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Reason No. 738 I like to start my day with Diet Coke, not coffee: this insane new ad campaign from the folks at Folgers. To describe the TV commercial in detail would be to ruin the loopy fun, but I’ll say this much: The scene involving a bathroom skylight seems to have been ripped straight out of my most paranoid morning anxieties. (The gold people scare me!) As our friends at Metafilter describe it: ”We’ve just replaced Bob’s Folgers with 5,000 micrograms of LSD.” Check it out for yourself (keep an eye out for the growling dog) and let me know what you think.

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  • brandonk

    Well, I had to go to Metafilter to get a link to the video, but that is some crazy wacked-out stuff! Yikes!

  • Martha

    Hilarious…seemed like the dog was growling because one of the golden ladies was singing too high.
    You can get a link to the ad through the “toleratemornings.com” site by clicking on the TV.

  • agnes skinner

    totally trying to cop the creepy-yet-funny(….?) angle best utilized by Burger King – but scary Children of the Damned-haired glowing Swedes in lycra do not effective marketing tools make.

  • Juba

    I think the next time I go to work and someone is really tired, I’m going to paint myself yellow and start singing that song to them until they punch me or I pee myself from laughing

  • Gretchen Weiners

    That is positively fightening. It’s like Teletubbies meets The Partridge Family meets an SNL skit meets a Zombie movie. Wow. The guy with the bowl cut is going to give me nightmares.

  • Flick

    I’ve never been a big fan of Folgers but if the “flavor crystals” can do that….

  • Jeff Commings

    That’s Up With People on crack! It’s wrong in so many ways, yet so funny. If coffee drinkers see and hear these gold people every morning, I’m definitely sticking with my orange juice.

  • melissa

    I feel like I just dropped acid I hope that doesn’t air on tv.

  • C

    SCARY! Creepy – reminds me of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” video. It felt inappropriate to laugh at it but I did laugh. And Slezak, people looking in at me through my sunroof is one of my greatest fears too!
    “You can sleep when you are dead!”

  • Chris

    I kept waiting for someone to pull a gun from their nightstand and off one of the gold people.

  • Maya

    that was both terrifying and hilarious. i couldn’t stop laughing. the bathroom skylight golden hands thing was so freaky. talk about a golden shower. yikes!

  • sal

    Mother of god. What kind of crack are they smoking at Folgers HQ?? Please tell me this is a joke. The gold dude hanging just inches from the sleeping man’s face is gonna give me serious Kafka dreams.

  • Howard

    Mom!!! Up With People is here, and they got doused in something radioactive. Make them leave!! Please!!!

  • ftworthbabeftworthbabe

    I agree with Gretchen, but I think it is less Teletubbies and more grown-up Children of the Corn.

  • Jennifer

    I’m going to get 20 of my friends together to dress up as those freaky gold people for NYC’s Halloween Parade. I bet they throw rocks at us.

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