Burning Questions: D.H. Edition

154154__jdenton01_lToday’s set of burning questions is brought to you by the letters D and H:

-Desperate Housewives: How will the new computer game work? Will there be a hunky plumber (pictured)? Can players mute the annoyingly pointless voiceover? Will you be able to play a new round more than once every three weeks or so?

-David Hasselhoff: When the actor’s estranged wife successfully sought a restraining order against him earlier this month, is this the abusive behavior she accused him of?

-Doogie Howser: Which of Neil Patrick Harris’ Barney-isms from How I Met Your Mother, as deconstructed by EW’s Whitney Pastorek in the current issue, will catch on as a catchphrase? ”Suit up”? ”The re-return”? ”Vomit-free since ’93”? ”The lemon law”? ”Bustin’ my apple bag?”

-David (Brent) and Homer: Was it me, or did Ricky Gervais’ stint as writer/guest star on Sunday night’s Simpsons disappoint? It seemed like his Office/Extras rhythm of awkward moments followed by long and painful silences didn’t mesh with the usual Simpsons pattern of rapid-fire verbal and sight gags, no?

-Dubious Housekeeping: On Big Love, Bill Paxton runs a successful Home Depot-like home and gardening chain, so why doesn’t his backyard have any sod?

-Double-Crosser or Heroine?: Which one is 24‘s Audrey?

-The Death of Hilton-worship: Is the age of celebrity obsession finally over, as Kurt Andersen suggests here?

-Daniel (Craig) Hatas: Are all the nasty rumors we’ve heard from the Casino Royale shoot untrue? (Yes, writes Benjamin Svetkey in the current issue of EW, as he debunks reports that the new James Bond actor can’t drive a stick-shift or got his teeth knocked out during an on-camera fight.) Shouldn’t Craig be given a chance to prove his detractors wrong? Or is PopWatch beating a Dead Horse?

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  • Christopher

    I’m guilty of trying to make “Suit Up” happen.

  • jcoop

    personally, i loved the ricky gervais simpsons episode. i wasn’t disappointed for a minute. his voice was perfect…i especially loved his ‘riffing through the credits.’

  • Tom Brazelton

    I can’t remember where I saw it – maybe on a “Making of ‘Big Love'” promotional half hour on HBO – but the reason that the Henderson’s back yard doesn’t have any sod is because it’s a visual metaphor for the disorganized squallor of the polligamist compound that Bill and his wives escaped.
    The front of the three houses with their manicured lawns that look like everyone else’s is the facade they face toward the world. Meanwhile, the dusty and barren backyards that connect the three homes is their real identity.

  • Jolini

    I thought the Simpsons episode was the best in a long time. I love the show, but the writers seem to be stuck in a rut, so it was nice to have a different rhythm to the show!

  • Martin

    i LOOOVE daniel craig. he’s going to make a FINE bond.

  • Ed

    Desperate Housewives video game? oh come on! How about funneling some money into the writing room! This Sunday was a break – the show was good for a change!

  • Rahul

    I hear “Suit up!” being used all the time

  • exiene

    while Gervais style was different than the way we know The Simpson’s flow of comedy, that episode, along with this season’s Christmas episode shows this show can easily make it to its’ 20th season and not look like they “Jump the Shark” to keep ratings. Besides, when Marge says “I always ruin knock knock jokes by saying COMEIN!”shows Gervais was perfect for the job

  • Kat

    I agree, I really loved the Gervais episode. Love how the animators had the Gervais character always biting his lip and LOVED the see-thru kimono during his “Don’t Die” song

  • Jason Robots

    “that episode, along with this season’s Christmas episode shows this show can easily make it to its’ 20th season”
    Yeah, I loved that Christmas show, too. I guess the Gervais episode wasn’t as OMG-amazing as I was thinking/hoping it might, but it was still verging on greatness. His style was a big departure from the usual Simpsons style, but it had some funny lines of dialogue (by non-Gervais characters).

  • brandonk

    I didn’t think Sunday’s episode of “The Simpsons” was the best ever, but it was pretty good. I loved Gervais’ character.

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