Which 'indie' films should Steven Spielberg make?

165558__ss_lSo Spielberg has indie envy. The guy who practically invented big is now jonesing to get small. Why? For the freedom basically.

That’s right, even the King of Directors doesn’t feel like he’s got the artistic latitude to make what he wants. Of course, there are other ways to achieve that latitude, but almost all of them involve spending less money. (Unless, of course, you’re "indie" filmmakers George Lucas and James Cameron.)

True, the $70 million budget of Munich was small for Spielberg. But that’s still twice what indie legend Robert Rodriguez spends on his version of a "studio movie."

This is great news. We may finally get to see that disturbing drama of child abandonment that’s lurked behind every movie Spielberg’s ever made, from E.T. to A.I. — except this time, unvarnished with special effects and studio sheen. Remember, this is the guy who did his best work without the shark.

I leave you with an image (a vengeful, be-bopping E.T. cutting off Peter Coyote’s ear) and a question: What should Indie Spielberg make? Let the pitching begin. I’ll start things off: How about something Clerks-ish, capturing the discontent and tragicomic anarchy brewing beneath the surface of the American service economy. Except with dinosaurs.

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  • Brennon Slattery

    Spielberg should stay away from “indie” flicks. In fact, he’s incapable of removing the glitzy sweetbread gloss from his directorial lens, so the idea itself is silly. He’s good at making those big brainless flicks with Tom Cruise. He just wants to be Steven Shainberg.

  • california

    For once I truly agree with you Scott Brown. Spielberg needs to strip down and get back to basics. Jaws is so good and the worst scenes in the movie are the ones where you actually see the shark! But, you know, I guess it is kind of unfair to only pick on Steven, because I think all of Hollywood could use a screening of Jaws right now. There is a lot to be said for leaving things to the imagination of the audience.

  • T. McCormack

    Yes! I have been ranting to my friends about something similar for years, except making it a challenge! Someone needs to challenge Spielberg to make a real low budget indie, the kind they use to make in the early 90’s. In fact, I, a nobody will challenge him right now. Steven, you have to make a feature length movie with no-name actors for less than $250,000 of your own money, on your own time, and no cgi. Ready…go!

  • Corran

    I hope Katharine Mcphee will be in your next movie :)

  • writefunny

    I think Speilberg should go way out there and direct a small indie movie that no one would ever think he would direct — like a gay screwball romantic comedy. And my suggesting this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I have just written a very funny gay screwbal romantic comedy. Absolutely nothing to do with it. Nothing.

  • Jakeem

    First, he should finish the movies already on his plate — “Indiana Jones 4″ and the Abraham Lincoln bio starring Liam Neeson.
    Second, I thought he was taking a year off from directing.

  • chardonna

    I find it interesting that all these magazines come out with power lists, and then you get a quote from someone so high on all those lists claiming that they don’t have artistic freedom. Then, what’s power?

  • MeNY

    Spielberg should make Stephen King’s “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon.” Child abandonment, child empowerment and a hint of menace, all of which is set in a deep woods, so no expensive sets.

  • Bruno

    He should make a good old fashioned Horror Movie.

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