Who are TV's worst characters ever?

101812__michelle_lThe always-reliable Onion A.V. Club has posted a list of television’s most loathed characters. There are plenty of gimmes (Scrappy Doo, Cousin Oliver), a few built-in debates (Buffy’s sister, Dawn, pictured? Urkel, but no Screech? And, c’mon, Livia Soprano?), and two that hit close to home.

I speak of Coy and Vance Duke, the scab beefcakes brought in to replace Bo and Luke during a season-long salary dispute. During this dark period in American history, I was too young to understand what a salary dispute was. I remember thinking that maybe Coy and Vance WERE Bo and Luke, in disguise. Or maybe there was something wrong with the camera. Several pints of innocence were lost that winter. (It would be several more years before I grasped the significance of the Stars and Bars.)

Any-hoo, peruse the list. There’s plenty to delight and infuriate. And as for your personal Most Hateds, well, that’s what the comment boards were made for. Burn ‘em up!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to a salary dispute, Brown and Slezak will be replaced by two adorable kittens who will pad over the keyboard, batting a ball of twine, their precious paws striking random keys in the process. This will probably result in a better blog for everyone, so don’t expect to see the boys back anytime soon.]

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  • JL

    Joey from Full House … just awful. Cut. It. Out. Definitely annoying.

    • stu

      heather locklear on EVERY character she ever played.
      Esp Sammi Jo on Dynasty!

  • Maggie

    I think Kimmie Gibbler is at least as annoying as Joey. (Now that I think about it – almost every character on Full House was annoying).

  • ceej

    Why is Ross from Friends on this list? HE was high-maintenance? HE was whiny? I beg to differ… RACHEL was the most annoying thing about that show. SHE was the most indecisive, spoiled, self-centered, bougie, annoying, daddy’s girl to ever be scripted. If she were on a reality show, she’s be “Rich Girls” + “My Super Sweet 16″ + “the Simple Life”. Ugh, I hated her. And by the way… they WERE on a break!

    • JasonHomey

      I never get the Ross hating from EW. Anyone I know who watched the show thought the worst of the main six was Phoebe. She wasn’t bad or horrible, just the least interesting of the characters. I loved Ross. So many of the best stories centered around him. Ross teeth, leather pants, the prom video.

  • Martha

    Wow, most of the list was right on, including Ross Geller (sorry, ceej, but at least Rachel had some endearing qualities). I have to quibble with the Barney entry, though – although dumb and irritating, he is nowhere near as annoying as his idiot kid friends who mug and showboat their way through the show. As the mother of a 3-year-old, trust me, I know from all-too-painful experience.

  • newbie

    The entire cast of Blossom?

    • Lisap

      Whoooa with the Blossom hate. Not cool.

  • EP Sato

    I love to hate on Wesley and Scrappy do, and have a whole game premised on hating Ross from Friends. The list had my faves. Most glaring ommission is Tony Soprano’s sister Janice. As bad as the mother was, Janice has them All beat as the most annoying character on tv today.

    • mark

      I agree, Tony’s sister Janice was horrible, I could not stand her and that horrible Rolling Stones tattoo that was always slipping out, made me hate the band even more. There was nothing redeeming about her, and she treated Bobby like crap too.

  • newbie

    Michael on Good Times. While he could occasionally lob a feisty insult at Kid DY-NO-MITE, his mere presence usually guaranteed that at least one ham-fisted lecture on racial inequality was coming to suck the humor out of a scene, thereby undermining all of the more subtle battles on that front that the show had been waging more successfully through wit,empathy,and less-speechifying characters.

  • cbc

    Thank you for bringing up Kimmie so true. I also think the whole cast of 7th Heaven could be put on there as well.

    • Lisap

      The twins at the very least. They were awful.

  • Jenet

    What about Ana Lucia “I-Never-Make-the-Same-Mistake-Twice-But-I-Always-Seem-to-Screw-Up” Cortez? Michelle Rodriquez is a painfully bad actress, and Ana Lucia was a painfully stereotyped “tough girl!” That’s a double whammy of badness.
    Thank the Others she’s dead!

    • Brett

      And by “painfully bad actress,” you mean seriously underestimated and overlooked, because she’s an awesome talent.

      • daisy

        a seriously awesome talent that plays the exact same cliche character in every SINGLE roll she has ever been in. Yeah, there is great talent. By that estimation her and Kristen Stewart should be getting their Oscars any day now.

  • djm

    The EDITORS note had better be a joke – SLEZAK IS THE ONLY REASON I VISIT THIS PLACE!! Well, not the ONLY, but he is a major part of it.
    I would only be able to list “reality” people but here goes:
    *The entire cast of “Laguna Beach” and any of it’s spin-offs.
    *ANYONE that appears on “My Super Sweet 16″
    *Jonathon & Victoria from “The Amazing Race” (and the God-els and that annoying family from the Family Edition of the race)
    *Richard Hatch and that “Fairplay” guy from “Survivor”
    *The majority of the people that appeared on “Big Brother”, “The Swan”, “Temptation Island” or that show that took place on the boat.
    *Jade and Robyn from “America’s Next Top Model”
    *Santino and Wendy Pepper from “Project Runway”
    *Anyone how has EVER appeared on “Jerry Springer”.

    • Tuna Taco

      Um…do you like only watch Reality shows or something? Dweeb. Six years later and you’re probasbly still a dork.

  • Eric

    Remember Dr. Benton’s Alzheimer’s-ridden mother on the first seasons of E.R.? Every scene with her was a downer. I wanted Eriq LaSalle to call Dr. Kevorkian, quick.
    Honorable mention: That magician guy (was it Max?) who ran the diner where the Saved by the Bell kids hung out. Only on T.V. would those kids find that guy cool in any way. Lame.

  • Kat

    Finally somebody shares my feelings about Ross Geller! He’s too whiny and a little crazy, I fear for Rachel.
    I think Ana Lucia is the most hated character in the 2005-06 TV season.

  • donner

    nothing against Michelle T, she’s a sweet girl, but her character Dawn was a Cousin Oliver times 10…ick…didn’t dig it…boo…

    • Lisap

      I liked how they managed the plot twist that introduced her, but I always hated Dawn’s personality. Man that whinny voice.

      I can’t believe Riley didn’t make the list. He is the reason I almost stopped watching the show. He was awful.

      • Anthony

        I think that the Dawn character was a little hard to take in at first but I did enjoy how they did progress the character as the show went on. By Season 7 she was turning into one of my favorite characters and she was a nice counterpart to Andrew’s sarcasm and wit. Even by the end of Season 5 I did feel bad at the possibility that Dawn was going to die but regardless of how many times we talk about it, fans will always blame the Dawn character for the demise of Buffy The Vampire Slayer but have to say that Glory was the BEST villain ever during Season 5!

  • Maria

    The mother from 7th Heaven deserves the most annoying title simply for her performance in the “series finale.” Did anyone see her ridiculous reaction to three of her children announcing they were having twins? She looked like Macauley Culkin in the aftershave scene in Home Alone.

  • gogo

    Thank the lord that I wasn’t alone in my hatred for Dawn on Buffy. I was a devoted fan of Buffy till the introduced Dawn and the whole show went to hell from there. She totally ruined my life!!!!

    • Erin

      I half agree with you gogo. I don’t think it ruined the show – Buffy stayed my all-time favorite show but I did detest Dawn and that whole key arc. It was pointless. The show did not need an annoying whiny teen sister hanging around – forget drama – onscreen and off that’s damn annoying! IMO she didn’t add anything to the show. The show still had enough impact with Buddy looking out for her mother (when she was alive) and her friends. She didn’t need another human to protect and ally with. The scooby gang was fine as it were.

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