'America's Next Top Model': First impressions

103650__danielle_l_1There are 12 girls still in the running to become America’s Next Top Model, and that means not only will I be socially unavailable on Wednesday nights for the next three months, I’ll also be humming the catchy ”Na na na na na na” theme song every day on my way to work. (Trust me: It puts an extra spring in your step!) Anyhow, here are five questions that popped into my head during last night’s intriguing two-hour premiere:

1. Why would a homophobe apply to the g-g-g-g-gayest show on television? Seriously, I just about had an aneurysm when Dani burst onto the scene with her opening salvo: ”I don’t like gay people, I don’t like Muslims, I don’t like abortions. I don’t like anything liberal… but other than that, I really like to get along with people.” Oh, how I was praying we’d get a few minutes of Ty-rage (remember how she exploded on Cycle 4’s Tiffany?), but instead, the judges panel let her off with some softball questions and a trip to the top 20. (Miss J, how could you?) I know they were probably trying to create some they-wouldn’t-let-her-through-would-they? suspense, but an old-school, earrings-off smackdown would’ve made for more memorable TV.

2. Doesn’t it make life easier when some of the wannabes resemble celebrities? As Mr. J pointed out, Kari indeed looks like a Bratz doll (although she also bears startling resemblance to Angelina Jolie’s character in Shark Tale). Wendy, meanwhile, reminds me of Jennifer Beals, and Mollie Sue could be the love child of Debi Mazar and Pink.

3. Have none of these girls ever watched the show before? Because if they had, they’d know there’s room for only one massive diva ego on the Top Model set, and it belongs to Miss Banks. Prepare for some brutal confidence-crushing, Jade (”I am the undiscovered supermodel”). And the same to you, Furonda (”I am the frontrunner”). Oh wait, Tyra took care of that with her withering comments during the eliminations. Awesome!

4. Why, Gina? Just why?

5. Is there any woman who can beat the flawless Nnenna? Well, maybe there’s one — and her name is Danielle (pictured). Granted, she might not know what "regal" means, but she shouldn’t be surprised to find her photo next to the word when she looks it up in the dictionary. Plus, any gal who can utter a line like ”I don’t look too bad as a bald chick. That’s kinda hot,” is one I can root for all season long.

What did you think of last night’s premiere, PopWatchers?

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  • dub

    i’m already in love with Nnenna! also, Kari is fantastic, ditto Mollie-Sue. this is going to be another brilliant season of ANTM, complete with TCRCH (read: Tyra’s Crazy Red Clown Hair).

  • Nats

    This premier was great! I really like Nnenna but I worry whenever someone starts out as the front runner, remember YaYa? Jade is full of herself but I do like her look. Also I think Molly Sue looks very much like that blind girl from whichever season that was.

  • california

    This cycle is going to be very fun to watch! I’m excited that the contestants aren’t going to bring the show down. What I would like to know, though, is what the heck happened to our TVWatch recap?!?! I was so looking forward to it! In the event that we don’t get a recap every Thursday, I hope Mr. Slezak plans on posting in PopWatch every Thursday about it! (By the by, I’m also disappointed that the RealWorld doesn’t get written up, now there is no reason to watch that show. I would watch the show and then read the recap, and the recap was what actually entertained me. :( ).

  • djm

    I am so glad the homophobe didn’t make it, but I am still kind of pissed at tyra for giving her a platform to begin with. Fools like her don’t deserve any recognition from society, let alone face time on a popular television show. What I don’t understand is why they didn’t pick the crying girl from the small town that missed her family – she was gorgeous.

  • Z

    What about Sara. she is seeming to be another front-runner.She even resembles Scarlett Johansson like Ms.J said. Also while Gina was represented as a bit of a dud, at least she has the potential to be really good and an actual personality, unlike Leslie or Mollie Sue.

  • Simon

    ITA with point 4. I thought Gina was a goner last night. Even though she is very pretty, the girl cannot be a model. She has no confidence and she can’t speak. She broke down when Jade pointed her flaws. How is this girl tough enough for the business? Currently, I like Joanie, Leslie and Sara (doesn’t she look like Sarah from last season?)
    Not really surprised that Tyra did not get rid of Furonda as opposed to Kathy.
    As for Dani, she certainly got her 15 minutes of fame (or infamy).

  • Todd

    Nnenna certainly looks like the one to beat, but it’ll be interesting to see if she can hold up. Otherwise, I’d love to see either Sara (I’m starting to notice a trend in these comments) or Wendy take it all. Granted, the latter needs to improve a little bit, but she could be great. Remember, people like Kahlen were weak to start, but really turned it out by the end. I think it’s still anyone’s game.

  • Sandro

    Brooke rocks my world!! I see so much potential in her! I definitely think she is a dark horse in this competition! I’d love for a Nenna/Brooke finale!! Is it just me or does Kari look like last cycle’s winner, Nicole?? Anyways, Brooke is AMAZING!!!

  • Miles

    it doesn’t matter who wins… Nnena should walk out of that competition and into the runway. She’s just about the most beautiful human being I have ever seen. not many women make Tyra look dowdy. Nnena Does.

  • Maurine

    I couldn’t believe that Kathy made it into the top 13, so I wasn’t totally surprised she was cut. I don’t think Jade will win, but she makes the house interesting.
    I like Sara. I do not think Wendy or Brooke are attractive. Wendy needs to get a backbone and tell Jade to stuff it.

  • Adair

    Danielle’s definitely a beautiful girl, but they’d better not give her any shots where she has to smile – there’s a pretty big gap between those front teeth! Serious Danielle – wow. Smiling Danielle – ow.

  • Fatima

    I like Nnenna, Leslie and Wendy. Wendy wasn’t the best, but the second preshow photo on the website (the one in the blue top) is gorgeous.
    Sara is good, but she seems so blah to me. I hope she sticks around for a while, but I hope she doesn’t win.
    Also, I hope Gina gets a chance to be good, but she needs a miracle. I think a photo with her hair will put it in her direction a little bit more.

  • Jasmine

    I’m surprised that Kathy made it to the top 32. I frankly can’t see anything in her. They made jabs last season at Lisa looking old, and Kathy looks like an old british nanny. I think that Sara is pretty, but her eyes are so vacant, I think she’ll burn out quickly. I think The final three will be Nnenna, Danielle and Leslie.

  • huh?

    What’s with Trey Smith showing up? How old *is* he and what the heck are his credentials? I know, I know, Access Hollywood hired him for red carpet duty (and I suspect to get a little closer to his dad), but, really I had to wonder what was going on under the desk as this pubescent kid interviewed a bevy of beautiful ladies.

  • Tanya

    I don’t know what’s worse: the stereotype of the short, mathematically inclined asian person…or Gina.
    Wow. Just wow.

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