Hear the one about Bow Wow, Ciara, and a stripper?

16934__ciara_lAnd the winner of today’s most ill-advised counterproductive random press release goes to Tracy Nguyen at 5W Public Relations. Recent news reports that her client, Ciara, had split with boyfriend Bow Wow were met with barely a raised eyebrow around PopWatch HQ — that is, until we got Nguyen’s three-sentence-long press release, which was filled to the brim with juicy details.

"There is a quote that is circulating right now, amidst the rumors of Bow Wow being spotted at the Regent Beverly Hotel with a stripper, stating that he and Ciara have been split for ‘awhile’ and that it was ‘amicable,’ which is incorrect," wrote Nguyen. "If your respected media outlet will be running any stories of the breakup, kindly be sure to run the correct statement from Ciara’s camp, which is: ‘I cannot comment on the reason, but can confirm that Ciara and Bow Wow have split.’"

And apparently, not amicably.

addCredit(“Bow Wow and Ciara: Scott Kirkland/FilmMagic.com”)

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  • Tim L

    May I be the first one to say this? WHO CARES??!??!?

  • Christina

    Who are these people?

  • Aramis

    The girl looks like a Rupaul-Wanda Sykes love child who happens to be twice the size as BowWow. Was there any DOUBT that the relationship wasn’t going to last? I mean, it’s like Ike and Tina….except Ciara is the big one kicking lil BowWow’s ass…actually, that paints quite the amusing picture in my head.

  • Ep Sato

    So there IS something behind the song “I’m in LOOOOVE with a Stripper”
    That’s all I got

  • brandonk

    A: What a big surprise. B: Who cares?

  • Erich

    This may be the most unnewsworthy break-up since Rod Stewart’s daughter announced that she was not going to marry some guy that nobody had ever heard of or cared about.

  • Joe C

    Wow! If Bow Wow and Ciara can’t make it, what hope is there for the rest of us?

  • Ep Sato

    Rod Stewart has a daughter?

  • Michelle

    hmmmm, do we think someone must have an album coming out soon? What a blatant attempt to create a scandal!

  • dma69

    1)Who are they exactly?
    2) Why should care about a couple breaking up when I’ve never heard of them, wither separately or together?
    3) Yes, Rod Stewart had a spotlight-hogging daughter, Kimberley. Too bad she’s fulgy. Not ugly, but fugly.

  • dma69

    1) Who are these people?
    2) Why should I care that they split when I’ve never heard of either of them?
    3) Yes, Rod Stewart has a spotlight-hogging daughter, Kimberley. Too bad she’s fugly. Not ugly, but fugly.

  • dma69

    Sorry about that. My PC got all screwey so I couldn’t tell if the first one went through. So much for modern technology.

  • Ep Sato

    I have no idea who Ciara is (except for a perfume older than the singer), but Bow Wow is the former child rapper/actor who was in “All About the Benjamins” (Bad, even for Ice Cube), “Like Mike” ( kid becomes an A-class b-baller when he gets Michael Jordan’s shoes), and “RollBounce”, which did pretty good.
    But here’s what really wierds me out about all of this. Bow Wow JUST turned 19 a month ago. Some 20 somethings splitting is news, don’t most 19 year olds have break ups on a nearly daily basis?

  • V.M.L.

    I can’t believe you people never heard of Bow Wow and Ciara before!!! You all need to listen to more rap and hip-hop music!
    Anyway, I’m glad they brokeup. They were a stupid couple (but not as stupid as Hilary Duff and Joel-something, the guy from Good Charllete). BTW, Ciara looks ugly in that picture.

  • shamika

    that’s good that they broke up because i don’t like ciara i just like her music!!!!!!

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