith. His ego is ginormous but he’s so entertaining. Angela should have been gone already, I would LOVE for her to get shooed. That crazy dude, you know the one, could go too, though to lose him would mean no more hilariously over-dramatic comments such as “this was the nightmare of my life”. Yes, Angela must go. Please!

  • toneee

    Unfortunately not Angela. In those horrid ‘this season on Project Runway’ previews, they show a part where Jeffrey tells her to pack up her arts and crafts bulls*it and go home. Alas, she’ll still be here a bit.

  • Lisa

    I’ve been trying to figure out the Jia (model) angle. She was in a horrible traffic accident and apparently had to miss one of the final Project Runway tapings. For the dog challenge, she was assigned to Vincent, so does that mean Vincent goes far? If so, let’s hope he gets his act together. Although we all know that they do switch models, plus models that have been kicked off sometimes do come back for the final three runway shows.
    As for the disqualified person, I agree that it will be someone they’ve shown a lot of footage of (maybe Vincent, Keith, or Angela)rather than someone they’ve barely mentioned (like Michael and Alison).

  • miles

    it’s going to be someone from completely left field. Thats why they have focused the early episodes on Darkangela and Keith the playgarist. It’s just a little of editing misdirection.

  • daisyj

    The most interesting rumor I’ve heard (from a totally unsustantiated and unreliable source), is that Ula worked on her dog’s outfit back at the apartment, after they were supposed to have stopped, and so she’s the one getting the boot.

  • jon

    I think it’s going to be Laura. They’re going to find out that she has her five children hidden at the Atlas sewing faux fur like a Kathy Lee sweatshop.

  • Scott

    I’m wondering if perhaps it is Vincent. I just saw a preview on Yahoo that looks like the designers are being broken into teams of three for the next challenge. They show all the teams interacting with each other over designs, except for Kayne, Robert and Vincent (who I assume are the last team). At the end of the preview, Kayne, Robert and Michael are discussing whether or not something someone did should be brought to the attention of the producers. Leading me to think perhaps Vincent did something. Who knows though. It could have been anyone, but, he is the only one not shown in the preview…I can’t hardly stand the wait.

  • finn

    what about the leak from IMDB from last week regarding keith? i thought it was leaked that it was him.

  • Andrea

    Keith is this season’s Santino, the guy we all luuuuv to hate, so it can’t be him. It won’t be Angela, who is too inept to break the rules. Plus, it can’t be the invisible people (Michael, Bonnie) because Bravo hasn’t established a connection to them yet.
    So let me just scrunch my eyes close and chant for the next 8 hours:
    PLEASE let it be Laura. PLEASE let it be Laura. PLEASE let it be Laura.
    Maybe she’ll wear a fur-collared jacket for her big exit. How original!

  • roel

    daisyj: i heard that rumour too, but rewatched the last episode and uli said that’s how she ‘sews at home.’ but i don’t think it was in reference to the dog outfit…
    now, keith, i think, would be too obvious a choice.
    i have no clue at this point who it could be!
    i seriously hope tonights dismisal is not anti-climactic.
    my bf and i can’t wait!

  • Lynny

    Please God, let it be Vincent. If I have to listen to his voice all season, I may run into the streets screaming. He is a bit of a troublemaker, so I could see him doing something stupid to get himself kicked off. He is a whiny, annoying little man and I cannot wait til he goes. I think it pretty obvious, he ain’t winnin!

  • Jon

    Just do a Google Blog search for “who gets kicked off Project Runway?” and you’ll find the blog that compares Keith Michael’s plagiarized portfolio drawings with the runway pictures he copied from. It’s Keith, folks, who gets sent home tonight.

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