Deals: Tea Leoni, Anne Hathaway

91433__tea_lWhich of these forthcoming film treatments of romance and sexual manners sounds more promising?

-Tea Leoni (pictured) is starring in Funlady, a comedy based on the true story of an Arkansas single mom who makes ends meet by hosting ”passion parties,” Tupperware party-like events where she sells sex toys to married Bible Belt women. Hubby David Duchovny is producing.

-Think of it as ”Jane Austen in Love.” Brokeback Mountain‘s Anne Hathaway is starring in Becoming Jane, about how Austen used her own love life as an inspiration for such novels as Pride & Prejudice. James McAvoy (The Chronicles of Narnia‘s Mr. Tumnus) is the male romantic lead.

Okay, watching people play with sex toys always makes for a welcome sight gag on screen, but c’mon, wasn’t Austen a funlady as well, in a corseted, pre-Victorian England kind of way?

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  • jon

    They both sound like good projects. Hopefully the Tea Leoni movie isn’t goofy but more like Kinsey, revealing people’s true sexual natures… and Anne Hathaway is amazing and beautiful in anything so her movie sounds good too…

  • kosmo vinyl

    were the pictures of tea and bradley choosen deliberately?

  • Ep Sato

    The only thing I give Duchovny more props for than the X Files is the fact that he landed himself Tea Leoni. I thought she was hilarious in the Naked Truth tv series. To top it off, she is one hot tamale. Anyone remember her in Bad Boys? It made me want to be as bad as the puns I drop…

  • brandonk

    Oooh, Tea Leoni is great, and that movie sounds fun. Love Jane Austen and Anne Hathaway, so both of these movies sound like winners so far.

  • JP

    I’d have to give the edge to the Tea Leoni project. I like Anne Hathaway, but James McAvoy was total crap as Mr. Tumnus. His acting was one of the absolute worst parts of that movie.

  • blah

    All I know is they better do this Jane Austen movie justice. I’m not sure about Anne Hathaway. I just hope she’s not blah. And it’s going to be horrible if there’s not amazing chemistry, which is always a must in Jane Austen movies.

  • Nicky

    Tea Leoni is very likeable. Can’t figureo out what she’s doing with that sourpuss David Duchovny, but at least he is now staying behind the camera.

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