You tell me: Does 'The O.C.' suck?

152123__oc_lI haven’t seen The O.C. since Season 1. I can admit that. Mainly because I don’t care.

It made fantastic television in the early goings, so naturally, I stopped watching before it began to suck. Now I’ve heard it sucks. And in a recent interview, wunderkind creator Josh Schwartz says it’s going to pick up soon, thereby implying current suckage.

Note the byline in that link: Sandy Cohen. Did Schwartz interview himself, using a fictional persona? And if so, can I start doing that? Wait, I already do. It’s called "blogging."

Incidentally, Martin Amis had this to say about blogging, some years before the practice was invented: "It wasn’t bad literature. It was anti-literature. Propaganda, aimed at the self… Richard heard these creatures’ cries, and felt their unviewable spasms, convulsed in an earlier version of being. They were like tragic babies; they were like pornography. They shouldn’t be looked at. They really shouldn’t be looked at." The year was 1995, the book was The Information. Amis was attacking the phenomenon of the vanity press (where the author pays a publisher to print his book). Vanity-press manuscripts are puppies that scarcely need kicking. But one could argue the blogosphere is one enormous vanity press, without the fancy binding.

Why this extended referential digression? Because we’re discussing The O.C. They still do that, right? With the references and the digressions and pop-recondite nerd-outs? I hope they do. If not, then it really does suck. Let me know what you think.


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  • Jordy

    As one of the most hardcore fans out there, I sadly can confirm that it does suck this season. As my friend said, “I feel like I just watch the OC because, well, that’s what I do.” It really is depressing how bad it’s gotten. Temporary boost at the return of Kaitlyn, and it will definitely be good when Anna and Theresa get back, but are a few good episodes per season worth it? (last season was slow until the last ten episodes too, but it never got as bad as this season did) Well, here’s crossing my fingers!

  • Sarah

    Everyone I know says it sucks now, but I still enjoy watching it. I know it is no where near as good as it was the first season, but for a teen soap, it’s still enjoyable. One suggestion though, kill Marissa, she’s the main reason I’m starting to get the sucky vibe.

  • David

    Damn it, Scott, that’s just one of those things you quietly acknowledge in the comforts of your family room but NEVER articulate. Just kidding. Yes, the show will never be what it was in season 1. And yes, it is in a funk right now. But we OC fans are quite loyal, you’ll find.

  • cj


  • Osman

    When I started watching the oc, I couldnt live without it. But as of right now, if its not picked up for 4th season wouldnt care.
    I think espessially this season, it has become repetitive, boring and the stunts thier pulling arent working… like MArrisa’s sister coming home, it was a great idea but it simply didnt work. Ryan dating Kiki’s sister… not great either.
    I started to suck in season 2 and now its just going down hill…. and the ratings reflect that..
    Cancell The OC and bring in something new and fresh to fight the CBS Thursday Lineup

  • TG

    The byline says Sandy, not Seth. Great reporting!
    Even though the show is a little worse, I still can’t believe you guys cut Annie Barrett’s TV Watch for The O.C. That was one of the funniest things on and my friends and I would look forward to it every week.
    At least she is continuing the recaps on her blog. Go girl.

  • Lisa

    Yes, the OC has gotton worse like everyone says, but i have invested all my time in all the seasons, and simply adore seth, summer, and julie, so i have to know what happens to them, so i have to finish out till the show ends.

  • Maya

    I hate Fox. How can it keep a suck-fest (even the creator admits it!)going and going, and cancel an actually good (scratch that, great!) show like Arrested Development?????

  • Brandin

    As a HARDCORE O.C. fan, I can confirm this season’s suckage. I’m watching the show right now as I write this, and I’m ready to tear my eyes out from the bordom. My advice: Stop making Marissa so troubled, and stop making bad excuses to have Ryan and Marissa breakup. They are great together, that was the foundation of season one. Ryan and Marissa! Since season two the shows writers have become so overwhelmed with the success of the show that they’re forgetting what made the O.C. so amazing in the first place. But to qutoe Jordy below me, “I feel like I just watch the OC because, well, that’s what I do.”

  • literate

    Okay, everyone and his momma knows about how lukewarm The O.C. has been this season, but I still think it’s a good show. Lately it has picked up a bit, there not the best ever, but it’s definitely better than the beginning of the season.

  • theBigE

    The O.C. has gone downhill since Oliver showed up in season one, and Anna and Luke left. However, it’s still not a bad soap. I’m interested in watching Sandy turn bad. The kids and their stories are getting boring. I do hope they bring back Kaitlyn next year when the main teens go off to college.

  • David

    I second TG’s comments about Annie Barrett’s O.C. TV Watch columns. I found them as addictive as the actual show. Even if the show is having a lackluster season, we are still watching. (You’ve all heard it before, but it’s worth repeating: If every college student had a Nielsen box in his room, the O.C.’s numbers would be huge.) There is still a demand for The O.C. and its corresponding TV Watch. EW, you’ve gotta know this!

  • HIME

    I am a huge fan of the O.C. only missed 2 episodes in 3 seasons not bad…..but you know what i miss the most getting up the next morning going to work and reading Annie Barrett’s O.C. t.v. watch they were as good or better than the episode still read them but instead have to go to her blog website…..but ok i must agree things have gone done hill but i love this show it is a good show they just need to bring it back to its roots and bring anna back……to get things messy with summer and seth…..

  • glimmertwins

    See, this is what I love most about EW. I couldn’t care less about the O.C., but I do care a lot about Martin Amis. I’d read “The Information,” but had forgotten this pithy description. Damn, it IS about blogging, and says everything I hate about the self-referential, self-involved practice.

  • Visa2

    This show won’t be hip again until every single male cast member is fired. And every remaining female cast member becomes a lebian. And all the lesbian group sex is released on a series of DVD’s. And the TV show is cancelled.
    Then the O.C will not suck.

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