'Prison Break': More interesting on the outside?

112154__rknepper_l”We got a problem.” You’re darn right, T-Bag –- you’re losing us, fast. Before the show’s frustrating winter break, the writers had us sitting on the edge our seats with Michael’s ingenious escape plan; now they have us rolling our eyes each week with outlandish obstacles like Michael’s cell going up for auction by a corrupt prison guard (what’s so appealing about this piece of second-floor real estate, anyway?). I never thought I’d say it, but the action outside of Fox River has finally eclipsed what’s going on inside –- like that brunet from 24 (you remember Lynn, from President Palmer’s administration?) turning on Agent Kellerman and some mysterious entity keeping a tight leash on Veronica’s partner in crime. And it appears that somebody in the VP’s office, frustrated by the snail’s pace of Lincoln’s execution, arranged a meeting outside of Fox River between the convict and his son –- which ultimately provided a fortuitous moment for a Mack truck to broadside Lincoln’s van. Clearly, the bad guys missed their target; we see in the previews that Lincoln’s now on the lam.

addCredit(“Robert Knepper: FOX”)

If I didn’t adore Wentworth Miller as Scofield so much, I’d suggest the writers keep the young bro behind bars and now follow the fugitive –- but we know that’s not their plan. Besides, I don’t think I’m ready to say goodbye to T-Bag (Robert Knepper, pictured) just yet; damn if this unpredictable antihero hasn’t become my sole excuse to tune in each week (how ’bout that holy-crap moment during the poker game when he made the racial slur about a ”full house”?). So what do you think? Are you still fully committed to Scofield’s escape plan, or does it make you want to vomit like Haywire (milky white bile, no less! Yuck!)?

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  • Josh

    It might be over-the-top, but I love every minute of it (and ’24’ this season). They’re right up there with ‘Veronica Mars,’ ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ ‘Scrubs’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ this season for being must-sees.

  • LM

    Gotta disagree with you, Lynette. I absolutely loved Prison Break last night! With each crazy obstable that came up, I kept thinking: How are they possibly going to get out of THIS one?! And then they did – and they even managed to get rid of that sleazy guard who steals from everyone! That totally rocked. And I love the dynamics of the core con group, and how people like T-Bag and C-Note actually have to work together. Just great characters and a really fun show! I’m addicted!

  • Amelia

    So far, I have loved all the new epsiodes of PB. They keep me on the edge of my seat and every turn of the plot keeps it exciting and interesting.

  • Matty

    With all its crazy, implausible twists, Prison Break is science fiction. And I love it.

  • Fatima

    I wouldn’t complain yet, next week’s looks absolutely bananas.

  • Craig

    Wow Lynnette, dunno what you’ve been watching, but this show is no more unrealistic than it’s ever been, and it’s getting really good now. Abruzzi how we’ve missed you! Am I the only one sad that Haywire got screwed? He would’ve made the escape good times! I just hope that they package this with 24 next year so that we get all the episodes at once without a huge break in the middle.

  • aramis

    Lynette…don’t forget, the appeal of the show was not only the hotness of the stars, but the outlandish situations and twists in which they CONTINUOUSLY find themselves. It’s quite unrealistic, but it’s quite entertaining to say the very least. Pure entertainment is something rarely found in this day in American-Idol-stupid-reality-crap-show-dominated tv age.

  • Ann

    I’m glad to see that everyone else who has responded disagrees with Lynette. Prison Break is pure fun. It’s ridiculously far-fetched and that’s what makes it so entertaining. Heck, reality shows aren’t real, so why should this be based in fact? I’m looking forward to the next few episodes of Prison Break . . . and the next season.

  • professor74

    Got to love the fact that with half the team in the SHU, the others have had to band together to solve the problems.
    However, I do agree with Lynette that Robert Knepper is awesome. He had the best lines last night, except for C-Note’s “You want welfare, vote Democrat.”

  • t3hdow

    On the one hand, Lynette’s comment isn’t totally false. Prison Break’s most tense filled moments happened before the mid-season break and the recent episodes have yet to live up to those nerve wrecking moments. The tepid flashback episode also doesn’t help.
    On the other hand, it looks like that’ll be happening again pretty soon. After yesterday’s great episode and the previews for next week’s episode. (Abruzzi’s return? Lincoln a fugitive-on-the-run? Sign me up!) Also, like everyone else said, part of PB’s appeal is seeing how Michael cleverly dodges every possible obstacle in his way. Unrealistic? Perhaps…but intriguing? Definitely. Once the actual breakout occurs, my adrenaline’s going to be pumping again.
    P.S. Heywire and that crooked guard got owned badly. I was having a ball when I saw them get doublecrossed/set-up the way they did. Also, T-Bag continues to amuse me with his racist comments.

  • Kyle

    I don’t agree. I think the whole race to win the auction for the cell was quite entertaining and showcased some of the more interesting supporting players.
    I think in this episode they finally made the outside action watchable. Which for a while hasn’t been. Kellerman is great but Veronica and her snooze team bore me to tears.
    I think the mind games with Haywire were very cool too. I thought last nights episode showed how entertaining the show can be when all its storylines have something interesting happening.

  • Christina

    I’m there for the long haul with this show.While outlandish at times, it’s that unrealism that keeps me on my toes. I did think the first half of the show was pretty mundane but the 2nd half hour made up for it. I liked seeing the supporting cast have to step up without Michael, and that Geary got back what was coming to him. Now only if Bellick could be taken care of.
    I agree that things are getting more interesting with what’s happening outside the prison. It should be interesting to see how The Company and The VP go at each other. And what is Lincoln going to do? I didn’t see the preview (thanks Global!), but from what I’ve read next weeks episode should be explosive.

  • jamal


  • V.M.L.

    I don’t know that guy in the picture but I love it. I think its the hat.

  • J.

    T-Bag is fun to watch, but I don’t like that he’s become an anti-hero. The dude is a cold-blooded killer (remember he killed Bob the guard?) why make him a “good guy.” I’m tickled that Abruzzi returns next week, I totally saw it coming from the instant the show came back and the cons didn’t get out. He’s going to be royally upset with T-Bag and the gang.

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