The return of the original, CGI-less 'Star Wars'

9207__han_lGood news for Star Wars fans with long memories: On September 12, Lucasfilm is releasing DVDs of the original trilogy in its original theatrical form. In other words, you’ll finally be able to see Han shoot Greedo first, like he did in 1977. This should please all of us Star Wars oldtimers who were irked at the Stalinist digital airbrushing in the re-released versions, tinkering that smoothed the rough edges (of both the characters and the special effects) and seemed like George Lucas’ effort to erase from our collective memory the grubby and flawed originals we first fell in love with. Of course, there’s a catch: the discs will be available only until Dec. 31.

Also, Lucasfilm honcho Rick McCallum tells Sci Fi Wire it’ll be at least a year before the 3-D versions of the movies and the two Star Wars TV series (more animated shorts set during the Clone Wars, and a live-action show set during the 20-year gap between Episode III and Episode IV) are ready for release. The tinkering never stops.

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  • Auriana

    ::jumps with giddy glee:: Anyone know how to order a copy? Is it only through a special site or will they be available in regular retail?

  • Parabola

    Don’t get too giddy! They are basically re-releasing the DVDs from ’04, individually by movie, and the original version is a bonus feature on one of the discs. And who doesn’t own the box set from ’04 (or the one from last year, sans bonus disc)??!
    It doesn’t sound like the original versions have been re-mastered, and they mention only 2.0 surround sound. Quality-wise, they sound like the old laser disc releases.

  • Darth Nihilus

    With the exception of Han not shooting first, I prefer the Special Editions with their improved effects. I will get it as a completist, but probably never watch the unaltered versions

  • Bryan

    Yeah!! its about time

  • Auriana

    Hrmm…so its not just the originals? I have the originals on the remastered VHS set that was released years back. But yes, I’m a completionist too so I’ll probably get these.

  • Jakeem

    At last! I’ve been willing to give my left arm to see the Death Star explode again without that stupid CGI ring around it!

  • pn

    that’s ok thanks i’m all fed up already with star wars, and do we really need to give george lucas more money, hell he has so much he can start his own galactic empire…(wait a minute start of galactic emire = star wars fans….me thinks possibility exists hmmm.

  • Nick

    OMG! They should have done this when they put out the new ones in 04! GOSH! Get out your $$$$. Will I buy them? Oh hell yeah!

  • Ep Sato

    Someone get me the Kool Aid man to break through some walls because I am yelling “OH YEAH’ at the top of my lungs right now.
    If they could only make an edited version of episodes 1,2,3 with Jar Jar edited out, I can die a happy fan.

  • Howard

    What an amazing thought: Lucas actually providing what the fans what. His arrogance up until now has been astounding. The Special Editions cleaned everything up nicely, but any additions were to show what he was now able to do technology-wise, and didn’t improve them as movies.
    For my generation (and yes, I’m dating myself here), the original version of Episode IV was a seminal movie. This was what I wanted for my collection, even though I already have it on Full-screen VHS (I have the specials on Wide-screen).

  • Don

    For my 2 cents, I didn’t mind some of the smoothing and minor added scenes (and yes, I did see the original trilogy in theaters). What I didn’t like was things that changed the scenes, like the Greedo shooting first thing, that scene with Jabba at the Falcon, and Luke’s yelp as he fell down the shaft in Bespin. Wuss.

  • Meier

    Okay, good, NOW I can add the Star Wars trilogy to my collection. Good to see the fans’ and my own stubbornness paid off. Took long enough though – talk about pulling teeth!…
    Now, do you think it’s asking too much to beg LucasFilms to put the Star Wars Christmas Wookiee Special on the special features disc? I know I’m not alone in my thoughts here: I’m dying to see that thing.

  • Luca$

    More money for George Lucas to market the same old, same old. Why doesn’t he produce (but not direct, thank you) episodes 7, 8 and 9? But I guess, if he repackages it, they will come.

  • Ep Sato

    Meier- The Wookie X Mas special is really as bad as they say it is. I’m talking Galactica 1980 bad. Highlander 2 bad. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s Catwoman bad.

  • Maeve

    Um, George Lucas has me on puppet strings, because I’m a sucker and buy everything he puts out, and I don’t even fight it, I just do it. What? You’re going to re-release the old films in theaters? Okay, I’ll go. You’re going to release them all again, but in 3D this time? I’ll be there. And although I already have the old Star Wars in VHS, and of course in DVD, I guess now I’ll have to buy them yet again. I’m not complaining. I just do it.

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