'Prison Break': Michael's new plan

114844__wmiller01_l"There was always another way out of here." With those eight words, Prison Break continued with a bang last night as Michael set out to find a new plan of escape — a very dangerous detour through the prison psych ward! This plot turn is a little crazy, but not nearly as loopy as the notion that Lincoln’s long last dad — a guy he hasn’t seen in, like, forever — not only showed up as a witness to the execution (oy, that dripping sponge, those menacing leather straps!) but played a key role in temporarily postponing it.

Papa Burrows appears to be the one who snuck inside the judge’s office and left damning papers that allege the man supposedly killed by Lincoln is not the one dead and buried in some cemetery. After exhuming the body, Veronica discovers that he really is the vice president’s brother (apparently, he’s got the dental records to show for it), so she and her partner-in-crime are back to square one in saving Lincoln from death.

Meanwhile, Michael’s new escape plan is temporarily foiled when he accidentally burns his back in the prison bowels, basically ruining that intricate blueprint that’s tattooed to his back. Which leads to two important questions, actually, make that three: 1) Who among us is starting to think the dead guy could be some anonymous dude with teeth especially molded to look like they belong to the VP’s brother? 2) Was it just me or did it seem like whatever skin that Michael lost in the burn accident didn’t matter because that whole system of drawn "pipes" on his back doesn’t make a damn bit of sense anyway? 3) Will Sara discover Michael’s master plan before getting a chance to make out with that hot homeboy? Discuss.

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  • Osman

    OK first of all.. the whole teeth thing… they could have easily replaced the Vice-President’s brother’s dental records by that of the dead guy in the coffin…. That could explain why it was a perfect match…
    And the stupid maze in his back.. if you have tivo, play it back… the pipes just rendomly come-up on his skin…. how STUPID…you cant really see a maze of pipes on him!!!
    and I sure hope this Sara character doesnt mess anything up…. the whole micheal and Sara scandal is really putting me on edge… I love to hate thier relationship!!
    I LOVE THIS SHOW…. FOX Keep up the good work!!!

  • Ep Sato

    The burned back was a bit contrived. It’s like, what else could go wrong, yo? This guy who forsaw every possibility seems to have missed some key details more than once. As for the teeth, the plot was already done in “Ricochet”. In that movie, the convict just swapped dental records with the guy who was actually killed. It actually looked pretty easy.
    On the real though, if they don’t break out of that prison by the end of season 1 I am totally going to stop watching. They have dragged this on at a non linear pace long enough!

  • Christina

    I didn’t see the Daddy Burrows storyline coming at all. And since one of the VP’s people recognizes him I assume that Daddy Burrows left his family because he was involved with the CIA or something.
    The dental records had to be fudged with at the time of death for there to be a match at the time of exhumation. This seems like every detail has been covered about the murder to make people think Steadman is dead.
    The Michael/Sara storyline is probably the most intriguing to me. The sexual tension couldn’t be any higher but at the same time she’s trying to piece together this puzzle. I have a feeling that she won’t figure it out before the breakout happens though.

  • Anthony

    Where did the TV Watch for “Prison Break” go?? If EW needs a writer, I can do it!! :) Anyways, I think Sara is starting to figure out the plot but I think she will stay quiet in the end. As for the dental records, I agree — that was done before. And who thinks that next week’s episode looks like an episode of “Lost?”

  • Laura

    Last night’s Prison Break rocked. I had sympathy pains when Michael was getting burned – that looked really painful! Poor Wentworth. But you can’t take this show too seriously, because the whole premise is preposterous to begin with. That said, it’s still really fun.
    And I totally agree, I think the teeth on the dead guy were planted. That’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. Heck, they even did that in “The Whole Nine Yards”! I’m surprised Veronica didn’t think of that one. Of course, the whole way she handled the informant guy was pretty indiscreet/stupid, so maybe it’s not that surprising…

  • Visa2

    I gotta agree with Anthony…we do require a TV Watch for Prison Break.
    The decision by FOX to split the season was a mistake for me. I’m having a hard time getting back into the rythm of the show. Something was lost between then and now. I hope the show does get great ratings and that I’m in the minority as to the scheduling decisions.
    When Michael is timid and confused he’s not a very interesting guy.

  • Betsy

    I’m pretty sure that the person who slipped the records to the judge was not Lincoln’s father but the Governor. Rewind and watch again. It makes sense because after the VP congratulates him for being tough on crime he looks out the window in an angsty way. He decided to pretend he wanted him killed for political reasons, but actually DID save him in the end….

  • Maurine

    Betsy, I froze the pic on the scene where the face is revealed and it looked a lot like Daddy Burrows. I doubt the Governor cares enough to do something like that.
    PB is fantastic and Monday night’s show was fabulous!!!
    I am loving Sucre more and more each week. The scene with Bellick interrogating Sucre was a gem. “Who’s Matlock?” LOL

  • dma69

    It’s official. PB will be back next year. Yippee!!!
    Poor Wenty. That was a nasty, nasty burn. :(

  • samantha

    i like the whole relationship between sara and micheal it really good especially the sexually heat those two have been having . it really good when they kiss i held my breath cuz it a good story line they can’t be toghter while micheal an immtate . can’t wait for season 2 to come to channel 5

  • Mike

    Please can anyone tell me why brothers Lincoln and Michael have DIFFERENT last names? email me if someone knows.

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