Au revoir, mon Couric: Live-blogging Katie's good-bye

93534__katie_l_1Katie Couric announced she is leaving Today to anchor the CBS Evening News. Scott Brown woke at the crack o’ to live-blog it for you. Herewith, the emotions come pouring out of his tear-stained keyboard:

7:00 a.m. EDT Tom De Lay, an accused Homeland Securitypederast, evil Muppets… but no announcement yet! I’m alreadyjonesing. Hey, Matt Lauer appears to be telling me how to slip roofies.Am I awake?

7:02 Katie promises “top stories” with a smirk, knowing full well she’s the topmost!

7:04 A Transportation Safety Agency official isaccused of soliciting sex from minors on the Internet. The pat-downpolicy now becomes clear… but the connection to Katy is hazy.

7:05 Ann Curry looks tired. Was she up all night crying? Celebrating?

7:06 Roker tells of rare rain in Southern California. Do I detect a hint of symbolism?

7:07 Is it just me, or is Katie’s lipstick evenshinier than usual? Also: the departure of De Lay and the departure ofKatie — related?

7:11 Matt Lauer discusses “the taint of scandal.” Heis not discussing Katie’s colonoscopy, but Tom De Lay. Pat Buchananlooks more haggardly tendentious than usual — and has nothing to sayabout Katie. I drift.

7:13 Katie says, “There are no atheists in foxholes.”Is she discussing Bush’s religious presidency… or God’s will vis-a-visher imminent departure?

7:15 Still no announcement. Maybe she’s staying.

7:20 Sesame Street DVDs… am I hurting my baby? Do I even have one? It’s early.

7:22 Dancing diet Jell-O commercial. I’m so glad I usually miss this part of the day.

7:23 Some shots of signs outside Rock Center. None mention Katie.

7:30 It begins! Cute 15-year-old banter between Katie and Gumbel — this, clearly, was the peak of their warmth.

7:31 Matt announces that Katie holds the record forlongest host of the Today show. Katie announces the historic passage of 172 hairstylesago. And now, the quote roundup:

“After listening to my heart and my gut… I’ve decided I’ll be leaving at the end of May.”
“I know I don’t know the vast majority of you personally…”
“The notion that we’re a family is not just some cheesy promotional device…”
“Once in a while we get on each other’s nerves…”
On Lauer: “As Dorothy said to the scarecrow, I think I’m going to miss him most of all.”
“It’s not goodbye, not yet…”

7:34 Lauer doesn’t allow her to get away without sayingwhere she’s going. Katie reports “the worst-kept secret in America” andconfirms she’ll be “working on the CBS Evening News and 60 Minutes…” She also assures her Today family that, by the end of May, “you’regonna be so sick of me.”

7:36 Roker announces hell has frozen over.

7:42 On the couch, Couric glows in white, whileeveryone else looks like they’re at a funeral. I expect an ascension,but instead I get held-back tears and a short wave.

And… scene! Coming up next: Panty hose!

Who will replace Couric? Stay tuned…


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  • Ep Sato

    Did they announce her successor? I’m hoping Ann Curry gets the shot. Anyone else wonder if Soledad Obrien is kicking herself for leaving the today show now? I bet she would have been a shoo-in….

  • Delilah

    Please, please, please don’t let the successor be Meredith Veiera.

  • Sven

    Ann Curry would be the worst possible choice, as she is incapable of thinking on her feet. Everything she does must be scripted, which is why she is the perfect news reader. Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson are better improvisers than Ann Curry, so keep her out of that chair!

  • Daph-

    I’m gonna miss Katie, truly, especially since I don’t (and I don’t no anyone else who does) watch the evening news anymore.
    Not a fan of gameshow host Meredith Veiera getting the job.

  • Aramis

    LOL! SB Yalls at popwatch really crack me up. I so needed to read this before I head off to work…midweek blues, ya know how it goes.
    “You’re going to be so sick of by the end of May”…she says this after FIFTEEN!!!! years like we’re all of the sudden going to be tired of her in a month? Er, I think that happened for most people over a DECADE ago…
    But is it just me…or were there a lot of naughty politicians getting in trouble today, coincidentally the day Katie announces her departure? Are the two related? I don’t know…it’s freakin’ 7 in morning and I haven’t had my Sumatra yet!
    Best of Luck Katie!

  • Mary

    Amy Poehler. Sure she’s not a journalist, but who on that show can honestly say he or she is? Plus, she’s intelligent, can think on her feet and her irreverance would be a breath of fresh air after 15 years of the tired America’s sweetheart act Katie’s been trying to pull off.

  • Maya

    I think they already announced Meredith Veiera as Courin’s replacement, no? I thought I read that yesterday, even before she left. Is it just me, or does Meredith V. look *exactly* like Katie Couric? It’s a little weird.

  • Martin

    Poehler would rock it out. In fact, they ought to have a “Looking for Katie’s Replacement” segment from now on, where famous and non-famous people give it a go. Up first: Poehler and Tina Fey. Get Kathy Griffin in there for a try, too. But never, ever, under no circumstance, give Star Jones a chance.
    Seriously, though, give Ann Curry the spot. And bring in Campbell Brown full-time to fill Curry’s spot.

  • John

    WHY would CBS put a morning show host that is known for interviewing “celebrities” in the anchor slot on CBS? LOL!!!! So much for creditabilty. Then again, news is not news anymore. Poor poor decision CBS. What next, David Letterman on 60 Minutes?! Good night and good luck!!! You’re going to need luck in the ratings!

  • kelli

    meredith is the best replacement, she is sharp, has personality and is believable! She is human like Katie but better!!!

  • Margret

    Meredith Vieira (sp?) is a talented journalist, but I think it would be a mistake for NBC to go outside. Unlike previous departures where it was seen as a younger talent pushing the “old gal” out the door, elevating Campbell Brown or Natalie Morales would be a boost for the home team. Campbell has gotten better at the “fluff stuff” since joining Weekend Today, and Natalie Morales has always shown both warmth and potential for harder news. Remember Katie was only 34 (Natalie’s age) when she became the anchor, and she has matured into the position nicely. Meredith would be a disruptive force for the show, despite her professionalism. I see a short stint for her, followed by replacements of the producers and other anchors who were passed over. NBC has a strong team; no need to bring in an outsider, despite their talent. It displays weakness, rather than strength.

  • Elizabeth

    I can’t believe I missed her big announcement. I was hoping she would stay with Today. It’s going to be a little weird watching Today without her. Is Meredith really going to replace her? hmmmm…I don’t know if she’s up for it.
    Well, best of luck to Katie :-)

  • Tommy G

    I was going to suggest Tina Fey, but you’re right – Amy Poeler would make an excellent choice!

  • RJSloan

    Really Soldedad O’Brien should be lured back. I look forward to her smile and her smarts early each morning. I would never again tune into a Today show with Meredith Viera. She makes me nervous to watch….

  • GG

    Maybe CBS will give her a better makeup artist. Please, Katie, no more heavy eyeliner and pearl lipstick! It hurts our eyes to look! Her makeup is always wrong!

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