Britney speaks: 'You have to realize that we're people'

I could take the easy route in discussing Matt Lauer’s interview with Britney Spears on NBC last night — pointing out the pop tart’s janky […] Read the full post.

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  • sara

    Britney Spears and her creepy simpleton husband truly deserve each other. The kids, however, I really feel sorry for.
    and perhaps Ms. Spears needs to stop blaming the press for everything she does wrong and realize that if there weren’t so many paparazzi around, miss Spear’s probably wouldn’t have her bodyguards with her every time she stepped outside, and if she hadn’t had her bodyguard with her when she nearly dropped poor Sean because she couldn’t be bothered to hold on to him properly, he might have actually been severely hurt.
    Britney, stop whining, move your gum chewing, Courtney Love cloned self to Louisiana and then you’ll be amazed how much you’ll be left alone.
    Oh, but, I forgot. You can’t. you “like money.”

  • Scott

    It’s unfair to say Britney deserves unrelenting paparazzi attention because all she ever wanted was to “be famous.” Her job was being a recording artist, celebrity is a result of that. I think paparazzi attention is a negative side effect that celebrities have to accept, but you have to admit that they’ve been incredibly aggressive and invasive with Britney; they feel like the own her. She shouldn’t have to move across the country to get a peaceful moment; that’s not fair to say at all, jerks.

  • Leo Nignalad

    Two words: BOO HOO

  • Jen

    I think the “I like money” comment spoke volumes about who Britney really is. She’s playing the game, folks, but she’s trying to make it look like she isn’t.
    This girl is savvy and understands how to manipulate the public. For instance, she’s all hot and sexy when she’s trying to promote her records, but suddenly dowdy and homely when she’s trying to provoke our sympathy. Don’t forget that this girl is an actress (albeit not the greatest) as well as a pop artist. I don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth.

  • Jonathan

    i felt sympathy for her while she was crying, but she was also making dumb comments. but i do think she is really affected by the paparazzi, and those tears were genuine.

  • daylon

    i think britney needs her privacy theres a line that you dont cross as a papperazzi when your rude you follow you take puictures thats fine but banging on someones window!! too far, thats freakin scary! as much as i feel for her she is rich and famous maybe even too famous maybe she can trade Kathy places for the D-list! anyways she needs to hire a public speaker to help her prepare how she talks on candid interveiws!

  • MIa

    I am not hating on her. I am all about reality. The fact that this woman was such a big star, worked hard for all she accomplished. Now for what? Married to a man that is spending a small piece of her fortune everyday, smoking, drinking and racing, while she is at home pregnant. Come ON! In all honesty, she needs counseling and someone around her that is not in it for the money. Someone that is going to be straight with her without a motive and tell her that
    1. She needs to get her image together. For people to buy a part of you, you invest in what you look like
    2. Take contol of your life. No matter what the press and the public say, you have to live in that life everyday. Make it bearable ON YOUR TERMS.
    3. Get that boy on a leash. Although you’re pregnant, you need to put his butt in check

  • Gretchen Weiners

    Michael you’re amazing…you used the word janky and you ripped Matt Lauer’s lack of socks. If destiny has a heart we will one day be friends.

  • ceej

    i feel bad for britney to an extent, only because she began this ‘celebrity road trip’ when she was a very young girl. she probably dreamed of being famous and rich since infancy. she was trust into the spotlight by ther mother via the mickey mouse club. she’s been a money-making machine to her lawyers, publicists, record label and others since 14, bound by contracts seemingly written in blood. there was no way she could have imagined that the cost of fame was so high. but…
    now that she knows the cost, she really should start taking responsibility for her own actions. personally, i think the almost-dropped-the-baby situation really was blown out of proportion. yes, her shoes were too high. yes, she should have dropped the glass. but most mothers have been walking with their babies in tow and nearly tripped. the first instinct is to clutch the baby close to you, and from the video i saw, it seemed that britney did just that. the car seat thing… well, she took the words out of my mouth when she said she was country.
    yes, celebs deserve privacy, but how hypocritical is it of you to scream ‘leave me alone’ this week, then yell ‘buy my album/see my movie’ next week. part of me feels that celebs rake in the ridiculous amounts of dough for doing very next to nothing so screw their dang privacy. if we paid people like teachers -the people watching your children- like we paid celebs, then maybe I could get on board with the celebs deserve privacy bandwagon.

  • LM

    Regarding the questions Slezak said he would have asked her, all I have to say is: AMEN, Slezak, AMEN.

  • Ian

    I have a lot of issues with how I’ve seen Spears behave lately, but I have to say I thought Lauer bullied her enough as it was. Laying on the tabloid headlines, listing every quality about her and her career that has been criticized then going for the jugular with the bad mom question, then asking if she wanted to cry? She’s not a tobacco executive or terrorist – there was no need to grill her so harshly.

  • Diggy

    I don’t feel sorry for any celebrity who wants privacy. They are paid a lot of money to be in the public eye. If Britney wanted to prove to everybody that she is ok, she shouldn’t have gone on national tv looking like a train wreck with her unkept hair, prostitute like makeup, and illfitting dress. And for the love of god, she is not 10 years old. spit out your gum.

  • tom

    Shut up already. She’s preggers and dressing like a slut, and had the nerve to boo hoo about basically nothing.

  • Tina

    Let’s face it: You can have all the money in the world but that doesn’t bring class. She is pure white trash through and through.

  • Lindsay

    BS wants respect. EARN IT. Respect, and dignity are earned through action, and interaction. Dress respectable, speak in a respectable fashion, and behave in a way that does no embarass or hurt yourself, your family, or others and you will be treated accordingly. Privacy, BS has no right to privacy. Her behavior and attitude regarding what is appropriate with her child just validate the need for the press to be even more diligent. All of BS’s children will need to be protected from their mother’s trailer park/inbred hillbilly mentallity.
    Act like trash, dress like trash, talk trash … must be TRASH.

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