The Sopranos: Who's that lady? (That wifey lady?)

154840__sopranos_lWhatever Big Love put in the water over there at HBO, it’s catching: Now Tony Soprano has multiple wives.

One we know (the very real Carmela). One is just a voice on the other end of a phone call in an increasingly immersive dream sequence experienced by a comatose Tony.

To recap: Tony was shot by an addled Junior, is hospitalized, and is  — as Billy Crystal put it in The Princess Bride – "mostly dead." In his (probably oxygen-deprived and permanently damaged) mind, Tony imagines himself a law-abiding salesman for a defense contractor, marooned in a sterile business hotel when his wallet and briefcase are switched with those of another traveler. He calls his wife for advice and sympathy — but it’s not his wife. Not the one we know anyway.

So who is it?

Some say Charmaine Bucco (Katherine Narducci), restauranteur Artie Bucco’s wife, crazy Gloria Trillo (Annabella Sciorra), or dear, departed Adriana (Drea de Matteo). But HBO, speaking to the New York Post,  says it’s none of the above. The actress on the phone, they say, is "not famous enough" to be identified by Sopranos fans.

Them’s fightin’ words! If they’re giving us the old "move along, nothing to see here," I think it’s time to begin the paranoid speculation, don’t you? What is the Internet for otherwise?

My guesses, in this order:

1. Either Laurie Williams or Leila Robins, the actresses who have played Livia Soprano in her younger days. (Freudians, rejoice!)

2. Valerie Plame, re-establishing her cover by posing as an obscure actress

3. Tony himself, in a wig.

4. The nice lady who tells me to hang up and dial again.

5. Miss Soppressata 1974

But please, don’t let me have all the fun. Who do you think it is and/or what she represents?

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  • Once again

    Once again, RESTAURANTEUR is NOT A WORD. It’s restaurateur. Get a clue.

  • Ron Mwangaguhunga

    In a NYTimes Arts and Leisure piece Chase all but admitted that he’s going to let his inner Fellini (And Homer) out this season. I’d say that the different voice was merely an artistic remove — the idealized dream voice — that doesn’t really amount to anything. Remember: that’s not Carm, but a dream representation of Carm. Sort of an Chasean “McGuffin,” if you will IMHO. The HBO rep said as much in the NYPost link.

  • Lady Shylock

    I can’t remember in any Soprano episode the mention of Carmella having a sibling. But ironically, Christopher is her nephew. Could Chirstopher’s father be Carmella’s departed brother or am I barking up the wrong family tree?

  • Mike

    Sure sounds like Artie’s wife. And it would make sense since Carmella was talking about her in the episode. I’m holding out for more information! We’ll see.

  • johnathan

    So HBO denied it was any of them, but they also avidly denied that Adriana was not going to die last season. If they’re downplaying the significance, I’d way we’re gonna be in for a big suprise later on.

  • Actually

    actually, restauranteur is a variant of the word restaurateur. when enough people start using a word, it becomes a word. how do you think new words are invented? get a clue.

  • Michael

    The voice belongs to comedienne Wendy Kaminer.

  • Brian

    Carmella does have a sister, but Christopher is Carmela’s cousin Dickie Moltisanti’s son.

  • Mariane

    You know, I don’t think it matters who played the voice.

  • Brian

    The voice on the phone is not Gloria Trillo or Charmaine Bucco. Definitely not Adriana La Cerva. It is most likely some “unknown” or less known actress. It doesn’t sound to me like anyone who has appeared on Sopranos to date.

  • Michael

    I’m telling you, Wendy Kaminer is my cousin. She is a relatively well-known stand-up who hasn’t really done tv. But she was hired to do the voice of Tony’s coma wife.

  • spencer

    in the dream sequence, i think it is carmella, just minus her accent. Like how it’s tony(kevin), minus his accent. get me?

  • Willz

    Camela rocks wish she was my mum you know doing all this cool stuff!! =) She is so awsome! will miss her when the show finish here in New Zealand!! =(

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