New music: Dixie Chicks, Johnny Cash, Def Leppard

152743__chicks_lThis just in: My colleague Gary Susman informs me that there’s no need for my growing anxiety that after Wednesday night’s American Idol season finale, my life will devolve into an empty, meaningless, sucking eddy of despair, ennui, and substandard entertainment options. In fact, he tells me there’s a magical place on the Internet, called AOL Music, where singers not named Taylor Hicks or Elliott Yamin or Paris Bennett or Chris Daughtry have new albums streaming free of charge. (Who’d’ve thunk?) This week, they’re featuring Johnny Cash, Def Leppard, Michael Bolton, Phoenix, Yo Gotti, The Wreckers, and Harry Nilsson, among others, plus the Dixie Chicks, who, in addition to having recorded some pretty ear-catching new tunes, are apparently on the cover of this week’s Time. Sheesh, it’s amazing what you discover when you take a break from voting on AOL’s ”Who should be the Idol?” poll.


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  • Ellipsian

    Ah, the sweet smell of synchronicity. I am listening to the Chicks’ latest effort as I type, courtesy of AOLMusic itself. Good stuff (both the album and the site); I may be purchasing my very first Chicks album in support of their talent and not-so-subtle stance on all things Bush. Work it out, ladies! Good for you…and us.

  • nathan

    I can really appreciate the Dixie Chicks, mostly for outgrowing the whole country radio scene. I see them more in the same club as say Loretta Lynn and not in the throw away supermarket music category of a Faith Hill. Keep it up ladies!

  • rbk

    Did you leave Katharine McPhee out of that list to subtly undermine her? Like we’ll forget she exists if not listed among the other top five? Shameless…

  • mike

    I only heard one their songs off the new album Sunday on Sixty Minutes. It was the same generic lite pop/country tune as usual. The Chicks need to distance themselves as far from country fans as they can. Those fans may be part of the 30% that still supports Bush.
    If I want to hear anti-Bush lyrics, I’ll crank up Green Day again.

  • Jen

    I was willing to look past the Chicks political statements, not because I’m a GWB supporter, but because I think it’s irresponsible and stupid for any artist to voice their politics so errantly. However, just as I was about to buy the album, Chicks singer Martie Maquire had this to say: “I’d rather have a small following of really cool people who get it, who will grow with us as we grow and are fans for life, than people that have us in their five-disc changer with Reba McEntire and Toby Keith,” Maguire said. “We don’t want those kinds of fans. They limit what you can do.” To that I say, far be it from me to “limit” the Dixie Chicks. I’ll do them a favor and spend my money on other artists who appreciate being liked for their musical ability, not their political views. Personally I think the Chicks have gone off the deep end. They’re giving the bird to their establisted fanbase, and that just ain’t right.

  • Liz

    Politics and music don’t mix — love the Dixie Chicks!

  • figgins

    The chicks are cowards if I have ever seen one. Reba is a class act and she has legions of fans that include her television show, as it was just given yet another season! The chicks would fare well to take a feather from her cap. Too bad they stuck on stupid!

  • Amanda

    I am from Lubbock, Texas and according to the Dixie Chicks that means I am stupid. I don’t support George Bush and I ran to buy Greenday’s latest album. I think the Dixie Chicks are posers trying to sound cool to sell more records. Since I am stupid I won’t be wasting my brain power to buy their record.

  • jackie

    After hearing the beautiful “Lullaby” on Medium tonight I am now listening to the whole album on AOL and so far enjoying it. I think that this album will reach more than a country audience and give them credit for using a number of influences.
    So much has been said about the Dixie Chicks and so many say they feel insulted and to me that means that people let a complete stranger’s opinions get to them. They have as much a right as anyone to share their opinions. If they said what they said today as opposed to several years ago it wouldn’t be a big deal. The reason that such an issue has been made is the timing as well as their country audience. I also think that this has played into the stereotype that all country music fans are very all American types. They have only earned more respect (as much as people I do not know can get from me) from me for proving that they share their opinions and make music for themselves not for others.
    Amanda, the Dixie Chicks are from Texas, so I doubt that if you heard a quote attributed to them that generalized ALL Texans as stupid, it was in context or true. I have not heard all quotes that supposedly came from them, so I am guessing on this but it doesn’t make sense for Texans to call all Texans stupid.

  • Ana

    Why is country music so threatened by the Dixie Chicks?? The backlash began after one comment made at a concert in London. Thereafter, country music stations started destroying their CD’s (wow, so progressive) and it wasn’t until then that they felt the need to respond…and now they’re somehow villains, traitors, etc. Does anyone honestly think that they are the only performers who do not support the farce administration that is GWB? No. By now, even half of Nashville has got to realize what a catastrophe this man is, but are they willing to speak out? No because they don’t want to face the same criticism and loss of fan support that the Chicks are experiencing. Go Dixie Chicks!! Where can I get a bumper sticker????

  • gloria

    I wonder if the same people who have trashed the Dixie Chicks CD’s agree with those who burned the albums of the various artists targeted in the 60’s.

  • Brian

    Its funny how the chicks soke out against George Bush, and now most of the U.S. agrees. They were just a couple years ahead of their time.

  • Pat

    Jackie, you must not be watching the news. This isn’t a stunt to sell more records. In fact, very few radio stations are even playing their latest single so this controversy only serves to hurt their sales. Liz, if your fanbase turns out to be ignorant hypocritcal zombies, then they deserve the super finger. I think country music fans have done a wonderful job of perpetuating the redneck stereotype and given me continued reason to be ashamed of living in a red state.

  • jim

    God Bless you gals for speaking your freedom of speech rights & i agree with you now & in the past.

  • Mozz

    The Dixie Chicks are gifted musicians who took a stand on something they felt strongly about, and were right about, and were punished severely for it, by the very people who should have understood them best. I am glad to have bought every single album they have out and will buy even more. Because the Dixie chicks did something that most people refused to do. See that Hill-billy hitler in the white house for what he was, and call him on it.

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