Should Kara have won 'Project Runway'?

141058__kara_l_1Okay, Santino didn’t win, and for that we can all breathe a great big sigh of relief. Chloe Dao, the diminutive entrepreneur from Houston, easily beat Project Runway’s towering inferno of hubris — adios, pal; you and your turkey feathers have a nice life! — as well as golden boy Daniel Vosovic (don’t cry for him; he has probably already picked up his first paycheck from Michael Kors). I thought Dao’s collection was dramatic, beautifully tailored, and flattering to a woman’s body. So I’ve got no quarrel with her beating the boys. What I’m not so hot on is her triumphing over Kara Janx (pictured), who was the decoy Runway designer at New York’s Olympus Fashion Week back in February, and whose collection was clearly the best.

Colorful, textured, and innovative, the 13 looks Janx trotted out that morning had in spades what the finalists lacked (albeit in varying degrees): vision and personality. Her outfits ranged from street-chic — blazers, T-shirts, skinny cropped trousers — to edgy elegance. She even managed to incorporate her now signature wrap dress (look out, Diane von Furstenberg!) into a diaphanous purple evening gown. I’m still drooling over this gorgeous plaid skirt and silk halter number. If I owned it, I just know it would make me a better EW worker bee! [Editor’s Note: Pssst, Missy, check out PR‘s website, where you can actually bid on and/or purchase some of the final designs.] On the finale, the judges applauded Chloe for the cohesiveness of her line. We can only wonder what they would have told Janx, whose collection flowed like the softest silk charmeuse from one look to the next. Pictures do it justice just fine, but trust me, Janx’s stuff was even more fun live.

Of course, by the time Janx plugged in her sewing machine to prep for her two minutes of Fashion Week fame, she knew she had no chance of taking the prize: She’d already gotten the boot. (Oh, if only she hadn’t defended Santino for that hideous jumpsuit! For shame! For shame!) So here’s to you, our vowel-bending friend from South Africa. Your collection was killer.


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  • Todd

    Damn, I remember seeing her collection just after fashion week, but I had forgotten how amazing they were. I’m still fully behind Chloe as the winner, but I would have loved to have seen Kara’s stuff walk down the runway in competition. I wonder what she could have done with more funds? She may have taken a while to get started, but her garden dress and outfit for Santino were amazing. All she needed was a swift kick for that inspiration-less “danger” dress and she came alive. I’ve always been unhappy that everyone acknowledged Nick as the designer most deserving of a top 3 spot, when he was rapidly faltering when Kara was turning it on. Nick, run away with Paris Hilton and design your crap for her. Give me Kara any day.

  • Charlotte

    Some of Kara’s designs are nice, especially the evening dresses, but the rest were trying a little too hard for funky. And the woolen caps? No.

  • mexipino

    WOW! Now that I’ve seen her designs I would have loved to see her in the final 3. I still thought Chloe deserved it but damn…Kara’s line made me want to munch on grapes watching leaves turn golden in the fall, while walking through central park.

  • nina

    According to Timm Gunn’s blog about the finale, Kara was given the same amount of money that the three finalists were given. Kara has great talent, but was not consistent with it, choosing a lot of the time to play it safe rather than show her creativity as with her garden dress and Santino’s outfit. Simply judging the three finalists collections, the best designer won.

  • Mary

    Thanks for ruining the ending for everyone on the west coast. I clicked over to get the scoop on last night’s AI and the first thing I see is that Chloe won. Could you not have waited until 7 p.m. PST? This is a big let down from EW, who didn’t even post a spoiler alert. Thanks EW…guess there is no reason to watch it now. Why not go ahead and post the loser’s on tonight’s AI results then no one will need to watch that either.

  • Chris

    I wasn’t a fan of Kara’s on the TV show, but her amazing collection blows the other three out of the water. Period.

  • James The Greatest

    After watching the three finalists, I thought “That’s it?” The entire episode felt VERY underwhelming. (Side note to Bravo: Air the finale as a two-hour special! Having it broken up into two parts really rushed the pace. It seemed sparse and anticlimactic.)
    1.) Kara: Hell yeah, her line was amazing. Clearly, she wasn’t concerned about playing it safe or taking risks; she wasn’t going to be answering to anybody! Her use of color and the way that her pieces flowed from one to the next really was quite phenomenal. While I think it fair that she was ineligible to win, we were left with three bland lines!
    2.) Santino: He should have won. His line was the most beautiful and interesting. I didn’t see the recurring Hollywood theme that he spoke of, but it WAS a wonderful group of selections, disjointed as they may have been.

  • James The Greatest

    3. Chloe: I loved her collection; it just felt like the least inspired. (I may just be frustrated that even post-win, Chloe seems to be ho-hum about how she will use her success from this show.

  • James The Greatest

    4. Daniel: Blech. I loved Daniel from the first episode on, but then he started to get cocky. Our first glimpse was when he had immunity. Perhaps fame got to his head after the show started airing? I’m not sure what it was, but his collection was just a mess. A boring mess.

  • James The Greatest

    Girl, I don’t know what you’re whining about, but this episode aired LAST NIGHT. It’s not EW’s fault you’re a day behind. ;)

  • Josh

    I agree with James that Daniel got too arrogant, which resulted in me rooting for Chloe (even if Santino’s line was okay at the final, too many of his items through the course of the show were poorly produced). I also agree that it should have been a two-hour finale.
    I still think Nick should have made the final three, and I would love to have seen what his collection would have looked like. That said, I’m very impressed with Kara’s, too bad she didn’t bring her vision to the show. I guess she just needs more time than they were usually given.
    It is kind of funny how hurt she looked at the reunion when the contestants were asked who else should have made it to the final three, and she wasn’t named. Hopefully she’s smiling now.

  • Jada

    It’s interesting, because I felt that it was the right decision to eliminate Kara two weeks ago. Then she creates what was BY FAR the best collection at Fashion Week. That being said, if you listen to Tim Gunn’s blog on the PR website, he noted and Kara agreed with him that the wonderful collection she put together was able to be so specifically *because* she felt that she had nothing to lose. I say good for her, because her collection was fantastic and got reviewed by the same editors as the Final Three’s did.
    I think the right person won from the Final Three, but Kara’s collection was by far the best of the four.

  • Nathan

    Kara’s collection looks a lot nicer than any of the three finalists! I think had she made it to the final three, she would have definetely won.

  • Eric

    You know, it’s just too bad, Kara didn’t make it to the final three!!! So let it die people. Honestly. Out of the collections shown on the show, Chloe’s was the best. Now, “Lighten up it’s just fashion”.

  • Thad

    Hellooooooo, Did anyone watch last year? This year’s fashion week was very weak compared to Kara Saun and the winner Jay’s collections. Down right boring if you will. No theme, no way out on a limb anything. Chloe’s was beautiful but even seeing this year’s Kara. She was just a pawn. Woulda Shoulda Coulda. I’m sure Nick’s would have blown Santino’s out of the water too. Back to Kara, why are we discussing her?

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