Is the term 'Madonna scandal' played out?

94429__madonna_lAOL Music has put together a gallery of Madonna’s most controversial moments, along with a reader poll to determine whether said greatest hits were ultimately shocking, boring, or entertaining. As of this moment, readers (52 percent of ‘em, to be specific) rate Madge ticking off Planned Parenthood with the ”keeping my baby” hook on ”Papa Don’t Preach” as the most yawn-inducing, while her Truth or Dare documentary ranks as the most crowd-pleasing. (Good taste, people!)

Still, here’s what I want to know: How come the article makes no mention of the latest (and most baffling) Madonna-related hullabaloo — girlfriend’s inability to score any kind of serious airplay for ”Get Together,” the spacey-fabulous third single off Confessions on a Dancefloor? In my opinion, what Madonna really needs to reivigorate her airplay fortunes is a big-budget video that returns her to the storytelling vibe she favored on ”Take a Bow,” ”Bad Girl,” and ”Music.”

How ’bout this for a concept? Madonna as a frustrated Nebraska housewife who begins a passionate extramarital affair with the foxy extraterrestrial (Josh Holloway) she meets during a kinky alien-abduction experience. Am I on to something here, or have you got a better idea? Holla back!

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  • natasha

    Michael, you have obviously been reading my post about Madonna in the Beyonce blog! “Get together” is an awesome song, but I don’t believe that even an amazing video would still get any American radio station to play it. It is not only a shame, but it should be illeagal the amount of power radio stations have in the US. Madonna will always be a visionary in the music and video (among others) genres whether they play her music or not, it’s just a sad state of affairs.

  • Michael

    Get Together get’s ample airplay here in Canada….in fact I’m sending my friend in Boston several tracks that are hot here that have yet to be released in the states….always seem to get things here a few months before you guys….funny that

  • shelly

    Well, I mean no one would buy Madonna as a Nebraskan housewife! I think she should take inspiration from a 1950’s or 1960’s Italian movie. One that starred Sylvana Mangano or Anna Magnani. Otherwise she’s pretty much covered every base in terms of the music video!

  • Mark

    Michael, my friend, you are brilliant! We should work together… I have many fabulous video ideas for Madonna songs, and “Get Together” is my absolute fave track on COADF. Madonna deserves so much more radio play than she gets in the US. I mean, come on, if Paris Hilton had recorded “Hung Up” it would have been a #1 hit on Billboard. I’m sure of it.

  • Ed

    Michael, glad your back, the posts are always better i.e, the whole Screetch blog? whose idea was that?
    Anyway, there is nothing that Madge can do now that will shock, I believe it’s due to the fact that so many actors/singers have imitated her. Shock is part of pop culture: Lindsey, Paris, Jessica, Ashely, Jennifer, Britney all have decensitized us to shock.
    I was kind of wondering too about Get Together, went to see the gays last night at the local club and they were still playing Sorry – what’s up with that?

  • sam

    I think that Madonna’s shock days are over–she is a middle aged woman, after all, even though she doesn’t seem to know it yet. However, she and so many other established talents should still get radio play for the quality of their work. Those days seem to be gone, though. Rich Paris Hilton can buy a hit–labels apend money to promote unknown artists, but they don’t support established stars.

  • Joyce

    I too love “get together” and I’m mind boggled as to why its getting nada airplay? This is one of her all time greatest songs people! Common! She needs a great concept for the video and none of the hung up or sorry expansions anymore.

  • Ed

    I think the whole conspirisy theory about Clear Channel is a little of track. I believe there is some influence from Clear Channel but not that influencial. The reality is, Madge is middle aged and “Get Together” isn’t Hung Up. It’s the same with all singers who have been around for a while, they play the first song, it’s a big hit, then they fade. Cher’s “Do you believe” was a big hit but none of the other songs on the album got played; Celine’s last song to be played was “I drove all night” which was the first and only song debuted on radio.
    It happens, but these women are currently making gazillions with live shows and other endorsements, so all isn’t lost.
    Loving Madge all the same!

  • Paul U.

    YES! she needs another fabulous video…the COAD videos so far have not been cutting it, in my opinion. Get Together is the best song, too. However, I really don’t think any of the songs on this album lend themselves to an epic video. maybe something just out there and disturbing a’la Bjork. Madonna hasn’t really gone this route since the Bedtime Stories video and that was frickin’ awesome.

  • jason

    don’t be so sure that there isn’t a conspiracy guys. i think all the things that were said about clear channel are correct. radio is now at the evil hands of the government, big bucks equal big play and shutting out certain people. i haven’t listened to the “radio” in years, it sucks. i find out about new music via billboard reviews and occasionally aol music. i don’t even watch mtv or vh1, of course they don’t play music. i find my gems on my own, screw the establishment. i don’t need them to tell me what i should listen to. unfortunately, the mindless youth of today has been brainwashed by the media.

  • dma69

    It would be nice if when she promotes her latest project that she not attached anything controversial with it. How can one appreciate the project if all you hear about is her getting under someone’s skin? It was good when she first started out in the Like A Virgin/Like A Prayer/Erotica years, but after a while the controversy angle gets old. It shows that the only thing she’s talented in is self-promotion.

  • Martin

    Slezak, I love you, and re: “Get Together” that’s all I’ve been sayin’! Go to and check out the archives for May.
    A friend of mine and I have been calling Madonna the laziest cow on the pasture lately. Why? Exhibit: She’s releasin “Get Together” as a an animated rendition of her performance at Koko in London last November! I would’ve welcomed the ghetto fab superhero Madonna “Music” more! And her Confessions Tour includes many of the songs she did in Drowned World – but not “Everybody,” which she performed, to raves, at Koko and Coachella.
    She can do whatever she wants…she’s the Queen of Pop, after all. But I don’t think Madonna’s putting as much of an effort as she used to in marketing her image(s), her brand. She still puts on one heck of a show, and kudos for that. But her management really needs to step up (embargoing “Jump” for “The Devil Wears Prada”? Seriously?!).
    As far as radio play, I called my local Top 40 station, Y-100.7 in Miami, to request “Get Together.” The dude said he’d play it, but he didn’t. When I got to make a selection through their automated system, “GT” wasn’t an option (“Hung Up” and “Sorry” were, though, but again, not dice). If I have to listen to Rihanna (sp?) one more time I am going to scream!

  • mike

    EW should do a story about the near monopoly of Clear Channel on American radio. Unless you’re part of the same corporate conglomerate.
    Madonna’s new song? I stopped listening to the radio here in Dallas because Clear Channel owns and has watered down most stations in town.

  • cj

    if you are in awe of madanna’s antics,you’ve got major issues.she is so played out with the shock value smack.just play your music,its actualy good

  • jo

    I think it is a combo of the obvious Clear Channel radio monopoly. The only radio stations worth listening to here are the smaller ones. Unfortunately they also have weaker signals so they aren’t as popular simply due to lack of reach.
    I also think that too many people think Madonna is nothing but an artist who relies on shock to make sales and news. They forget that she is a very talented music artist and has started many trends with her music. American Life did not help her any, either. I have a feeling many wrote her off after that. I would love to see her return to her video making glory, and animation isn’t going to get it now.

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