'Project Runway': Who do you think will win?

162731__chloe_lWasn’t it shocking to see Heidi de-pregnated? Couldn’t they have put a basketball under her dress for continuity? As expected, Tim visited each of the three finalists in his new! Saturn! Sky Roadster!, the sexy shots of which verged on American Idol-like shilling. (Buy! Me! Now!) Crass commercialism aside, let’s get to the real goods:

SANTINO I have to admit: My affection for the guy is growing. His newsboy-cap look certainly works, but oh, how i miss his pirate-like threads of yore. A peek at his 1940s-inspired collection was promising, and his Olympics-style backstory footage — complete with family photos — gave Tim Gunn the opportunity to show us his best Barbara Walters impression. As a result, Santino seemed (dare I say) sympathetic, with a refreshing earnestness and willingness to contextualize his admitted arrogance. Was he on the verge of tears while talking to Tim on the beach?

CHLOE Santino’s sympathy play was affecting, but can it really compare to a childhood spent in a refugee camp in Laos? I mean, I don’t advocate exploiting such stories, but how have we never heard this before? Nevertheless, let’s be honest: Chloe (pictured) looks like she’s in trouble. No sketches, few ideas — her lack of progress is troubling. And that poofy satin jacket? It’s actually the inspiration for this week’s Ouchie of the Week, courtesy of Santino: "Chloe’s collection looked like a couch was coming at you," he snarked.

DANIEL Our little Daniel has gotten a tad arrogant, no? He brandished a bit of swagger in explaining the Japanese/military aesthetic of his collection to Tim, referring to his designs as "solid gold." That handbag with the huge, circular wooden handles kind of looked like a prop from Sesame Street to me. (Today’s show is brought to you by the number 8!) It’s the swagger of a guy who seems certain he’ll win. "[The bag] looks a little crafty, a little woodshop," said Tim, whose reticence about Daniel’s collection got him all riled up. "Why isn’t he piddling in his panties in overexcitement?" Daniel asked.

THE TWIST Oh, boy! I loved the surprise — that each of the three has to make a final piece for their respective lines, with the help of their former rivals. I can’t wait for the return of Dirty Diana and Lobster Boy Andrae next week! Um, did Santino say he’s putting "pasties and a friggin’ Maxipad" on this last model? Yikes!

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  • Lisa

    I hope santino wins. his dress was pretty, and seems to need the winnings the most. For me, Chloe just doesn’t seem to want it real bad, and her collection just looked ok, like cheap asian store ok. daniels bag was HIDEOUS! who would ever wear that, it would be SO uncomfortable, and take up so much room. GO SANTINO!

  • Honeybee

    I checked out the collections online and was surprised that I liked Kara’s decoy collection the best. After that, I think I liked Santinos.
    It’s weird. Santino was set up as the villain and clearly last night was the “redemption arc” beginning. So maybe he’ll win. It seems from net gossip that Zulema was REALLY a bitch – as opposed to bitchy and snarky like Santino – but the producers were kind to her.

  • K.I

    Nick is Back! And I’m happy. Actually, I got bored with Santino’s segments, and I wish I tivo’d it, so I could skip that part. I must say, no one maybe able to top Jay’s creativity or Kara’s style. Jay used all different types of materials, knits, quilts, etc. Kara had a superb details. I’m not so sure if the final 3 can pull of that much excitement.

  • Fatima

    Oh please, Daniel has been cocky the entire show. Let’s not forget the time in which he went through his winning designs…”One. Two. Three. Oh here we go! Four!” Santino’s cockiness is outwright and hilarious, Daniel’s is smug and pretentious. I love Chloe, but Santino looks like he is going to win. And does he deserve it.

  • roxie

    I was shocked by the Softer Side of Santino. Who knew he had it in him? And I do think Chloe is sabotaging herself. What did she mean, “I don’t sketch”? I think she’d like to stay in Texas. And I’ve decided Heidi is Satan in stilettos! The previews look vicious. How can she be so mean?

  • Viva Voce

    Project Runway 2

    Wow, how about those gratuitous shots of Tim in that Saturn? LOL. The show has really lent itself to product placement. The Tresemme hair salon and the L’Oreal makeup room spiel every week and now really odd shots and angles of Tim “driving” a car. B…

  • CaseyL

    I still don’t like Santino and was thrilled to hear he’s read every nasty bit written about him. Was playing with the kids on TV an attempt to look like a nice guy??? Still, he was at his most humble this show and I had to give him an ounce of credit. As for his collection?? It was beautiful, so different from the crap he made on the show. He will win.
    Chloe – I am liking her less and less. Her collection looked ok, but not interesting. I don’t see her as someone with enough brains to run a business.
    Daniel – What’s with him?? I am glad he got the arrogance away from Santino, but his collection looks AWFUL.
    As for that last challenge, totally unfair. Heidi doesn’t deserve Seal if she thought that one up.

  • Jill

    Bless you for that Sesame Street comment. Hysterical. Santino’s collection does look amazing. Daniel’s looks nice, but not quite high fashion. I still love Daniel; yes, he sounded arrogant, but he IS 24. This is not uncommon. Chloe’s was less than I expected from Chloe, but she did seem really burned out.

  • mari


  • suzzysnet

    I am loathe to admit it but Santino’s collection looked best last night. Chloe is so scattered…she never shows she has any direction or passion. Daniel was a little arrogant but let’s face it, he won 5 times and got LOTS of lovin’ from Tim and the judges. He’s 24 and doesn’t realize how quickly things can change!
    Happy to see both Andrae and Nick (love the Nick!) but Diana?? what was Chloe thinking? Even Kara (and I shudder at the thought) would be a better choice!

  • molla

    I like all three of them a lot, and can’t wait to actually watch the runway show. I think the editors really made Wed’s show to dupe us, make us all think Santino is going to win it all, only to manipulate us. I think Daniel will win in the end.

  • Maeve

    I have been turned off to Chloe ever since she made that comment about not being sure that she wanted to win. And it was really evident last night when they were told they had to design another piece and she was in tears. She said that she had said from day one she could not design one more piece…so how is she going to design for Banana Republic?
    Although Santino had some really crazy designs, you have to give him credit for his out-there creativity. He is the kind of designer that makes a breakthrough with a new style.

  • Rebecca

    ok, i’m a huge dan fan, and i think he’ll surprise us (although i did think the brown dress was hideous). he’s gonna pull it out with this final challenge. santino doesn’t even know what he’s designing for it! chloe could pull an upset as well. i just don’t think they’re gonna make the winner another quirky, outspoken guy, even though I agreed with Jay winning it last year. as for kara, her collection looks good, but none of her previous work on the show had.

  • Ali

    Based purely on their collections, I think it has to be Santino. Chloe and Daniel really disappointed me. All three have some great pieces, but Santino’s is the only one to look like a cohesive collection. Chloe and Daniel do not seem to have an overarching theme and both have one or two just ugly pieces, which is quite a surprise.

  • dma69

    I was surprised how the show made Santino look more human. Santino’s designs did look the best. Chloe didn’t use sketches? That doesn’t look good for her. Daniel did come across as cocky, but aren’t most young people like that anyway?
    P.S. Mari, I agree with you about that comment, but it wasn’t Honeybee that said it. It was Lisa.

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