D&D: Brownie gets all Medieval on my ass

Scott Brown: Hark, young mage and/or swain! I heareth of a great contest here and yon. But mostly yon.
Mickey O’Connor: Uh-oh.
SB: Perhance have you heard of Dungeons & Dragons, brave swain?
MO: Yes, as the punchline of many a brave joke about yon nerds.
SB: Shut thy face. Many a great deed has been done by thy Dungeon men and ladies. And suchlike deeds will be done on camera! By fans! And judged! By dragons! (I hope!)
MO: I told you already, Brownie: No "mead" during office hours!
SB: Oh, tut tut, young squire-pants. You need only come to my house well provisioned with Doritos. We shall dress thee in mail and film thee hopping about. It shall be fun. But it will be junk mail, not chain mail, for thou art a newbie.
MO: You’ve never even played D&D, have you? I can spot Nerd of the Rings withdrawal from a mile away.
SB: What? What, ho? A liar dost thou calleth moi?
MO: Still having the Hobbit "shakes," aren’t you?
SB: By the power of the Castle Grayskull, I slay thee with my level-5 power crystal.
MO: That was He-Man.
SB: Prithee!
MO: Who pretends to be a nerd?
SB: Nowadays? Everyone.


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  • Laura

    Well that was hilarious… and totally random.

  • Tim Lade

    I…don’t..get…it. And I’m a REAL nerd.

  • Ep Sato

    Y’all are just baiting us, huh? Okay, I made my saving throw and am willing to bite. If your Armor class is anything above 3, get ready for a Vorpal sword style schoolin’. As the former President of the Van Hise Middle School Dungeons and Dragons Club (1988-1991), Role Playing Games were a big inspiration for me.
    Despite the slow death of the genre because of video games and them dreaded trading card games, there are still legions of ├╝ber dorks who still make it out to Gencon every year (like I did for 5 years straight back in the late 1980’s), stay up late in slumber parties drinking warm cokes, or pop up an impromptu session of “Teenagers From Outer Space” (using a kooshball instead of dice is the key. And clearly a lot of fans of these series ended up as professional writers. Just how many of these sci fi/fantasy movies seem to have plots lifted straight up from an adventure module?
    Maybe someday we’ll discover how many great writers penned their first adventures in Gary Gygax’s fantasy realm, or in one of the gadjillion worlds it inspired. (By the way, it seemed like much of the goth trend of the 90’s coincided too closely with White Wolf’s “Vampire:The Role Playing Game” for comfort.)
    Woah, I must have had too much Jolt Cola and Rush mix tapes. Time to get back to waxing out the details of My 11th Level Burnout. He’s got a +3 zippo lighter and a pack of enchanted Kools.

  • Beetle

    Since we’re geeking out, I can’t resist:
    Ep Sato, the formal title was “Vampire: The Masquerade.” (Which spawned the short-lived TV show “Kindred: The Embraced” and a few computer games, and was reborn recently as “Vampire: The Requiem”. Why a “requiem” instead of a “masquerade”? Hey, it’s the 21st century; I guess they’re trying to move past the whole goth thing.)
    And, far as the DND fan flim contest goes, let me just say: Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt!*
    * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ufaBKdY60w&search=lightning%20bolt

  • Auriana

    That was great…coming from an avid gamer and role-player. ::proudly wears her Lawful Good t-shirt::

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