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152743__chicks_l_1It’s official: Natalie Maines’ approval ratings are soaring above the president’s. Of course, the president doesn’t have a chart-topping album out. (Maybe he should try that.)

After enduring slings, arrows, death-threats, boycotts and mass-smashings of their discs (one of the most embarrassing spasms of hysteria this country has ever experienced), the Chicks have taken a page from the administration they so famously criticized: They’re not apologizing. You’d might expect this to land them an honorary slot on the blue-tinted Billboard 200, but the Chicks also nabbed No. 1 on the country chart — and with precious little help from country radio, which remains standoffish.

Frankly, we at Entertainment Weekly were hoping for a little more backlash. Smooth sailing for the Chicks means there’s precious little chance we’ll be picturing them naked again anytime soon. People don’t take off their clothes for just any old controversy. So, fingers crossed, someone will start a big ruckus real soon. Someone not Denniz Franz.

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  • bye bye

    can you say BOYCOTT???

  • dh

    Hey yo mama, exactly which Chick is supposed to be the fat one? You must be an advertising or television executive who thinks “fat” means more than 110 pounds.

  • Keith

    The previous comments don’t even make sense. I think it’s a little late for a boycott with their album at #1. A friend and I went to a local record store last Friday and the album was SOLD OUT. The Dixie Chicks stood their ground, the right ground as it were, and came out on top, proving that quality music, despite politics (or maybe because of it?), will find its audience.
    In addition, the response of those against the Chicks, the hateful nature of it, the tone, the vocabulary used, the downright nastiness of it, does more to prove the Chicks’ case than argue against it. And this is no longer, nor was it ever really, an argument about politics, of government anyway. It’s a battle for the identity of country music, the music of red state America. Too bad so many in the country music world don’t think freedom of speech is something to be defended and protected. Ironic isn’t it? Red Stater Haters are so vehement in defending American Values, to the death of thousands, but only when those values are their own.
    Bottom Line: The Chicks didn’t compromise their values and got the last laugh. As it should be.

  • Maria

    I just picked up the cd today and it’s fantastic! I’m so glad they’re tops on the country charts. Maybe the cowards that run country radio will wake up and play them now.

  • Patricia

    Tell ‘em, Keith!

  • Tyler

    Ok. I don’t like country music. However, I love the Dixie Chicks. They are extremely talented and their latest album is AMAZING. I love it. I bought it two days ago. A week AFTER it came out. I went into Best Buy and it was completely SOLD OUT. I looked through their old albums and luckily found one hidden there. It’s a great album. I’m glad they’re at #1, they deserve it.
    As for the losers out there who are still throwing tantrums.. get over it. It’s been… 3 years? Grow up already. Seriously. I didn’t know we couldn’t express our opinions. The hicks out there who were so offended by these girls.. sure as hell like to express their opinions. I absolutely hate the president. And in recent polls, only 30% of people actually agree with him. 30%! Shows you how much he’s liked. So, for all those immature, pathetic people out there. You’re what makes our country horrible.

  • Crystal

    I have been a fan of the Dixie Chicks since “Wide Open Spaces” came out and was disheartened to see all the mud that was slung at them after Natalie Maines so clairvoyantly stated something now obvious to the rest of us. I live in Nashville and I just spent almost $250 so two of my closest friends and I could see them play the GEC here in town in October. Screw country radio and their unforgiving small-mindedness. No one listens to the radio anymore anyway. So kudos to the Chicks for standing their ground and making one of the best country albums in a long time.

  • Katie V.

    Hey, lay off Dennis Franz! Besides, he had that territory covered years ago with his “blue moon” scene. Now that took real guts, so to speak! As for the DC’s “infamous” EW cover, it was just another in a long line of cheesecake EW covers. Zzzzzzzz……..

  • Miles

    this Jersey boy, hates country, but has every dixie chick song in his IPOD… which means I love their country… and I love their idea of what this country should be; free to express itself in all forms.
    The album happens to be beautiful, I would call the GRAMMY PEOPLE right away, this is the RECORD of the YEAR.

  • Ed

    As a representative of the “gay mafia” I believe that the Dixie Chicks were ignorant in their decision to bash Bush; not politically but socially.
    If I were to be an “out” performer and I told a gay audience, “all gays are going to hell” you think the gay community would welcome me with open arms? Hell no, they would do the same thing country lovers did to the Dixie Chicks. EVERYONE knows that most country singers support republican causes; everyone that is except Natilie Maines!
    The Dixie Chicks got what they deserved.
    P.S. Truely, I think it was Natilie Maines way of getting out of country. Her music roots are in rock not country.

  • joe

    anyone remember that they already aplolgized and “made nice”?

  • sarah

    the chicks are fantastic and i am so glad they are number one…of course, living in canada, there is a general consensus that bush is a moron and we all just laughed that the comment even warranted a mention…and isnt america the land of the free and all that crap? oh, i forgot, only if you agree with the small minded morons that make up a teeny portion of the country and give the rest of you a bad name…its too bad really.

  • AB

    Folks, ignore the troll-wannabes. They like to target the Chicks.
    Ed, wtf? I don’t follow the analogy.
    Joe, they did apologize at first, then recently came back and said that they would like to retract their apology, that they were not sorry over what they said and fell that Bush does not deserve any respect at all.
    Keith, what you said! Red Stater Haters, I will borrow that. They are so set on defending their idea of American values that they do not realize, or accept, that they are bashing one of the very values this country supposedly prides itself on in the process: free speech. They (the RSH) could only have been more pissed off if they had followed up their comments about Bush by announcing that they were vegetarian lesbians who buy European cars. It’s the typical pick and choose of Red States.

  • jason

    country radio can’t play the chicks anyway, only two or three of the songs are country songs. it was a gutsy move to say “screw you nashville”, and make a more-rock leaning album, but i totally love it. whether they would have sold 500k or just 20 records, they stood their ground. instead of making a “status quo” country record and giving in, they stuck up the middle finger at country music. whether it was an “agenda” or not, i appreciate that they say what they want and did what they wanted. keith hit the nail on the head, and to yo mama : grow up. freedom of speech protects us all, it’s not a pay-as-you-go freedom.

  • Miss B

    i agree that the album (isn’t it funny that so many still call it that?) is not as country sounding and therefore not as friendly for country radio BUT that does not stop them when it comes to an established country star. think faith hill. she leans to the poppy side, as does shania twain, just a couple among many female country artists that do. i think this album is so good in the way that it has combined so many different influences. unfortunately that may mean less airplay in this time of monopolized non-satellite airwaves.

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