Who's going to die on 'Smallville'?

92239__smallville_lIs it me, or is every show turning into Lost or The Sopranos? It’s coming to the point where no fictional character is safe, and anyone could get whacked at any time. Sure, that’s what real life is like, and it keeps shows from growing stale and complacent, but isn’t complacency a little of what we watch TV for? We like to see how our favorite characters manage to solve problems and resolve crises each week without, you know, getting killed in the process. Still, at a time when entire TV networks can suddenly croak, we have to get used to the prospect of imminent doom for even the most beloved TV characters.

Which brings us to tonight’s 100th episode of Smallville, which the WB has been hyping by teasing the death of someone close to Clark (Tom Welling). Any guesses on who that’ll be? Who would you miss the most? The least?

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  • Stephen R

    I predit it’ll be Lana.

  • svfan

    its gonna be johnathan and/or lionel. i hope that it won’t be chloe!!

  • Lyle

    Actually, a hyped death seems fitting for Smallville considering how comics these days frequently indulge in similar “Someone’s gonna die” marketing.

  • maria

    i hope it’s Lana. she’s SO annoying.

  • brandonk

    I will be annoyed if it’s anyone beside Chloe or Lionel, since they don’t appear in the comics. I never liked the idea of Jonathon being dead in the movies, so I hope they don’t kill him off. I can’t imagine Lionel qualifying as someone close to Clark, so I guess I’m hoping for Chloe to die, except that I absolutely love her. It’s a lose-lose situation, I guess.

  • Jamie

    I do not think it will be Lana because the previews hint that it is her with the car accident.
    Although, I can not stand her.
    I hope it is not Chloe, love her. I am thinking it’s Jonathan

  • Kal-El’s Steward

    I’ve had a feeling ever since this plot development came about that the death was going to be an unborn child from Clark and Lana’s night of passion early in the season. She’ll have a miscarriage from a car wreck; not sure if they’ll know before or after the wreck that she was pregnant, though before ensures maximum drama. If you’ll recall, in a previous episode this season Clark had a dream or vision with a crying baby in it, and there was something in the first 2 episodes (maybe in the jumble of images Jor-El was feeding Clark?) that hinted at a child in upcoming developments. I guess I made the intuitive leap for this guess when I tried to think about who Clark could love so dearly and yet be expendable to the series. And he wouldn’t only be losing a child this way– surely this could drive a wedge between he and Lana.
    Really, the only other 2 choices are Chloe or Lionel (Pete seems too distant a possibility)–anything else would severely violate the sacred Superman canon, something these producers have been very careful to avoid. I’d love to see a Lionel murder mystery for the rest of the season!

  • Cameron Maris

    My prediction: It’s very simple.
    In the highly-anticipated “Superman Returns” movie coming up (which continues the mythology of the Donner-directed “Superman” and “Superman II”). If “Smallville” wants any chance to keep up with the about-to-explode Superman franchise, they need to get right with the movie mythology. Otherwise, newbie fans will be confused (it’s going to be hard enough for them to grasp the concept that Tom Welling/Christopher Reeve/Brandon Routh concept).
    Jonathan’s got to go.

  • spud

    Lana – Even though it would appear they are making Lana too obvious with the commercials (red herring?), we all know that Clark does not end up with Lana in the end; he’s meant to be with Lois (just ask Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher), but he never sours on Lana (no bad break up) so they may as well clear Lana out now. You’ve been prepared – the majority of recent head-shot media adds (you know the ones, where the actors just stand there and brood) concentrate on Clark, Lex and Lois. So it’s gonna be Lana.
    Then again, they need to get Jonathan out of this whole public office loop without making him look like a loser – Tragic death? Okay, maybe Jonathan.

  • Erin

    Oh for pete’s sake – it’s his father of course! Talk about a no-brainer! Mr. Kent is the only logical possiblity. We all know from superman lore that Clarks father dies, and this changes Clark. Lana’s still alive years later, Mrs. Clark never bites the bullet and it’s sure as hell not gonna be Lex!

  • amber

    I dont think it will be Lana with the way the previews are making it obvious it’s her. In the comic books clark and lois are obviously together but and Johnathan is the first of clarks parents to die and that would get him out of the race for polictial power, a lot of people say it’s lionel tho clark is not close to him other than his real father uses lionels body but i dont see his father killing himself. Chloe is my guess beings she has no place in the comics tho i’d hate it.

  • Christopher

    Since season one, they have been setting up the circumstances that Chloe will die and that it will make Clark a dedicated crimefighter for the rest of his days. And in the beginning of this season, they cemented that. Chloe dies… it may be Mr. Kent tonight… but I wouldn’t take bets against Chloe by the end of the series.

  • Ned

    Superman mythology was tinkered with about 20 years ago, and Pa Kent is alive and well in the comics now, so if they’re following current comics lore, Jonathan doesn’t have to die.

  • Renato

    It will be either Lana or Jonathan.
    Lana, although it seems predictable, becuase anyone can see that this season has put Lois as the show’s leading lady.
    She kissed Aquaman, she stripped, and she appears to spend more time with Clark and Chloe than Lana.
    So maybe producers were looking for a way to get wiewers used to the idea of a show without Lana.
    Jonathan, because he’s gonna die. With “Superman Returns” coming up, and the fact that his is the first of the Kent family to die, it sure seems like he’s gonn abite the dust. And it also serves as a way to put Lex ahead in the race.
    But, in a surprise twist, it could be Chloe. If she dies, they could make her the reason for Lois to back to college and become a successfull journalist at the Daily Planet, as if she’s would be trying to make it up for Chloe. Plus, a Chloe death would bring Clark and Lois closer, and it bring a whole new love triangle in the show.

  • Trish

    I don’t know the comic book storyline, but doesn’t Lana die? Isn’t that how he can move on and fall for Lois? And is it wrong that I’m okay with that?

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