Trailer Blazer: 'Superman Returns': The 'dark' side

10168__super_lSuperman, still in the process of returning, has leaked a new trailer. It’s the "dark" trailer, the "badass" trailer. Cunning of those Warner Bros. mini-Luthors, releasing it ahead of X-Men: The Last Stand‘s weekend.

Quite a few bits of the first trailer are recycled here, but there’s plenty of new stuff: Spacey’s Luthor dryly proclaiming, "I’m a fan," Superman swooping toward the Fortress of Solitude, a longer shot of the mid-air shuttle rescue scene, an awkward cheek-kissing reunion with Lois, Luthor shivving Supes with what might be a Kryptonian dagger. Oh, and the final image: Supes taking a bullet to the eye, point blank. Then regarding his assailant with disgust and amusement. Yeah! You tell ‘em, Kal-El!

We hear a few more lines from Brandon Routh this time around. ("You wrote that the world doesn’t need a savior. But every day, I hear millions crying out for one.") I’d like to hear even more — the more muteness, the more the epithet "model" gets thrown around out here in cyberspace. Sure, he doesn’t sound exactly like Christopher Reeve; he’s not that sort of actor. But I’d still like to hear him talk. A mere quibble, by the way: Everything else I’ve seen so bodes well.

And yes, he still looks a little like Jason Schwartzman. But Supes, while raised as a corn-fed Scots-Irish farm boy, was never really a corn-fed Scots-Irish farm boy. I may be off base (not having actually seen the movie), but I’d recommend examining director Bryan Singer’s vision through the mid-century immigrant lens of Michael Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. Read it and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Also: It’s a fantastic book.

OK, I’m going to go watch that again. In case you haven’t noticed, this is the movie my giddy inner-12-year-old is getting all jittery and weak-kneed over. Second only to Batman, Superman is, I’m afraid, my Kryptonite. Expect little or no unbiased reporting from me on this topic.

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  • eric

    Loving the trailers for this movie. The use of the John Williams theme gets me every time. I’ve heard some good buzz from folks I know near the production and I hope they are not lying because this is my “must see” movie for the summer. I must keep expectations in check but the trailers are not helping…they’re pretty cool. I just hope that no one tries shooting bullets into they eyes of others.

  • Jake

    very curious why they still won’t show the lead actor in Superman speaking. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM……

  • Loranat

    Anyone else think Kate Bosworth is channeling Carla Gugino with that dark hair?

  • donker doo

    Stop calling him Supes, you turd

  • Issak

    WOW! Since I was a kid I have loved superman. This one looks to be better than all the rest. I certainly hope that Kevin Spacey is good, because Gene Hackman was undeniably great. Kevin Spacey is one of my favs, so Im not too worried.

  • The Other Kyle

    I agree.
    I’m getting weak-kneed and excited for this. The new trailers look friggin’ sweet.
    And I’d like more dialogue from Superman as well. But I think we’re getting tricked. Take into account Routh’s Clark lines and he actually speaks quite a bit.
    His best spoken line yet is in the TV trailer that centers on the Lois/Superman romance and has the American Hi-Fi song where he gives a very Reeve-esque line delivery “I’m always around”.

  • Danielle

    I second that recommendation for Chabon’s book, it’s excellent.
    Can’t wait for this movie to come out. I hope the trailers haven’t set me up for disappointment. Bryan Singer, don’t fail me now!

  • Jill

    I am sooo excited to see this movie!!! From interviews, Routh sounds very grounded and humble. I think that if he can bring those qualities to the screen, then he will nail it.
    I think Bryan Singer does a great job of combining heart with fantasy, and I think this will be one of the most powerful comic book films ever made. Amazing special effects do not make movies great. Amazing special effects in wonderful movies can make history.

  • TVGuy

    That international trailer is fantastic. I like that they are not showing too much, especially Routh’s performance…let there be some secrets…
    Both actors are too young, but I understand the reasoning (sequels sequels sequels) but couldn’t be looking forward to this more..

  • faith

    This is the gayest Superman ever!!

  • Eric

    He’s thuper!

  • Ed

    Faith I disagree with your comment about this being the “gayest” Superman. If it were, there would be a much bigger buldge in the SuperOutfit. It’s what I was waiting for!
    As a child of the 80’s and seeing the original Superman when it came out this only makes me feel old! I won’t be seeing it. That’s only if they bring back Sheena Easton to sing the Title song.

  • Michael B.

    That movie looks like a really bad gay porno. Hey, as long as the movie is better then the porno, I’m there.

  • Michael B.

    I meant that Picture…

  • tara

    Does anyone have a better link for this trailer? I can’t seem to open this one. Boo!

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