'Lost': Who is Henry Gale?

16934__henrygale_lYou tell us, Lost fans: Is this Henry: Portrait of a Serial Player?

After last week’s startling revelation that Libby was also a patient in the mental hospital where Hurley convalesced, a rumor began circulating about another possible refugee from Santa Rosa. Yep, it’s that pesky Henry Gale again — or whatever his name is. In reality (remember reality, Lost fans? Because I don’t), he’s actor Michael Emerson.

The controversy: Did Henry Gale appear in Season 1, as a maintenance man at Santa Rosa? Remember, there was a scene at the hospital in the first Hurley-themed episode, when the heavy-set lottery winner decides he’s cursed after witnessing the misfortunes of those around him. Hurley visits the hospital to see Leonard, the man who kept repeating those fateful numbers. In the lobby, there was a man swaying precariously on a ladder, trying to install a lightbulb. Hurley gets progressively more agitated as the man inches closer and closer to disaster, finally ordering him to stop what he’s doing.  If you believe this individual is, in fact, our Henry, as played by Michael Emerson, then the coincidence would seem to be more than a coincidence. It would suggest that the ol’ Santa Rosa cuckoo’s nest is perhaps a Dharma-infested talent pool. Perhaps the whole operation, including the number-spouting Leonard, is part of the Dharma experiment. (Libby’s backstory might help fill in those holes.)

What do you think, Los Lost-heads? Is this the man? Personally, I’m not convinced. My friend Liz, Lost scholar extraordinaire, says "Henry" looks inexplicably older in the flashback, but then again, "he’s got those bug eyes. And those stringy arms. I could see it both ways. What’s brilliant is: The janitor never speaks — so they never have to list him on the credits."

Oh, and here’s your wrinkle: Michael Emerson doesn’t appear in the Season 1 credits. But in 2004, he did appear in a video short called The Lost Season.

As a character named Henery [sic] Gale.



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  • angela

    OOOOH, check out the pic….I ‘d say that’s DEFINITELY Henry Gale!

  • brandonk

    I was wondering if maybe Libby’s presence in the mental hospital wasn’t part of some extended plan, including Hurley winning the lottery and all the stuff that’s happened to the Losties. Maybe Dharma has been planning on bringing them all to the island for a long time. Of course, that would require the plane crash not kill everyone, and there are a lot of coincidences that seem unnecessary, like Kate’s mom being a waiter for Locke or Hurley being on TV when Jin beats up that guy. Anyway…

  • jcoop

    i don’t think it’s him. and if it is, i’m guessing he wasn’t supposed to be cast in a future episode.

  • DBD

    is there video footage of that old episode anywhere? i’d love to see…

  • Laura

    It could be the same actor, and they just simply cast him again in the different role of “Henry Gale”. That happens sometimes on TV, where they have someone on the show as one character, and then bring them back later as a totally different character. Pretty stupid practice, if you ask me.
    Of course, it could also be just like the theorists said… which would mean those Lost producers have been planning WAAAAAAAAAY way ahead….

  • Scaramouch

    i think the IMDB entry for The Lost Season is a plant – too coincidental….but….
    If this isn’t enough to make your head explode, how about this? “Michael Emerson” is also the name of the CHARACTER played by Jason Pactric in… The LOST Boys.
    It just gets weirder.

  • glimmertwins

    Michael Emerson rules! Personally, I think “Henry Gale” is Him — the leader of the Others, the Dharma Initiative scientiific team. The guy’s a stone genius at discovering people’s psychological weaknesses.

  • megan

    If you look up Michael Emerson on IMDB he hass a 2004 credit for a short called The Lost Season in which he plays a man named Henry Gale

  • Ed

    Leonard is behind it all. Mark my words.

  • justine

    um, that scene still convinces me that it is not the same actor – he doesn’t look remotely like Emerson.

  • June

    I thought Henry Gale was a bit of a Wizard of Oz shout-out (Dorothy Gale’s Uncle Henry). Plus the whole balloon thing ties in to how the Wizard landed in Oz, and became their leader.
    Hmmm….so maybe he IS the leader of the Others. “Pay no attention to the man behind that curtain!”

  • Karen

    Ok…so the movie The Lost Season appears to be a real documentary like movie about skiing produced by Unparalleled Productions. Everyone that is listed on imdb appears to be a skiier. However, there is no mention of Henery Gale or Michael Emerson. I wonder what it could mean?

  • Vance

    I hate when they hire the same actor to play different characters on TV (unless its some evil twin or something) so IF it was Michael Emerson in season 1, even if it was a coincidence, I’m sure the writers will use it to their advantage and make Henry Gale in the psych ward as part of the script. Man, I need to get home now and check the season one DVD’s…

  • Maeve

    Does anyone have a link to that episode?

  • Andrea

    Come on! Somebody must have the picture! (Frankly, I’m thinking that this is another case of wishful thinking. If I had a nickel for every time someone said “that’s the same person who was in such and such an episode” and it looks nothing like the same person — I’d have a lot of nickels.)

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