'Lost' hangover: More burning questions

154133__lost_lHead still spinning from Wednesday’s finale? Awe and wonder still vying with frustration, confusion, and lingering questions about the CGI "Hurleybird" — e.g., did it have to look so sucky? 

Worry not. There’s plenty more where that came from. Between the ever-expanding alternate-reality game (wherein lies the connection between Desmond-hatin’ plutocrat Charles Widmore and peace-lovin’ arms dealer Alvar Hanso) and the raging debates over exactly what the hell happened in the finale, you’ve got a summer’s worth of fruitless speculation to look forward to. Our friends over at TV Tattle are adding to the din with the following links:

-Sayonara, Michael and Walt? An interview with Harold Perrineau (at left, with Malcolm David Kelly) indicates that Mike & Son have left the island for good, though one or both may return in season 4.

-This flow chart claims to map the ties that bind the Losties together. Some of it’s theoretical (says here Bernard is Alvar Hanso — whaaaa?), and much is suspect (Rose is related to Walt why, exactly? Because she’s black?), but still, it’s handy. ‘Specially if you take your cue from it and make your own, a la March Madness brackets.

-Here’s some very vague casting call info for season 3.  Make of it what you will. Or go audition, perjure yourself on your non-disclosure form, and report back here. (I will disavow any knowledge of this ploy, if interrogated. In 10 seconds, this blog will self-destruct.)

-Oh, and be sure to check out the next podcast from producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. Word is, they’re going to address some of the questions raised by the finale. And give, I’m sure, totally straightforward answers.

(The blog hasn’t self-destructed yet, has it? Crap.)

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  • Scott

    I was half expecting that boat with Michael and Walt to blow up as it was leaving at the end. Too bad. Walt is fine, but, I certainly wouldn’t miss Michael if he didn’t come back.

  • Don

    Must better than last seasons ending but I am still confused. Too many questions left unanswered. Dont want to know it all but a little more would have been better. Am looking forward to no reruns though next season. Good for you ABC.

  • Ed

    I don’t watch Lost but my friend who does says that theres conspiracy theories abound! My favorite one is that the islanders are all really dead but that they don’t know it. The other one is that they’re an experiment by some gazillionaire. who knew,

  • QueenV

    I don’t want Walt gone! I find his character interesting and he provides a different perspective than the adult characters. And he’s got special powers!

  • Martin

    Michael and Walt must be back. They didn’t kill’em off, and there are still questions about them, especially Walt. Prolly not in early in S3, but I trust at some point.
    Where’s the Monster, though?
    Was this addresses: The pier to which Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley…that was Parla Pier – the same place to which the Pearl Stationees needed to get to at the end of their assignment.
    Will we find more about Kelvin – like how he got there?
    This was def a more satisfying finale in terms of answers, but I also found it transformational – can’t decided if that’s an entirely good thing.


  • Heartbroken

    I’m heartbroken…i liked the first season when they were all like a family, now it seems as if the family is falling apart…Locke and Eko possibly dead, Mike and Walt gone, Kate, Sawyer, Jack in jeopardy…i feel sick…i hope they are all reunited next season…

  • Cjc

    Lost is nothing but questions with no answers. I watch the season premiere and the season finale and they are essentially the same episode. Why even bother with the rest?!

  • Marcus

    I have to admit. I was confused when the season finale ended. Why did the others just let go of walt like that? Whats the connection between The EMP explosion and Penelope? Is Eko and Locke really dead? Why did the others want Jack, Kate and Sawyer? So yeah, alot of freaking questions. But on some level i actually Loved it, because Im more than ready for the next season. I havent been that excited to see a Season Finale of any show in a very long time. This is what it means by “Good Television.” What i cant understand about people these days is everyone always wants something Interesting, original and thought-provoking. Well guess what? LOST IS IT! Its the kind of show thats puts faith back into television for me. It constantly surprises all the time. Yeah sure there’s more questions than there are answers, But if every single question was answered right off the bat, then would there really be a show at all? The thing about lost is if you watch it, your brain is going. Putting the pieces together, asking the questions, and coming up with the theories is apart of what makes Lost so addictive. That and there’s actually CHARACTERS here. Jesus Christ what more does america want? Personally I dont care who comes back or who’s gone for good. All I’m saying is If Season 3 is just as good as 2 and 1, Then im there with bells on. All i ask is give me more Monsters and Paranormal phenomenon. I can’t get enough of the many many surprises and how our castaways deal with whatever comes there way. I’ll say it again, “Good Television.”

  • Charlotte

    Lost is the one show I chose to wacth regularly. Previously I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, and before that The X-Files (for four seasons anyway). (The West Wing I always seemed to catch in reruns in Bravo.)
    Good writing and good characters are what drive a show fo me, and it’s odd that I find these in shows that bridge the gap between the natural and supernatural worlds. I’m very much a pragmatist, but like the way that these shows use unusual elements to illuminate character in ways that more traditional shows don’t.

  • Geno

    “Lost” isn’t perfect, but still rocks. Compared to “Teachers”, “Las Vegas” and other god-awful shows out there, it is fabulous.


  • zenjoy

    Must they continue to have flashbacks? I was hoping for new material for the whole 2 hours (ha, ha). Then when the 2nd hour came, it was so anti-climatic. I don’t think it was a good show. I’m a fan, but with so many questions unanswered, I’m liable to get frustrated and flip the station if the show it’s up against is is show-worthy.

  • Wizbang Pop!

    There’s an update (http://pop.wizbangblog.com/2006/05/25/lost-connections-table.php) on the Lost connection table story…

  • wooty

    This show has always scared me, even as an adult. I don’t know what it is, but it must be well writen to have the effect on me. http://www.wooty.com

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