Spider-Man comes out -- and just in time!

151811__spider_lThese superheroes, man. Why they gotta throw it in your face?

Spider-Man has come out… as Peter Parker. It’s in the latest edition of Marvel’s "Civil War" story arc. In the Marvel-verse, there’s apparently a debate raging over secret identities, with some heroes feeling they should stand and be counted (and registered) from purposes of transparency and safety. Others (including ultrapatriot Captain America) disagree.

Forgive me, but I’ve got to question the timing of this announcement. Just as Superman’s buzz builds (along with his own set of coming-out rumors), Spidey jumps into the limelight with his own unmasking. I’m not making any accusations. I’m just saying: Maybe a certain arachnoid emo-boy is aligning his politics with his publicity machine.

Again, I’m not slinging mud. But superheroes know how the game works. Don’t be surprised when the Blue Beetle files a frivolous lawsuit against Volkswagen on June 27.

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  • The Other Kyle

    The Blue Beetle died during the Countdown to Infinite Crisis. Sorry, had to pull out my fanboy card. But I guess it’ll only take a few minutes until another fanboy points out that a new kid taking over the mantle of the beetle.

  • Tom Brazelton

    There’s a new kid taking over the mantle of the beetle!
    He’s 15 and Latino! Yay for diversity!

  • EP Sato

    Come now, Scott. Marvel and DC always try to constantly out do each other in terms of who is more “with it”. Remember when Marvel replaced Iron man with a Black guy? DC replaced Green Lantern with a Black guy a month later. After DC suffered major losses in the 1980’s due to the appeal of Marvel’s tragic characters, DC reinvented Superman as a dude who cries and who can be hurt by bullets.
    DC rebounded in the 1990’s, but thge companies continue to attempt to out “hip” each other. Marvel outs a hero, then DC does.
    So, with Spidey making this Debate in the Marvel Knight series and the Avengers for a few years, it was inevitable. Marvel already outed Xavier as a mutant, and Daredevil was “outed”a year or two ago. To me, this
    is just another trend in comicdom.

  • ceej

    Another evil Marvel plot!
    And here’s another fanboy card for ya… DC didn’t ‘replace’ GL with a black guy… they ‘added’ a GL to the too-many-to-count GL corps. Now, Iron Man is another story…

  • The Other Kyle

    Nick Fury is also black now in the Ultimate universe.

  • The Other Kyle

    This story isn’t so incredible in the Marvel universe. There are a ton of characters in the Marvel universe that have been public with their true identities.
    Tony Stark -Iron Man
    The Fantastic Four
    Bruce Banner-The Hulk and so on…
    While none of DC’s big guns have ever done that. Not Superman or Batman or Wonder Woman.

  • Mike in Moncton

    Sorry, but I don’t recognize this crap! I don’t care if it’s “offical Marvel” or not. It’s just crap. And a cheap ploy for publicity.
    Is this how Marvel’s going to operate without Avi Arad at the top??

  • Tom Brazelton

    Arad wasn’t the head of Marvel’s publishing wing. He was head of Marvel *Studios* and oversaw all of their film and television projects. Joe Quesada is the Editor in Chief of Marvel comic books.
    Frankly, so what if it’s a ploy for publicity. Quesada’s job is to sell books. And there are certainly a myriad of storytelling opportunties available to writers now that Spider-Man is “out.”
    And that includes returning him to his former anonimity – which is a foregone conclusion that they will return to at some point.
    Everything in comics is cyclical.

  • Geno

    The competition between Marvel and DC has made the current comics scene top-notch. There’s a ton of great comics that can be enjoyed by adults these days. Comics rule!!

  • Matt Spaulding

    Scott, you miss the point. “Civil War” stems from an incident which is not unlike the controversy the real world had not too long ago of innocents being injured or even killed while police were chasing suspects.
    The New Warriors, a team of heroes reduced to being the subject of a reality TV series (think “Real World” for super-heroes), track down and throw down with a number of super-powered fugitives that are out of their league. They decide to take the risk not because of imminent danger, not because no one else can do it, but for the stupid-ass reason that capturing these ne’r-do-wells would be a huge ratings boost. In the ensuing fight, Nitro is up against the wall and does what he does best…he blows up. Big. Huge! And he does it in front of an elementary school. At least 600 people are killed, most of them children.
    The public outcry is massive…the demand is that all super-heroes be registered so as to be held responsible for their actions. Some argue that heroes revealing their identities is the right thing to do. Some have already done so in the past (i.e. the Fantastic Four, Captain America). Others feel doing so not only takes away their right to privacy, but also puts loved ones at risk of attack by villains who wouldn’t think twice about offing Aunt May just to hurt Spider-Man.
    Peter Parker faces a terrible choice. If he refuses to take off his mask, he’ll be a fugitive and would have to abandon his wife and aunt, as they could be charged with aiding and abetting if they helped him. But if he does, what happens next? The not knowing is the worst part.
    So he chooses the latter, remembering that “with great power comes great responsibility.” And, if nothing else, the panel showing his old boss, J. Jonah Jameson, fainting from shock is priceless.
    “Nuff said.”

  • brandonk

    I’m definitely not a regular Spider-Man reader, but I keep up with the general stuff. This sounds like a great turn to take in the Spider-Man storyline, conceivably refreshing a 40-year-old character in a simple way. Jameson’s reaction would be priceless, and the continuing story of Parker trying to protect May and MJ certainly yields a lot of potential.

  • Elyse

    Is anyone in this posts talking or are they like every other post…..boring

  • David

    Most of the post here seem like Marvel plaints to me.

  • Shinlyle

    This is the worst idea to grace comcidom since Superman Red/Superman Blue. Will it attract new readers? Maybe….but at the cost of alot of long-time fans.
    First, Marvel does “Sins Past”, then “The Other”, then that terrible “Iron Spidey” suit, now this crapola.
    Great job, Marvel. Alienate those fans for news coverage!!

  • JackBauer

    way to be responsible, Spidey. have you forgotten that the main reason Gwen died was because the Goblin knew your secret identity?

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