Is fame toxic to Britney?


Overheard at PopWatch HQ this morning:

editor1 (12:06:21 PM): Hey! Good news: The sanctity of marriage has been restored. Britney has declared to Matt Lauer that her marriage to Kevin is "awesome!"

editor2 (12:07:17 PM): Well, it’s a good thing she’s happy at home — seeing as I doubt she’ll ever work again

editor1 (12:08:29 PM): Seriously? I thought this "announcement" was just another step in her slow crawl back toward the limelight?

editor2 (12:09:20 PM): But Mike — her baby is her religion!

editor2 (12:09:40 PM): And she’s got another one on the way

editor1 (12:09:51 PM): I was just about, "That’s bab-ies!"

editor2 (12:10:02 PM): Plus, the way she looks when she goes out lately — the opposite of glamorous — I just feel like the poor darlin’ isn’t interested in fame anymore

editor1 (12:10:41 PM): But then why not pack the brood up and head to the Louisiana bayou? N.Y. and L.A. aren’t exactly the places to stay anonymous. And how can we stop judging her singing and her marriage and her parenting skills if she won’t go away?

editor2 (12:11:55 PM): I said Britney‘s not interested in fame anymore — you forgot about K. Fed.

editor2 (12:11:59 PM): "Popoz√£o," yo!

editor1 (12:12:21 PM): Ah, so you think she’s staying in the spotlight so K. Fed. can kick it one time?

editor2 (12:12:42 PM): That’s my theory

editor1 (12:13:59 PM): Hmmm… interesting. But I just don’t buy that she’d allow "Do Somethin" to be her last "hit" single. Britney ain’t goin’ out like that!

editor2 (12:15:21 PM): You’d also think she wouldn’t be goin’ out with no shoes on — but there you have it…

editor1 (12:18:15 PM):  Hmmm. She did tell Matt Lauer she’s an "emotional wreck right now." But maybe Emotional Wreck is just the logical continuation of Naughty Schoolgirl, Snake Wrestler, and Vixen Flight Attendant?

editor2 (12:19:36 PM): Only time will tell.

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  • Gretchen Weiners

    Slezak can we IM back and forth all day? I’d be fun.

  • Stephanie

    Someone hasn’t been getting much sleep lately? Could it be because Kevin Fertilizer keeps on singing “Popazao” to baby Preston?

  • beth

    Lord, it must be hard to be over the hill at…what? Age 24? Jeez, I hadn’t even hit my peak then! Brit looks like she was ridden hard and put away wet. Thanks Kev.

  • roxie

    I think Britney might be stalking me. She was actually at a resort I visited this weekend, bragging about her mommy skills. Girl is a country-fried mess! Read about it here …

  • Martin

    Dear Britney,
    While I’ve often doubted your singing abilities, I’ve pretty much always enjoyed your songs.
    I’ve seen you taunt us with both your virginal and naughty (kissing the Big M at the VMAs), “feud” with X-tina, break up with Justin, and admired your ability to turn a seemingly uninteresting shtick into a whole lotta money.
    Your wanting to see what a marriage was like wedding in Vegas was a cry for help, I know this now much too well. Because you didn’t get that help now you’re stuck with K. Fed. Then again, you got a cute little baby boy out of it, and another on the way. Take care of them, yes?
    But more importantly, take care of yourself. I know you probably ARE a nervous wreck right now – I almost felt really, really sorry when I saw those pictures of you crying at the toy store after AlmostDroppedTheBaby-gate. I won’t say go away because the pavarotti won’t letchu, yo’.
    But I’ll see at least hire Rachel Zoe or anyone to make you look better. Look like a million bucks always even if you feel like a crock – that will sting everyone the most. You can afford it, after all.
    Come on baby, do it one more time. Channel the young woman who confidently stripped herself off her glittering tux to reveal a flesh-toned bodysuit, and give it to them. LOOK YOUR BEST, who cares about the extra baby weight, just go to Marni and get yourself sweet little numbers to look young…fresh. Do the lil’ Louisiana girl thang at home – never again in public. Don’t become a “starletbot” (TM – if you want to use this term, kindly give props to ), just reclaim your public dignity.

  • Rose

    Yikes! She’s already become “fat Liz Taylor” and which La Liz herself didn’t achieve until well into her forties. And yes, I KNOW she’s pregnant, but being “fat Liz Taylor” isn’t just about weight, it’s a whole way of being, a state of mind, if you will. Like Liz before her, she’s not content to be a mere has-been, she needs to be a great big fabulous walking disaster!

  • Martin

    Just FYI: I did use the term “starletbot” once (don’t know if I was the first, but if I was – yay!):

  • Adrian

    She channels Anna Nicole Smith in that pic…pre-weight loss.

  • stacydarc

    Fat Liz Taylor, my rump roast! Much too generous. At least under Fat Liz Taylor was Elizabeth Taylor, classy beautiful and talented! What’s under the surface of Car-Crash Britney, but Talentless Trailer Trash Britney? Did you see her on the cover of Star? Makeup smeared and crammed into a too-small dress? She’s a year of booze and burritos away from being Courtney Love. And two away from Baby Jane Hudson. Let’s face it, if not for America’s love of borderline kiddie porn which first brought her to fame and our propensity for finding stupidity adorable which sustained it, this broad would have been a tupperware selling, 300 pound soccer mom of 4 annoying people in community theater in Bumblef#*k,Tennessee.

  • Nose

    Can we just let these people fade into obscurity where they belong? This is just encouraging her and her trashy husband. I can’t turn on the damn tv without seeing her face.

  • Stephanie Travitsky

    Adrian, she looks fine with some weight on, she just needs a really good facial and some cucumbers over her eyes. Anna Nicole post Trimspa was a manatee compared to poor Brit.

  • editor3

    why doesn’t everybody listen to the poor girl,she says she’s “country”,is that bayou shorthand for white trash?she steals her husband from a woman he has 2 children with(steals may not be the right word since the no talent jerk saw the
    i mean she got what she wanted now its time to pay the piper.

  • editor 3

    previous comment should read ,the no talent jerk saw the gravy train coming and he wasted no time hopping off the old meal ticket and on to the 1st class spears express.this guy is a real peach.then pick it up at she got what etc etc

  • Just Me

    She used to at least look pretty. Something is wrong in her life for sure, she just doesn’t want to admit it. Her husband must be giving her the business. Maybe she needs help.

  • Just Me

    She used to at least look pretty. Something is wrong in her life for sure, she just doesn’t want to admit it. Her husband must be giving her the business. Maybe she needs help.

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