'Spider-Man 3': To-pher, so good

134240__sm_lBehold, the streets of New York run black with Venom: Spider-Man’s dark twin is on the loose, as these spy photos kinda revealingly sorta reveal.

You get some clear shots of That ’70s Show‘s Topher Grace as Spider-Man rival Eddie Brock, peroxided and pre-Venomous. And sharp-eyed viewers will even catch a glimpse of Peter Parker’s other big squeeze, Gwen Stacy (Bryce Dallas Howard) and her father, Captain George Stacy (James Cromwell).

The money shot, of course, is Parker himself, Tobey Maguire, his loosened top button revealing a tantalizing glimpse of the infamous black costume. Expect another angels-on-the-head-of-a-pin brouhaha over whether or not the alien "symbiote" that forms the suit should also morph into Peter’s street clothes, as in the comic. (Remember the great organic web-shooters debate? Ah, memories of geekfights past…) Tobey looks a might sweaty in the shot — perhaps his Venomwear is starting to get to him? (FYI, it’s trying to bond with him, just another reason to be wary of buying vintage.) Soon, it’ll be off his back and on Brock’s, setting up one of those oh-so-useful hero-villain dualities.

This link also stokes a bit of controversy over Topher — namely, is he the man for the job? Knowing little about this segment of the comic, I can’t really say. But I suspect y’all can…

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  • Christopher

    The thing that occured to me when I heard he was cast as Venom was, “Eddie Brock’s a big guy– he’d make a better Peter Parker…”
    This could be some Ben Reilly nonsense coming our way. I hope not. I’m giving Raimi the benefit of the doubt, I think his track record is proven.

  • blastbeat70

    I pray you’re right about the “Ben Reilly nonsense”, Christopher – we really don’t need any clones crowding up an already character-dense flick. I also remember Eddie Brock’s character as being a huge, weightlifting kind of guy. But I’ve always liked Topher as an actor, and given the great work Raimi has gotten out of his villains in the past two films, I’m not too worried. Sandman, Venom, possibly the Lizard (and an old lady playing Carnage, if IMDB.com is to be believed) – I’m getting geeked up just thinking about it.

  • Ed

    Those pictures are too cool! Thanx for the intro to the site, I’ll be going back to it more often.

  • Big Johnson

    I can’t wait to see Venom, but I am more concerned with exactly how they are going to incorporate the plot – I mean even if you go with the acceptable cartoon version (Jameson the astronaut brings the symbiote costume back from a space flight) of it’s acquisition, it seems like a lot to fit in one movie – Spidey acquires suit, lives with suit, ditches suit, suit finds Brock, Brock becomes Venom.
    I suppose Spidey could use the suit’s enhanced powers to fight off both Sandman and the Lizard (according to IMDB) or the return of the Green Goblin (Harry Osborn – which would also help with Gwen Stacy’s involvement) before ditching it due to it’s propensity for bouts of over-aggressive behavior (perhaps after killing Harry/GG in a blind rage for killing Gwen??? Although, now that I think about it, Harry as Green Goblin would make more sense at the end of the series as a full circle type thing) and Brock finds it at the end of the movie to prepare for Venom’s introduction proper in Spidey 4.
    And as far as Raimi’s tweaking of details, we know he’s willing if it makes sense (no web cartridges, Peter has grown spinnerets – which of course makes the symbiote’s ability to generate unlimited webbing moot already). The symbiote’s melding with Pete’s mind and all may just manifest itself the way Pete’s always known his costume to be – except it’s black now. And of course I agree with the previous posters about giving Raimi the benefit of the doubt.
    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

  • pete

    Who plays Venom? Topher or Tobey?
    I’m confused!

  • professor74

    Topher plays Venom, but Tobey wears the black suit first and then ditches it. Topher picks it up and becomes Venom.

  • pete

    Is Kirsten back for S3?
    Also, why are there more characters added to the story line? Such as Bryce Howard?

  • Ep Sato

    Scott, props for your knowledge of geekdom, but you have washed over the most important part of all of this, and that is how my 20 copies of Secret Wars 8 (first appearance of the black costume) are actually going to sell on Ebay! Aww YEAH! Anyone else been taking advantage of the Marvel movies to shill off their old comics?

  • Kate

    Is it me, or does Tobey look a bit washed out in his photo?

  • Robin

    If you watch That’s 70 show, you would know that Topher is the perfect person to be Venom. Also having read the comic books, he has the body type to be Venom. Venom has the same body type as Spiderman, before he got bit.

  • Christopher

    Robin, Eddie Brock (Peter’s photographer rival at the Daily Bugle) was a bodybuilder and a bit of a bully. Topher Grace has the intensity to play him, but it is DEFINITELY an odd take on Venom, if following the comics– which these movies only minimally do. Still, I’m betting Raimi has something brilliant up his sleeve, and I’m totally giving him the benefit of the doubt. In fact, I’m betting that Venom is less about the symbiote and more about the kind of genetic tampering that gave us Spider-Man.

  • blastbeat70

    For those non-Marvel zombies among us who are wondering jsut who in the heck this Eddie Brock/Venom guy is, the following link might help http://www.marvel.com/universe/Venom_%28Eddie_Brock%29

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