'The West Wing': How will it all end?

91911__ww_l_1So, I’m sad that The West Wing is coming to an end. The series finale will air May 14. Next week is the much-anticipated presidential election, in which either Jimmy Smits or Alan Alda will be chosen as Martin Sheen’s successor. I’ve enjoyed this final season — in which the action all but left the folks at the White House behind to follow the campaign, but questions remain: How will they wrap it all up?

Will they abandon the frenzied documentary-styled visuals and return to the low-light drama of the White House? How will they address John Spencer’s sudden passing in December? There’s still the matter of Toby’s impending indictment. And when will C.J. and Danny get together already? I’m looking forward to seeing the cavalcade of familiar faces who will return to the final episodes — Rob Lowe, Mary-Louise Parker, Tim Matheson, Marlee Matlin, and Emily Procter in particular. How do you think it’ll all come together? Sam Seaborn, V.P., anyone?


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  • GeoffreyDK

    I am also sad that this show is going away. So many of the characters of the show (especially President Bartlett) serve as a real source of inspiration for young politicos like me. I think a year following a new administration would have just as effectively wrapped up this show as ending it now will, to be perfectly honest.
    On the issue of who should replace Leo (I was watching “This Week” when I found out about John Spencer’s death, and was truly saddened), it seems like a politically bad idea for the replacement to be Sam. As Santos is just a 3-term Congressman, Leo’s presence on the ticket provided much needed experience and credibility. Sam would, to be somewhat blunt, be like another Santos: a young, dreamy U.S. Representative. This is obviously more problematic if he lost in the California 52nd (?) and is just a White House lawyer, though I think the consensus of most fans is that is not the case.
    I’m getting long-winded, so I’ll stop here… however, I just want to say that I enjoy your work, am looking forward to what’s coming on the show, and, in spit of my being a loyal Democrat, think Vinick should win.

  • Dan Taylor

    Based on the scenes shown at the end of last night’s ep it looks like Leo will be having a heart attack on election night.

  • Miles

    I’ll only watch the final episodes if Aaron Sorkin writes at least one of them, otherwise, so long WEST!

  • theTVaddict.com

    I’m loving the West Wing this season, in fact, since the election story – the show has been on fire. It will be sadly missed, and it is so sad to see Leo (John Spencer) on screen. He was a fantastic actor and will be greatly missed. His funeral episode will be incredibly sad.
    I’m looking forward to see how it all ends, no doubt Rob Lowe’s Sam Seaborn will be the new VP.

  • Lofty Goofball

    This season, while not as good as the first four (we miss you, Aaron!), has been a huge step up from seasons five and six. We never get to see enough of Richard Schiff’s Toby, sadly, but when we do it’s always a delight. As for who wins the elction, the return of Sam, and the long-awaited Josh-Donna coupling … PLENTY of spoilers for the final episodes can be found at http://westwing.bewarne.com/

  • Ron Mwangaguhunga

    Excellent last season. Leo — if the spoilers are correct — has a heart attack next episode. Donna and Josh finally get it on. How about an electoral standoff a la 2000 in Florida being, “too close to call.” A pow-wow. Vinick concedes and Santos picks him as Veep to replace Leo to bring the country closer together. Toby gets a Presidential pardon.
    And we all move on to Sorkin’s SNL-ish new series with Amanda Peet.
    If this show weren’t so damn expensive (those salaries), i WISH someone like Showtime would pick it up.

  • Tim L

    If Vinick wins than I will be dissapointed beyond words. Alan Alda is creepy and he is a crusty old man who will die five seconds into the presidency. He can’t even shake a hand without having his bones fractured. He looks like the Nazi at the very end of the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade after he drinks from the wrong cup. Santos for President! and Sam Seaborne for VP. No other options here people.

  • Albert

    At this point, it would be a complete shock if Vinick won the election. I think hope, vision, and vigor as exemplified by Santos beats grouchy, straight-talking Ernie most days of the week. The other posters are right that adding Rob Lowe as Sam Seaborn to the ticket would make it unbalanced in terms of years of experience, but I think Sam has at least most of the Bartlet presidency under his belt. Besides, the VP slot is more of a satellite figure than one thinks (think Russell and Hoynes), and Santos can always hire experienced advisors to weigh in on issues which they alluded to in this past episode with McNally, etc.

  • Howard

    For the most part, this has been a great season for WW, but I have to ask one question: Is anyone else out there tired of NBC revealing TOO DAMN MUCH in their promos? How much better would Josh and Donna’s first kiss have been if we hadn’t found out about it during the Olympics, and the promo’s for next week have already given away one big event (we knew about Leo). They’ve also done this with “Scrubs” and “ER”. Do they think that we won’t watch if we don’t know what’s gonna happen?

  • pfitz

    I think the show has done a great job making Vinick a credible candidate, one that moderate Democrats could support, both the fictional kind and the tv-viewing kind.
    That said, I think that because our long-time faves (Josh, Donna, Toby, etc.) have so much at stake in a Santos win, the final episodes would be so much of a downer if Vinick wins. It’s already going to be a downer with Leo’s death and Bartlett’s farewell.
    End of an era. I’m really sorry that we won’t get at least one or two seasons of the transition–this season has been among the best since Sorkin’s termination.
    I’m pretty skeptical about Sorkin’s next endeavor–a drama about a comedy sketch show will rely a lot on how we like the sketch comedy, even if it is a behind-the-scenes view. And sketch comedy is hit or miss at its best. But with a track record that includes the much-missed Sports Night and soon-to-be-missed West Wing, Sorkin will get a fair shake from me!

  • Ned

    If the show were going to continue, then I would want Santos to win, but since it will be coming to an end, I think a Vinck win would be better. Alan Alda is just such a great actor, I would love to see him play that final scene in the oval office. Also, it just makes so much more sense, Bartlett has just gotten the U.S. involved in what looks like a long term war right before the election, I think most people would want a seasoned senator with years of foreign policy experience instead of an inexperienced junior house member.
    I also don’t think it would be a downer, Josh and company come within a whisker of winning the presidency for Santos, they would all have bright futures in the party.

  • Delilah

    I want the show to end with a shot of President Clinton waking from a dream – having imagined the whole thing!

  • Terry Cromwell

    Pfitz said « I’m pretty skeptical about Sorkin’s next endeavor–a drama about a comedy sketch show will rely a lot on how we like the sketch comedy, even if it is a behind-the-scenes view. »
    I think that if anyone can pull it off, it would be Sorkin. After all, I have never liked Sports shows but loved the brilliant and underrated Sports Night.

  • josher

    I’m a dyed in the wool liberal Democrat, but I think Vinick will win. It’d be more counter-expectations of the West Wing’s history. And I too am sick of ALL the programs that reveal plot points in their promos. Often I skip watching a program’s episode if too much has been given away.

  • Brian

    I will miss the show, Its fun to see a good President, I only wish we really had one

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