Surrender 'Dallas'! Jessica Simpson has her eye on you!

93517__js_lAs if I wasn’t unenthused enough about the big-screen adaptation of Dallas (set to star John Travolta, Luke Wilson and J.Lo), now comes word from that Jessica Simpson (fourth item) has met with the film’s producers about auditioning for the role of Lucy Ewing. "That would be an honor for me. I’m a Texas girl, so you can’t go wrong there," said Simpson. Oh, but you can, Jessica. You most definitely can. In fact, if I ran Hollywood, I’d call the whole thing off right now — but maybe it’s just me. What do you think, PopWatchers? Would Simpson be a good addition to the Dallas cast? Or is this just going to be the latest in a long line of disastrous TV-to-movie remake?

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  • Christopher

    Well… if you just want to sell a glossy, camp rehash, sure. Which is exactly what they want to do.
    With ot without her, I think the Dallas movie is exactly the same as the Dukes of Hazzard movie– a sad little repackaging of a favorite from 25 years ago.

  • Ep Sato

    Dallas’s celebration of greed and lust seemed a good fit in the early 1980’s, and would have done alright during the boom economy of the 1990’s, but extravagant affluence isn’t so “in” nowadays.

  • Paul U.

    you know, i have never seen even one episode and i live here in Dallas. the mayor is figting real hard to get them to film it here, and it’s just like…for what? i’m quite sure it will suck. in what universe could JLo be related to John Travolta? only in bizarro-bad movie land i guess.

  • carlos dominguez

    A Dallas movie? Is hollywood that desperate? I wont even give this movie a second thought when it’s released. Not even on dvd. And what happen to John Travolta? After Pulp Fiction got him back on the map (thanks to Q.Tarantino)he had some good roles (Get Shorty, Face Off, Primary Colors) but over the past five to six years it’s all been crap. And now this! Mr. Travolta remember the following Blow Out, Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Urban Cowboy, etc.

  • Chris X

    This doesn’t even make any sense. The old J.R. had a wife like a Jackie Kennedy-type, perfect and white bread. In that time in Texas, no J.R. would have been married to anyone who looked remotely Mexican!!!! So here is our casting – we have “Look who’s Talking” Bloater, married to J-flop”I look just like the ranch hand’s wives”, the not too sexy Wilson brother, and now Jessica Cowson????? Get out those Razzies and start polishing – there is a Gigli type sweep coming!

  • dma69

    1) Not again! Do we REALLY need a Dallas movie? This will just be yet ANOTHER classic TV show-turned-movie flop that was never asked for in the first place.
    2) ANY movie that talentless pop twit Jessica Simpson appears in is destined to be awful.
    3) John Travolta needs to call QT and get a role in his next film NOW and forget this garbage. He’s better than this and he knows it.
    4) Hey, ho! J. Lo needs to go!

  • Charlie

    Heaven help us, who keeps making these movies?

  • David

    Say what you will about Travolta and Lopez, but don’t discount them as actors. Lopez has proven herself legitimate in films like Selena, U-Turn and Out of Sight. Hell, she did no wrong in An Unfinished Life or The Wedding Planner, either! Travolta, as we know, is established enough to have fun with his roles. Adding Simpson to the cast, though, lowers the movie in my mind. She doesn’t have anything to show for herself aside from the Dukes movie and a painfully bad turn on an episode of The Twilight Zone (or The Outer Limits, I can’t recall which). Sure, this movie should be light and fluffy but not SO light and fluffy that audiences find it laughable.

  • Monisa

    A Dallas remake is just plain ridiculous. They must be offering John Travolta ALOT of money. Jennifer Lopez can act BUT the part of Sue Ellen would be the wrong part for her. Sue Ellen should be the most white bread, Southern, beauty queen available. Jennifer Lopez would make a better Pam, the outcast wife from the wrong family. Jessica Simpson would just make Lucy seem stupid and although she was egotiscally shallow she was smart. The movie should never be made, what’s next Dynasty?

  • Zack

    As hard as the writers tried,the Lucy character was never much more than a poorly acted afterthought (Sorry, Charlene Tilton). I wonder how important the character will be in the movie. Maybe the producers will see the light and nix Jessica Simpson for a more established talent. Like Rebecca Romijn.
    Wouldn’t Catherine Zeta Jones be a much more appropriate choice for Sue Ellen, a character whose battles with both the bottle and J.R. require something more than a pretty face.

  • Brian

    I am a big Dallas TV Fan not sure how I feel about a movie, but please keep Simpson out of it, she is horrible!!

  • Beverly

    I’ve never watched Dallas, so I have no loyalty to the show. I do, however, know the smell of crap when it enters the room. The Dallas remake is a horrible idea and the casting of Jessica Simpson makes it worse yet. JS drives me insane. She’s a talentless hack, who looks like the type of person who walks around smelling her own fingers. America’s obsession with this half wit is a black mark on our society

  • jon

    If they’re gonna do it, and I think they’re gonna do it, than at least people do it right. Ashley Judd should be Sue Ellen, not J.Lo, and it has nothing to do with J.Lo being Puerto Rican, hello, as we all know, she’s from the Bronx. Judd at least can do a believable accent and have the great Sue Ellen hair. However, I have a question. What is the movie going to be? A straight comedy? Acted dramatically for comic effect? A drama? Now it sounds like a comedy, although there was nothing funny about the Ewings, except maybe for J.R.’s hat…

  • Tommy G

    Crappy movies deserve crappy stars. I say let Jessica be in it, then sell it to basic cable. Either way, there’s no way I’m spending money to watch it.

  • Liz

    “Jessica Simpson: Your go-to girl for bad remakes.” Dukes, Baywatch?? Dallas?? Is it just me or am I the only one who finds her film choices a bit unwise? Scarlett Jo she is not.

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