Bird Flu: The Movie!

Type "Avian Flu" into, and you’ll get Fulvio Ottaviano (Director, Cresceranno i carciofi a Mimongo (1996)) and Flavian Bulfon (Art Department, eXistenZ (1999)) for starters. (Type in "bird flu," and the results are even more delightful.)

But soon, very soon, the search will give you Joely Richardson and Stacy Keach in Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America. It’s a made-for-TV movie (airing May 9 on ABC), so you can be sure it’ll be sober, intelligent, and deucedly well-researched.

Terrifying, isn’t it? No, not bird flu: The fact that more people will watch, absorb, and (shudder) learn from a hyperdramatized version of a frightening — but still theoretical — epidemic than will read any one of a dozen excellent articles on the subject. Which reminds me, I’ve got to finish my sternly worded letter to Samuel L. Jackson, in which I excoriate him for exploiting the very real threat of snakes on a plane…

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  • David

    Haha!! Any excuse to mention SoaP. Shameless and I love it.

  • mike

    Didn’t Ottaviano also direct y2k : the information meltdown, from 1978, the Killer Bees, from 1982 the Killer Bees are Really Comin’ and my favorite from 2002, Monkeypox: The Movie.

  • mike


  • GOB

    Was Tori Spelling’s schedule too full to join the stellar cast of this sure-to-be-Emmy-nominated triumph? Or, perhaps she’s working on a rival project for Lifetime? A mumps-related horror film?

  • Kiwi

    It was filmed in New Zealand!!

  • kiwi

    and it is a blatant SCARE mongering CORPORATE set up.
    YOu are suppose to FEAR and CONSUME and they can convince your representatives (*your* haha!) to hand more of YOUR money to the corporations for over-priced and useless “protection from fear” kind of products.

  • Grace RN

    Re:”it is a blatant SCARE mongering CORPORATE set up”
    Granted, ABC is showing this during sweeps week.
    However, it is not a trivial subject; pandemics of influenza are natural and reocurring events; there have been 3 pandemics of varied severity over the past 100 years. FACT: during the regular, seasonal flu approximately 36,000 Americans die from the flu. Most are elderly or very young, and in poor health. FACT: The relatively “mild” 1957 Hong Kong flu pandemic killed 70,000 Americans. FACT: the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic “killed more Americans in 24 weeks then AIDS has killed in 24 years, more humans worldwide in one year than the Bubonic Plague killed in a century.” (source- “The Great Influenza” by John Barry 2005.)
    Please educate yourselves on the facts here; the healthcare system in America is near collapse. FEMA is worthless; in the 11/05 pandemic plan issued by the Dept of Health and Human Services, it was plainly stated that the federal and state governments will not be able to help communities in the event of a widespread pandemic. Not paying attention to the public health risks we face is like living in New Orleans and shutting off the weather reports during hurricane season.

  • Robynn McCarthy

    This movie should NOT be allowed to be aired. It along with the big news networks are using scare tactics to divert Americans attentions away from more important world events that ARE worthy of our concern.
    According to the World Health Organization Bird Flu (Avian flu H5N1) has caused the confirmed deaths of 113 people WORLD WIDE in the last 3 years. Over 36,000 people die of Seasonal Flu EVERY YEAR in the United States alone.
    The H5N1 virus does not transmit well or survive human to human contact very well at all. Only those in third world countries doing VERY unsanitary things around poultry that are infected, are likely to contract this disease, and then your chances of DYING of it, are again unlikely if you have any available medical resources. The people who have died of Avian Flu had to work pretty hard to get it, and then were living in conditions where they could not receive proper medical treatment.
    These alone are common sense factors that would tell ANYONE with a brain bigger than a bird’s that Avian Flu is not going to cause a pandemic in this, or probably any other country. Shame on ABC (a so called Family network) for trying to scare people unnecessarily.

  • CLM

    I’m OUTRAGED this movie is being allowed to be aired. I don’t think this most “Serious Subject” should be exploited over the airwaves to cause panic and paranoia in society. It’s one thing to “EDUCATE” the public in the most responsible way possible, if that’s possible, and another to cause paranoia. The people behind this movie are the ones that scare me the most!

  • Hinge

    This movie should be banned, All I see is abuse of more birds. I’m sick of hearing about HEALTHY chickens being murdered. This is wrong. Many of us have some kind of birds and we keep than healthy and clean. These bird haters are pathetic.
    There are more things to worry about than something that may never happen. There is still a war in Iraq, the hurricane season is less than a month away, AIDS is still killing thousands and thousands and these idiot bird haters want to scare people for no reason and kill every bird on the planet.

  • albert

    I own a discussion forum called Avian Flu
    You may find it interesting.
    Take care.

  • katie

    why make a movie about bird flu its gay!

  • Todd
  • Frank
  • Paul
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