Britney speaks: 'You have to realize that we're people'

1735__brit_lI could take the easy route in discussing Matt Lauer’s interview with Britney Spears on NBC last night — pointing out the pop tart’s janky use of ”finger quotes,” the fact that she doesn’t know enough to spit out her gum before the cameras roll, or even the way that (by my count) NBC used 47 different shots of Britney in her former, sexier state during the 60-minute telecast (perhaps to provide contrast to her current badly styled, pregnant incarnation?). But I’m going to turn my patented brand of bitchery on a less obvious target — Mr. Lauer himself, who missed numerous opportunities to ask the right questions about Britney’s plea for a life free from paparazzi and tabloid judgment. Let’s roll the tape (and if you missed it, don’t forget NBC is replaying it tonight at 8 pm EDT):

1. Did anyone else notice the lack of followup after Lauer questioned Spears about the beginning of her relationship with husband Kevin Federline? Specifically, Lauer wanted to know if Britney ever thinks about the fact that when she hooked up with K.Fed, his then girlfriend, Shar Jackson, was raising Federline’s young child and several months pregnant with his second — almost exactly the same position Spears is in right now. Britney, missing the point completely, said she doesn’t "’cause we’re very happy together right now." Why didn’t Lauer cut her off and get to the point, something like: "Britney, I’m not wondering if you’re worried Kevin is going to do the same thing to you. I’m wondering if you’ve ever put yourself in Shar’s shoes, ever considered that some of this negative press coverage may have been prompted by the fact that Kevin left his pregnant baby mama to hook up with you in the first place."

2. When Spears complained about the escalating presence of the paparazzi in her life, why didn’t Lauer ask the obvious: Is Spears willing to take any responsibility for the fact that Britney and Kevin: Chaotic, the UPN reality series offering intimate details of her courtship and marriage, might have whet the public’s appetite for news of her personal life, and raised the stakes in tabloid coverage about her and Kevin?

3. It might have been interesting to hear Britney discuss whether or not she finds the paparazzi less upsetting when she has a new album or movie to promote.

4. Finally, what I’d like to know is this: If Britney really and truly wants to take some time out of the spotlight, why not pack up her brood and spend 6-12 months in a remote, rural part of her home state of Louisiana? Surely, the level of paparazzi intrusion would eventually and inevitably die down if she weren’t continually zipping between New York and Los Angeles?

Anyhow, that’s what I’d have done if I were in Lauer’s loafers. Of course, I’d have been wearing socks, too.

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  • mike

    There needs to be celebrity, court-appointed adult to take charge here. Since there are children and a flagging career in peril. Someone who would know where the kid’s carseat goes, who can find another hit record, and more importantly, keep Brit away from posers like K-fed.

  • Martin

    And like the good people that they are, they’ve come to Miami to party!

  • Jana

    The interview had some “Living with
    ichael Jackson” Bashir-esque icks-and-giggles. The girl clearly doesn’t “get it”. “Get it” meaning know anything st all”. This would be amusing, but there are children involved – four of them!

  • jason

    ugh the interview was wrong in so many ways. she is a human being i know that, but my two big problems were DEFINITELY the gum and matt lauer’s ankles. ’nuff said

  • sam

    Although I believe that celebrities deserve some privacy, I am tired of people like Britney crying about how much they want privacy while marching from place to place with a group of people in a manner that invites the press to take notice of them. She is upset because the attention has been negative. She was very happy to court the attention when it was positive. Lots of celebrities keep their private lives private–learn from them, Britney or please be quiet. Maybe if you are very quiet, we won’t have to hear about you.

  • Sean

    Just like Whitney, as soon as she married Bobby her career and name went down in the mud, now Britney, from the moment she married K-Fed she’s been in bad press.

  • MaryAnn

    Someone who sells their private home videos and makes a TV show out of it then can’t cry about how they’re not being treated fairly by the press. If her privacy means so much to her, it shouldn’t have a price tag attached, no matter how much she believes the public is interested. Her level of cluelessness is actually very scary, like so many others out there in Hollyweird.

  • cj

    bravo maryann and ihate the i’m country excuse for puting that poor child in danger.this is the same person who was talking about her fav sex position on national tv PRIVACY MY FOOT

  • susanb

    Oh, Michael, thank God, was waiting for your commentary all day! Okay, did Brit fire her publicist/stylist/hair make-up person/*mother* (who, hopefully, would have told her to spit out the gum)?! She look like Courtney Love…that one big hunk o’ fake eyelash hanging off her right eye…sassy, clueless, unwilling to accept *any* responsibility for where she is now…still in all, heartbreaking…just a kid…didn’t realize how badly she’d come off against a pro like Lauer. If she wanted to prove undying love with Kev, he should have been with her…they should have showed “the happy family,” even Shar’s kids. If she hasn’t already, she should fire the publicist who supported this interview.

  • malik

    You all make me sick. Yes, Britney wants the press when she is promoting her music, product, etc.., that’s why they are there. Fames was never supposed to be equal to having photographers following you around in your private life finding snap shots to make u look bad to the public. yes she has made some poor mistakes recently, but so has our president, dont see you all starting a boycott to have him impeached. she is a young woman with a family doing her best, like we all are, she doesnt need people treating here less than human, a comment she used that i agree with, and im not a fan of her music, just feel for her

  • MaryAnn

    All those clips NBC showed of a pre-pregnant Britney were done to prove a subtle point – this young woman has been selling herself in a certain light for a very long time. She created this feeding frenzy she cries about to make herself rich. Like she said herself – she likes money. While I also don’t believe anyone should be harmed by the press, she is paying the piper for all the millions she’s earned on marginal talent and a whole lot of exposure.

  • tc

    finally a commentary that echoes my thoughts. after reading all the “leave that poor lil girl alone, ya’ll” comments on msnbc’s board i was beginning to think this “country” girl was pulling the wool over everyone’s mascara clumped eyes. the overwhelming thought in my head the entire interview was: if you really want privacy, you’ll pick up & shut up! stop whining, stop putting yourself in situations where you know photogs are waiting (ahem, driving in a top down convertible w/your baby?) and LEAVE LA! don’t invite MSNBC into your own. didn’t she say to Matt Lauer, “where there’s a will there’s a way”? apparently that was referring to her efforts to sway public opinion even though she “doesnt care what people think” (& someone please teach this girl how to use quotes!)

  • RayT

    I LIKED that Britney chewed gum through the whole interview. To me, she’s like, “Hey, I’m Britney. I chew gum during interviews, I walk around barefoot, and I’m a hillbilly. This is me, and I’m not gonna change, y’all!”
    While I do think she invites press coverage, I think all the “Sean Preston in Danger” business is completely sensationalized. What parent can honestly say that if they had cameras on them 24/7, they wouldn’t be cited for doing SOMETHING wrong with their kids?

  • Allen

    malik wrote: “You all make me sick… yes she has made some poor mistakes recently, but so has our president, dont see you all starting a boycott to have him impeached.”
    – – –
    what country are you living in? Um, we cant impeach him but you think there hasn’t been public backlash and strong anti-Bush opinion? (hello, Bowling for Columbine.) My point is, she’s a public figure. It’s disgusting to compare the two and conclude that Britney Spears has it worse than our questionable President. Please. That pop tart is crying all the way to the bank

  • Ed

    Michael, where was this artical at about 10 this morning when the work day just dragged!
    Anyway, I watched the interview on the internet at work; I too was taken aback by Matt La-rooh’s choice of loafers and jeans – with no socks! What was he thinking?
    As for Britney, as someone posted a while back in another blog, “Britney put a cork in it already, K-fed is ruining your career! Also, someone mentioned earlier how K-fed is similar to Bobby Brown in that he ruined Whitney’s career, I couldn’t agree to that more.

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