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20245__garner7_l1Believe it or not, I didn’t watch last night’s series finale of Alias, choosing instead to watch some of the seven-episode backlog that’s been clogging my DVR for months. It was a tough decision, but considering I’ve never missed an episode of the ABC spy thriller, I wasn’t about to start watching it out of sequence this late in the game. For those of you more loyal than me, you can discuss last night’s sendoff in the comments section below. Or, if you’re like me, and found yourself increasingly disenfranchised with the storyline laid out for Sydney Bristow & Co. since the end of season 3, check out this video montage of Evil Francie and remember the good old days.

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  • MCD

    who cares?

  • Sven

    It was time for it to end, and they did a decent enough job with the finale. As much as I enjoyed the overall program, I don’t know that it will go down as one of the best episodic programs.

  • Sarah C

    Francie doesn’t like coffee ice cream.

  • Kemahcoder

    The Alias finale was thee best finale of any show since Third Watch! They closed all the storylines and gave Sloan the most deserving ending due only the devil himself.
    “Dad” will be in a new series this fall… I can’t wait. He’s an awesome actor. Jennifer Gardner must be smiling this morning at home with her baby and husband Ben Affleck.
    .. and I can’t wait to see Rachel Nichols on tv again. She is sooooooooo hot!

  • John

    This is the second time JJ Abrams has launched something fantastic and had it end on a sour note. Forgive me if I stopped watching after that FANTASTIC Super Bowl episode as I couldn’t tell what the hell was going on. .
    RIP Alias your plot has been dug next to Andromeda in the Graveyard Of Non-sensical Shows. However, Irina Direvko and her crazyiness will be something I will look back on with fond memories.

  • Big Fan

    Good Finale, probably a B+…I did like the final touch with the 3-D puzzle…let’s see…bad guys all taken care of, tortured souls find peace, good guys all taken care of. Enjoyed the quasi-homage to “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”. All that was needed was to have Emily walk away with Nadia…but I did really expect some last unresolved twist, like a revelation that Sark was Sydney’s half brother.
    I do hope Ron Rifkin gets an Emmy nod this year…Sloan was so consumately evil, and Rifkin played him so well!

  • Jason

    Alias was my favorite television program of all-time. I was obsessed, and I loved every minute of it. Last night’s episode was a perfect homage to the exciting albeit somewhat inconsistent five years.
    I am going to miss it so much.

  • Hollie

    AS a long time fan I am glad that ABC & the show’s team did at least finish the series so we have some kind of closure. Did I like how they tried to zip it all up-no, not really. But we got to see pretty much all the great actors from all the seasons over this last season and that was an extra bonus. Sigh. RIP ALIAS

  • paul

    There was no possible way that a 2 hour show could live up to what could have been, It was such a great 5 years-even the meandering of the plotline, but I really loved Alias and the finale was good, not great, but acceptable. Sure I would have loved to have seen Sydney kill Sloane, but his eternal torture of lonliness was so appropriate, they could have done with out the building blocks at the end and just lived happily ever after- If one person deserves that it would be Sydney Bristow. I will miss you ( ok I know they are not real)

  • Lauren

    I too was an avid Alias fan, never missed an episode. Perhaps I was thinking more favorably of the writers than I should have been after watching last night. The creators were promising answers to all our questions. What about the end of season 3, how did Lauren know all that stuff about Syd? What about all those looks between Jack and Sloane suggesting Jack knew more all along than he was telling? What about Rambaldi…how did the Horizon have power away from the tomb? I could go on for hours. Why did Irina help the team take down Sloane and Elena at the end of S4 only to turn out to be the biggest Rambaldi fanatic of all? I just…am disappointed. I invested 5 years of my life into this show and I know it sounds crazy but I just…really wanted answers to all those niggling questions, and I felt like anything with Rachel and Tom was time wasting. Actually I felt like these final 6 episodes were time wasters. No Irina in the finale until the last 30 minutes or so? A CRIME! Oh well. I still have S1 and S2 on DVD.

  • GW

    This episode was a microcosm of why this show needed to be put out of its misery a long time ago. Ever since Season 2, it seemed like the writers/producers had no overall game plan for the series. I lost count of the number it times when it was plainly obvious they were back-pedaling with the plot. This was a sinking ship for years; writers kept trying to plug a hole in the plot’s hull, only to see several more leaks appear. In fact, the series really took an untenable nosedive when Garner got pregnant: a development the producers obviously weren’t prepared for (thanks Ben Affleck!) Look at all of the extraneous stopgap characters introduced in the past couple of years, all of whom you just know the writers inserted as contingency plans in case Jennifer Garner left the series: e.g. Nadia, Renee, Rachel. Plus, could someone explain the purpose of Tom in the series? The final episode was a complete mess-I actually laughed when Sloane threw Nadia into the glass table: I’ve seen better plot developments on soap operas. Near the end, I felt like characters were getting killed off haphazardly, as if the writers said, “Ah screw it-let’s kill him off too!”. Continuity was thrown out the window (Sloan is evil. Not, wait: Sloane is good. No wait: Sloane is evil. Irina is evil. No wait, she’s good, etc.) If there’s one lesson to be learned from Alias, it’s that no matter how much buzz and acclaim a show gets in its first few seasons, its creators must always stay focused and not get complacent. Actually, I think in the case of Alias, writers started to over-think the show’s premise: this series really should have been about a young attractive female student/spy who occasionally saves the world from terrorists and the occasional megalomaniac. Nothing more. Once it Rambaldi got into the mix with all the mystical b.s., the show was as good as dead.

  • Julia

    It wasnt perfect but didnt we all–deep down–know that the writers had no clue as to what the Rambaldi prophecy was supposed to be. The zombies in Russia proved that last year! No, the nukes made NO sense in this final episode. it was a Macguffin if I ever saw one. But in the end we wanted to see closure for these characters and almost everyone gets what’s coming to them. Most of all, we want to see Sydney Bristow live a good, happy life. She deserves it and her father made sure she got it. Nice.

  • Leigh B

    I was leery of the show when Season 3 started. (The whole idea of Sydney being missing for 2yrs was flawed.) I thought for SURE we when we saw Sydney reading the Top Secret dossier and the horrified look on her face and the tears streaming down her face that we were going to find out that Jack was TRULY the evil one. But nope –instead we were subjected to a very lame Season 4 where the writers started off trying to make every episode stand on its own. You could tell that the chemistry between Sydney/Jennifer and Vaughn/Vartan was gone. It became increasingly difficult to watch them PRETEND to even like each other. The only redeeming aspect to this season was the return of Lena Olin –and of course the Season 4 finale was breathtaking!…But then Jennifer gets knocked up and Season 5 limped along, begging to be put out of its misery… (Or was it ME that wanted to be put out of MY misery for watching?) I will admit there were some aspects of the series finale that I liked –but overall, it was very disappointing. Rest In Peace Sydney Bristow.

  • graeme

    absolutely superb finale to a great show. It tied everything up very nicely. Not many shows could pull off the amount of plot that this show packed into the final hour, but it was really well done.
    Perfect sendoffs to Sloane, Irina, Jack, and of course, Ms. Sydney Bristow.
    Loved the Merrin Dungey cameo, but a little disappointed she didn’t return as Allison.
    That remains the one big plot hole left out there. Allison had immortality back in season 3. Did the writers forget that?

  • Sven

    I still think EW should have had one of their writers do a final review, instead of this cheap attempt to pass it off to the readers. Give us a detailed send off. I understand Slezak’s reason, but was there NO ONE at EW who kept up with Alias to the bitter end? Shame…

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