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93050__alba_lOkay, so there’s no way I can gripe about last night’s deadly dull MTV Movie Awards without sounding like a crusty old man, but just for the record, I was not watching them in a pair of tattered boxer shorts while clutching a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

In fact, I’ll admit that the two-hour telecast had a few must-see moments: Xtina getting her howl on during ”Ain’t No Other Man”; Gnarls Barkley performing ”Crazy” in Star Wars drag (Chewbacca on drums!); Jake Gyllenhaal sweetly noting the significance of winning Best Kiss for Brokeback Mountain; and a game Jessica Alba (pictured) doing her darndest with pretty weak material (save for a very amusing DaVinci Code spoof, with Jimmy Fallon muttering, ”Must. Doodle. On priceless. Paintings.”). Other than that, though, the telecast was notable mostly for podium banter that sounded like it got rejected by the folks at the People’s Choice Awards; on that note, here are my nominees for the Most Painful Moment from the MTV Movie Awards:

-A seemingly endless Mission:Impossible III spoof with Topher Grace threatening to spray Flava Flav with a watergun full of his urine.

-Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, dressed as their Talladega Nights characters, dropping a series of bombs (while, in a peculiar twist, animated bombs dropped on the screens behind them).

-Anna Faris’ unfortunate black short-shorts-pantsuit thingie.

-Jim Carey accepting his MTV Generation Award with a flock of angels behind him. (Did I miss a joke in there?)

-Justin Timberlake and Eva Mendes beating the dead Brokeback joke into the ground with banter about Jack and Ennis’ desire to score ”ranchhand jobs” (say it slowly…).

What did you think of the show? Any favorite — or least favorite — moments?

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  • ceej

    Best: Bale/Batman’s acceptance speech.
    Worst: the Google/Seth Rogan sketch… another joke I missed.

  • Tasia

    I stopped watching after the first award, so I def agree with Christian Bale’s acceptance speech being Horrible. He must’ve thought the MTV award was a credible recognition of his career achievements… damn immigrants.
    BTW… remember when the MTV awards were the cool anti-establishment awards ceremony not a ridiculous PR blitz??? I actually laughed more at the Academy Awards with Jon Stewart than at the MTV awards with the always-boring Jessica Alba. Am I that old? (For the record, I’m Gen Y)

  • slambone

    The worst moment last night was Jamie Fox acting like a total egotistical idiot. It takes a lot to embaress Colin Farel but he magaged to make an ass out of himself and the Irish party man straight out of rehab.
    The best moment was Gnarls Barkley living up to the hype.
    I am buying their cd TODAY!!!

  • mike

    Whose idea was it make Jessica Alba the host? Get Jimmy Fallon to cohost and have Jessica just stand there.

  • Joe

    It’s all one big infomercial. The musical guests JUST happen to have new releases. The presenters JUST happen to have a film coming out soon. Plug, plug, plug. The filmed bits were at one point funny. I still remember the Shatner/Seven spoof. But that was a long time ago. Are these things still directed by that hack Joel Gallen, the man behind Not Another Teen Movie and the 9/11 telethon? And why is Andy Dick always in these things? Is he encased in a box with a sign that says, “In case of needed go-to tired flaming goofball, break glass”?

  • Tom Brazelton

    Every year I watch the MTV Movie Awards hoping that the writing turns around on the parodies that used to make it must-see. Probably the last good parody they had was Will Ferrell as The Architect from The Matrix Reloaded
    We actually TiVo’d the awards last night and started watching later in the evening. Amazing how fast the whole things go when you blaze through all the commercials. I’m convinced there was only 30 minutes of actual showtime.

  • Jakeem

    Worst thing about the show: The lack of dead-on movie parodies featuring the actual stars of the films. Other than the “King Kong” spoof, it was a pretty dismal evening.
    Best thing about the show: Samuel L. Jackson boldly predicting that his upcoming “Snakes on a Plane” will win the MTV award for Best Movie next year!

  • jason

    the ENTIRE show sucked, but the musical performances were reason to smile from ear to ear. AFI, not too bad, gnarls barkley showed just how strange cee-lo and danger mouse really are, but i LOVED it, and the CD is awesome. but of course, as any easily pleased gay man, CHRISTINA stole my show. i CANNOT wait for her DOUBLE(!!!) CD to come out in august. did they hand out any awards? oh i guess i missed that part

  • mon

    maybe, just maybe it was because i had suck small expectations for alba that i actually thought in her movie spoofs that she was actually funny!! I think she needs to do more intentional comedy and not the unintentional variety a la Honey(which is a guilty pleasure).
    Overall i found the show pretty non-eventful. Worst moment for me was hmm, tough to pinpoint just one. It was the overall effect of how many usually funny people’s speeches were met with silence and few laughs like Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell.
    Best for me was Gnarls Barkley and the DaVinci and Kong spoofs. Aww, King Kong for me was one of the best movies of 2005.

  • Tyler

    The MTV movie awards are dreadful to me. Haha.
    There was some fun moments last night. Alba tried her darn best to be a good host. Even though a lot of it wasn’t funny, she tried.. and props to her. Christina Aguilera’s performance was awesome. Damn that girl can sing.
    The show was extremely slow moving though. One thing I hated about last night was Samuel L. Jackson saying that, Snakes on a Plane, would win Best Movie next year. That movie looks soooo stupid. Haha. Also, I agree with whomever said Jamie Foxx looked like an egotistical idiot. He is so full of himself.

  • paul

    the quality of the video was pathetic. maybe it was me, but my HD set doesn’t have any other problems. I couldn’t tell who people were. The Star Wars “crazy ” number was good. the set was cool.. it was so very so so.

  • Josh

    You thought the ‘Da Vinci’ spoof was amusing? Give me some of what you’re smoking (I much preferred Alba as the drunk realtor with Kong, though even that lacked compared to film parodies past).
    I agree that Xtina definitely was a highlight. One of the best lines went to Colin Farrell saying Brad and Angelina were “stuck in traffic”, but few other lines got any response besides boredom from me. And the worst? Presenter Amanda Bynes… her cutesty stuff worked on Nickelodeon, but is gag-worthy here.

  • Monday

    Jessica is what brought down the ship. She is beautiful but doesn’t have any star quality. All of her skits were too long. How ’bout Jenny McCarthy, David Spade, Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, or better yet, KATHY GRIFFIN!! Even a preg Britney would have been more interesting. Christina and Gnarls were the only good parts.

  • m

    wow, never thought i’d read racsit comments calling christian bale an immigrant when hollywood has got actors from all around the world. learn to grow up gen y.

  • Josh

    I must say that even though the ranchhand job jokes were unneeded, at least they didn’t do an awful parody of ‘Brokeback’. So that’s one thing (besides Xtina) to be grateful for.

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