EW gets some 'X-Men: The Last Stand' scoop

154310__x3_lIn less than three months, we’ll all have the answer to one of the biggest questions on the minds of movie buffs everywhere: Will X-Men: The Last Stand live up the high standards of the franchise? Until it hits theaters on May 26, however, you’ll have to divine answers from Tim Stack’s story in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, in which he tackles such subjects as what the movie’s about, how exactly Brett Ratner took over the director’s gig from Bryan Singer, and whether The Last Stand will, in fact, be the last stand for everyone’s favorite big-screen mutants. Here’s what he found out:

The end of X2 seemed to set up a third installment focusing on a Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix story line that would follow the evolution of the goody-two-shoes character (played by Famke Janssen) into a super-baddie. But the driving plot of The Last Stand turns out to be the discovery of a "cure" for mutations. Why the switch? "To start and end the movie with just Dark Phoenix is silly," says Marvel Studios CEO Avi Arad. "It’s not enough — you run out of story." But Twentieth Century Fox chairman Tom Rothman says the new direction will still thrill: "It has one of the coolest beginnings. It begins with [Patrick Stewart’s] Xavier and [Ian McKellen’s] Magneto together as young men." And devotees of Halle Berry/Storm (pictured with, from left to right, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, and Kelsey Grammer) will be relieved to know that the weather-wielding mutant is central to the third film and, more importantly, has a new wig.

As for what Mr. Stack uncovered about fanboys’ hateration for Ratner, you’ll just have to pick up EW’s latest issue.

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  • brandonk

    Sigh…there’s nothing more disappointing than wasted potential.

  • fatimavh

    Finally Storm will have something to do?

  • anne gould

    I am so excited about the new movie, sad it’s the “last” one, and nevous that it won’t be all it could be. Also, a question for the diehard comic fans: I am a huge fan of the movies, but have never read the comics, is that generally looked down upon and movie fans considererd not true fans? I really do love the movies, though, it brings to life so much truth of discrimination and understanding in our world. 84 days!

  • Ned

    The Dark Phoenix Saga, not enough story? That’s crazy, it’s one of the most legendary stories in comic book history. But this comes from the genius that hired Brett Ratner, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised he would say something so stupid. It looks like Dark Phoenix isn’t going to be much more than Magneto’s stooge in this, how sad for Famke Jansen, she was all set to take center stage in the Citizen Kane of comic book tales, and they go and hire the Ed Wood of the 21st century.

  • Sean R

    Ok, two things….#1: Uwe Boll is the Ed Wood of the 21st century, give credit where it’s due, and #2: Regardless of the first two films being excellent, Bryan Singer is an immature whiny !@#%^ who is better off ruining a DC property than anymore of this Marvel gem.
    Also, you have to figure if they’re discussing finding a “cure” for mutations in this one and it has Angel in it finally, don’t you think if they do another one that it would be about Apocalypse soon enough? I’d much rather see ANY storyline about the best baddie in comic books rather than the Phoenix Saga which most people going in to see this know back to front already.

  • Jimmy

    The Dark Phoenix saga is by any X-Men fan’s recokoning one of the finest stories in the X-Men history, if not Marvel comic history. The real reason, of course, that the Dark Phoenix saga was lessened was Halle Berry. Miss I-won-an-Oscar wanted to be central or she wasn’t coing back. Famke Janssen doesn’t have the star power of La Berry, so it’s easier to cut her story line. From what I’ve seen of the previews, they have completely bastardized the Phoenix story. In one scene it looks as if the character has joined with Magneto! She doesn’t even get to wear the cool green (or red in the case of Dark Phoenix) outfit with the Phoenix logo. From what I’ve read in other interviews, Ratner didn’t like the Dark Phoenix saga and was more interested in pleasing La Berry.

  • Ned

    I’m generous, I’m willing to let Uwe Boll and Brett Ratner share the title of Ed Wood of the 21st century. I liked Bryan Singers first two movies, but getting another director doesn’t bother me, it’s getting a hack like Ratner that bothers me.
    It’s just incredibly stupid to say there isn’t enough story for a movie with the Dark Phoenix Saga. If a talented screenwriter and director were able to turn Brokeback Mountain, a short story that origianally took a few magazine pages to tell, into a two hour movie that is one of the most acclaimed of the year; well, I think they could have done the Dark Phoenix Saga, which spanned almost a year, and the effects of the story were being felt for years after that. Of course, the key word there is “talented”.
    I don’t care what any of them are about now, I am not going to pay to see anything Brett Ratner directed.

  • Stephanie

    lol. Beast looks like Wolfman Jack in that photo. What’s with the makeup design?

  • mike

    Everyone remembers the Batman movies, started out good. Then became some of the worst movies. Having to many villians/heroes added with little of the great potential. Thankfully Batman Begins made up for the crap made before it.
    If directors such as Mr.Ratner need a reminder as a fan I don’t mind uniform changes, but with so many excellent villians with great plots to boot. Mr Ratner best think more clearly about saying things like “there’s not enough story in the Dark Phoenix Saga”.
    Granted the D.P.Saga wasn’t my favourite but I was looking forward to seeing X3.
    Unfortunately a plot about a cure for mutations, plus having Storm as the main charactor for this movie has turned me off. If Halle Berry doesn’t want to be a team player in the X-men movies. I say its time for a new Storm or better yet send in a new X-Man to take her place.
    Hopefully the X-men series won’t go the way of the old Batman Movies.

  • Lightning

    I think it’s interesting how people are putting words in Brett’s mouth. Reread the article folks–Marvel’s CEO Avi Arad said that the Dark Phoenix is not enough to sustain a film–not Brett. So if you’re going to bash, bash Marvel.
    By the way, what sense does it make to blame Halle Berry–or any cast member for that matter–for lessening the Dark Phoenix storyline? That’s the most ridiculous reasoning I’ve heard since it’s pretty clear that the movie will be all about Jean for the third time in a row.
    I honestly think some fans just want to whine for the sake of it sometimes.

  • Tyrion

    If they had done the Dark Phoenix Saga in X3, they’d pretty much have to make up their own version from scratch given the degree to which the original drew on elements that had been part of the comics series for quite some time at that point but which have not yet shown up in the movies (specifically the Shi’ar, who are pretty incompatible with the “real world” setting of the movies, which is very different from the MU). The new characters/villains introduced in the story (Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw and the rest of the Hellfire Club gang) were also introduced into the mix over a substantial period of time.
    Given that we’re talking about a two-hour movie (2:15 tops), what we’re getting–a movie that handles the Phoenix storyline to some extent while introducing Moira MacTaggart (and Proteus?) plus Angel and the Beast, with grafted-on elements of Joss Whedon’s first Astonishing X-Men story arc–isn’t really too much worse than the drastically different version of the Dark Phoenix Saga we would have gotten in a purely Phoenix-centric movie.

  • Ned

    But Tyerion, you’re saying there’s to much story, Avi Arad made the asinine statement there wasn’t enough. Of course it wouldn’t be a carbon copy of the comic, but it wouldn’t be that hard to introduce the Hellfire Club and other aspects during the movie. Some things would need to be jettisoned(the Shiar, for example), but a talented screenwriter and director would be able to make a fantastic movie with the Dark Phoenix character as the central focus of the movie.
    It’s too late now of course, even the studio doesn’t seem to have much confidence in it, since they say that it will probably be the last one. The X-Men movies are cash cows, what with all the different characters they can bring in to replace the actors that want to much money, so it doesn’t seem like they would want this to be the last one, unless of course they’ve seen it and know how bad it probably is.

  • Liam

    I agree, it is a load of wasted potential. To put it simply, Mr. Arad, you were presented with two storylines with which to make the focus of this movie and you chose the INFERIOR one – some random plot about a cure for mutants that could have been told anywhere, anytime. The Dark Phoenix Saga had one shot. Not only that, but it was undoubtedly and legitimately the better story.
    When people talk about the second movie, do you hear them talking about Wolverine or Storm or General Stryker? No, the only thing people – even those who don’t read the comics – are interested in talking about is Jean’s transformation. Why?? Because it’s INTERESTING!
    It’s like talking to a wall. I give up on this crap!

  • LongshoT

    Regardless, we are all gonna spend 8 to 15 bucks to see it at the cinema anyway. Marvel and the motion picture studio know it doesn’t matter what we think now, it doesn’t matter what we think afterward. It matters that we spend our money to go see it. So, quit bitchin, go see it, and then post something of substantial value when you have actually seen this movie.

  • Ned

    Don’t presume to speak for all of us, I’m certainly not going to spend money to watch this movie. If curiosity gets the better of me and I do see it, I will buy a ticket to another movie and sneak into this one, I will not support Brett Ratners career with my hard earned cash. No way, no how.

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