The 'Will & Grace' finale: Aw.

123640__willgrace_lNope, I didn’t get choked up, but Will & Grace ended last night on a sweet, and sweetly amusing, note. While the series finale occasionally strained the outer limits of believability — the BFFs fight, go a full two years without speaking, reunite (with some help from Jack and Karen, pictured), drift apart, then become joined at the hip again when their respective son and daughter meet at college and decide to get married (wha?) — who really looks to a sitcom for iron-clad storylines? Far more important, the hourlong episode allowed the titular duo to finally find love with their long-running romantic interests (Vince and Leo), and contained at least a half-dozen laugh-out-loud punch lines, including Karen’s advice to Jack on becoming a kept man: ”Oh, you’ll do it. You’ll do it the same way any other self-respecting woman does. Get on your back, point your heels to Jesus, and think of handbags.” Not only that, Jack and Karen’s duet of ”Unforgettable,” and the last-act toast among the four lead characters, provided nice meta closure to a long-running (if somewhat inconsistent) sitcom staple. That’s my take, anyway. What did you think of last night’s series finale?

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  • dave

    will & grace got a lot of flack in the past couple of years for straying away from formula and relying too heavily on guest stars. i will certainly agree with that, and admit that it stopped being “must see” on my thursday nights a few years back. but this last season has had some incredibly funny episodes (including the sound of music themed episode that was quite possibly the best half hour of television i’ve seen in a while). the finale was perfect – poignant and sweet and a good call back to why we fell in love with these characters to begin with. bravo will and grace. you will be missed.

  • Tyler

    I have loved Will & Grace since season 1. I own the first four seasons on dvd (I’m waiting for the others to come out.) There was only one season that I didn’t really like, which was the season before this last one (the 7th.) However, this season, has been phenom.
    I really loved the ending last night. The only thing that bothered me was them not talking for years. However, fate brought them back together. It was a funny, sweet, cute finale. Will & Grace will be missed by many.

  • David

    It was fine. I guess. I think Karen and Jack could have camped it up a bit and sang something like “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” by Elton John or “I Got You Babe” or something more in the nature of their spirit. Oh well. The Vodka chasing by Karen was worth the price of admission. As far as Will and Grace- Debra and Eric you did a fine job and I applaud you. As to the writers of Will and Grace – take your pay checks and get some analysis. Women and gay men can be best friends and still have seperate lives. You don’t need a fifteen year buffer to realize that. A misstep in every single way, no matter what the ratings say.

  • snarky

    I’ve seen better. “Frasier” comes to mind.

  • Nancy

    I was an inconsistent Will and Grace viewer during the last few seasons, but I am going to miss the show. My favourite was always Will. Eric McCormick played the part perfectly. I have to admit, it was a bit jarring to see their kids meet and fall in love and get married, but it was worth it to see Will end up with Vince.

  • Martin

    I thought the finale was befitting. W&G was always appointment television for me, that is until this season. Was it a couple of seasons overdue? You bet. But it came full circle (the George Clooney gab on the phone between Will and Grace, each in his/her own place; the tummy kiss between Jack and Karen), and in the end everyone found what they wanted, and what they needed. The show never had “iron-clad storyline,” so I really wouldn’t have had any other way.

  • tg

    This season helped erase the memory of the last couple. However, I was HUGELY disappointed by the finale. In fact, I felt ripped off. I don’t believe they would never have talked for 2 yrs. I didn’t like the future stuff. Most of the hour just seemed stale and uninspired. The hour special before was really well done tho’.
    (I still feel Matt Damon was SO ripped off for not getting a guest spot Emmy nod.)

  • james

    I was disappointed with the finale. I didn’t like that the writers projected ahead and determined for me what was to become of these characters. Far better to do an ending where their lives go on, but from this moment forward we don’t get a window into it (Cheers finale comes to mind). I found it ridiculous and highly implausible how all of a sudden Leo’s back, Grace goes with him to live happily ever after and she and Will don’t speak for years. This last part goes against everything we’ve come to believe about these characters and their bond over the past eight years. Plus, I don’t want to see the characters old. This, plus the whole 15-20 year separation for them, was very depressing. The whole thing left me down and sad — more than I already was by having to say goodbye to the characters I’d come to love.

  • John

    For a show that seemed pretty unreal at times, I thought the storyline of two friends going separate ways at some point rang true. If Will and Grace had stayed together all those years, they would have found themselves in the same rut the show has been in for the last couple of seasons. It was nice to seem them move on and then find each other again.

  • G

    While the finale was a bit uneven, it was still loads better than other big sit com finales (umm remember the disaster that was the sienfield finale? or the uninspired friends finale?) The best moment by FAR was Jack and Karen singing unforgettable – because thats what they are.

  • ben

    i did not like how they did not talk for so long

  • Graeme

    It was awful. All over the place and it blatantly copied the brilliant “Mad About You” finale. The “Unforgettable” duet was nice but really really odd and out of place. And the final scene felt so tacked on and blah.

  • Fatima

    I thought it was very satisfying and realistic. While it was a bit upsetting that they went over a decade without speaking, it almost had to be that way with the way their relationship was. While I don’t think its a component of all gay/straight friendships, Will and Grace were TOTALLY codependent and used each others as crutches from being happy on thier own. The only way they could get past that was to see each other less.
    For some reason the only part that got me choked up a bit was when Grace put down the boxes for her daughter and you got to see what she looked like in 18 years. She looked so beautiful and dignified and it was very fulfilling to see Gracie grown up. I liked that it was sad, but not totally depressing because thats how the two always were.
    And Jack and Karen? It was just sweet. They turned out exactly how I thought they would too. And karen not aging at all? Classic!

  • Ed

    I didn’t see the finale since it’s coming out on DVD in a couple of days but I do have an opinion.
    I felt that Will & Grace were lost ever since season 4 ended. I don’t know, maybe it’s because it started when Sex and the City, friends and all the others were still strong. I feel somehow that it overstayed it’s welcome.
    This year there was a lot of inconsistency. The cliff hanger for last season was that Stan was alive – never heard from that plot line again. Leo coming back?! That was supposed to happen back in Novemeber but didn’t happen till the end. And also, what happend to that guy that Grace kissed at the end of last season?
    BUT what really made me lose interest (and I’m going to get flack for saying this) but after Debra Messing had the baby in real life – Grace never recovered. It really showed that the show had aged. Grace looked like she had a baby but with nothing to show for it.
    Oh well, I’m waiting for Paris Hilton to release her new album.

  • Helen

    Why do writers feel the need to wrap up a show with the characters future? The clown make-up, contrived story lines, etc. are neither clever or realistic.

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