'Dancing With the Stars': Too many to tango

10814__tia_lA few questions about last night’s performance episode of Dancing With the Stars:

-Why did the judges rate Stacy and Tony’s tango higher than that of Tia and Maksim (pictured)? I thought the wrestling star seemed overly stiff, as if frozen with fear, while I thought Carrere was fluid, creative, and emotional, surpassing her famous tango scene with Arnold Schwarzenegger in True Lies.

-Who has the better perma-tan, Lisa Rinna or George Hamilton?

-Speaking of Lisa, her jive number with Louis was pretty sizzling, but what is with her penchant for pink, fringed, barely-there outfits? Did Joey Heatherton bequeath Lisa the contents of her attic?

-Sure, Drew Lachey can dance, but am I the only one who wonders if there isn’t some missing charisma gene in the Lachey family chromosomes?

-Will it finally be clear to everyone that P really ought to go home? On the other hand, were the judges a little too mean to him, kicking the man when he’s down? (I was impressed by his basketball skills, though. Guess moves on the court don’t translate to moves on the dancefloor.)

Let’s hear some jive (or tango) talk from you PopWatchers, and tell us who you think had the best moves, and who’ll be voted off tonight.

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  • Bibliophile

    Drew can dance, but Joey Mac last season, was more entertaining.
    As far as best of the night, I usually tune in just for the rehearsal footage. I guess my vote goes to Lisa’s trout pout…

  • Scott

    I think Carry Ann put it best for Master P, credit for actually acting like you wanted to be there and at least putting out some effort, but, really, at this point, it’s time to go.
    And if by lacking personality, you mean Drew doesn’t ham it up incessently like George Hamilton or try and hog the camera like Giselle Fernandez, than yah, he is lacking.
    But, I personally think he is one of the most enjoyable to watch (and I don’t have to fast forward through his banter with the hosts like I do with some others). His was by far the best jive, and Tia’s was by far the best tango. Also, kudos to Lisa for finally letting loose and having fun.

  • Nicole

    What is up with George Hamilton constantly leering at Stacy? Every commerical break, he is between two women flirting (Stacy is always one of them). He looks a little dirty old manish.
    Tia and Drew were the bomb last night.
    I have to say, I warmed up to Master P last night. He finally put forth some effort. But, he still has to go. I cannot forgive the gift kicking incident.

  • mon

    I missed Drew’s dance but from what i hear, he was great. Tia did a stupendous job! she should’ve gotten higher than Stacey for sure. Hopefully Tia’s bought herself another week.
    P cannot dance. Effort or no, the man was off beat for half of his jive. Time to go.

  • Karikata

    Tia’s tango is what a tango should look like. The choreography was great. It had both passion and skill. One of the judges even said that it reminded him of Argentina. Stacy’s was wayyyyy too stiff. Drew was great and entertaining as well…by far the best male dancer.

  • Stephen R

    Not a fan of P but you gotta give him points for trying. The head judge (Len?) was really hard on him and out of line. Lisa sizzled and was a lot of fun. Drew’s personality? Nothing wrong there — quit trying to create a problem where there is none EW. If you want to plant a seed, how about the new hostess that replaced perky Lisa from last season. She is dreadful! Her delivery of lines is low octave and sounds really amateurish. She’s cute but a dud.

  • Michael

    I knew there was going to be a Drew backlash sooner or later. Though he may be taking this a bit too seriously, he has delivered week after week, so like the last person noted, let’s quit the Drew-hating while we’re ahead. I mean, there was no way Stacy K’s performance equalled his this week. In fact, I’m wondering if Stacy has paid the judges off or something. She’s definitely a gifted dancer and a stunning woman, but both Tia and Lisa gave much better performances. To me, Drew and Tia both deserved 10s (though I can’t help but feel Tia was a bit of a ringer on this one), and Lisa has such passion and such heart, and she finally delivered. And finally, I really really really hope P goes home instead of Jerry. Maybe Len was too harsh, but I feel his frustration that P is only still here b/c he puts more work into shameless co-opting of Katrina than actually BEING an example to those kids in the hood (many of whom I work with as a teacher) of what real hard work is.

  • Jennifer

    I completely agree about the judges kicking P when he’s down. I think turn-about is fair play and the celebrity dancers should judge the dancing judges doing something they’ve never done before. I don’t see any of the judges out there trying something new and for the first time in front of millions. As much as P doesn’t have timing, he replaced his son in the contest on a moment’s notice. That’s what I call a great dad!!!

  • toonces

    Tia’s tango was an ‘Argentine tango’, meaning sexy facial expressions, etc. A ‘Ballroom tango’ is what Stacy did. That is the reason the judges were a little tough on Tia points-wise, however there were never ‘standards’ set!!! There was no restrictions on the choreographers/ partners to NOT do certain things (i.e. look at how they chastised someone at the start- Jerry? for doing lifts…) That said, TIA was the best.. by far, and should have gotten 10’s. Stacy was far too stiff and was not as great as her rumba last week. Tia I hope you do super well this week!
    Lisa did great, but girlfriend’s got to lay off the collagen once in a while. I agree with the writer, Drew and Nick both do not have that MUCH charisma as you expect from a lot of these actors, singers, theater-peeps. I completely agree that his dancing is super-entertaining and he does a great job- he’s got rhythm, grace, all the moves, but there is not that MUCH charisma. I agree.
    Go Tia!!!!

  • Mary Grace de Castro

    The best performance last night and always been was Drew’s. Always looking forward to what he’s gonna perform everytime. He’s the best male dancer! Hope he wins it overall!!!

  • Nikki

    Everybody was great, EXCEPT P. He has to go. Tia had the best tango. Lachey had the best JIVE. Lisa was excellent. George was suave and very entertaining. I hope P goes home so we can enjoy next week. Even if he gets the votes to stay ABC PLEASE SEND P HOME!

  • RBlues

    Drew is wonderful and entertaining to watch. He GETS it! Dancing involves much more than learning a routine. You have to give yourself over–mind, body and soul–and he has done that three weeks in a row! Tia and Lisa did it as well last night and you could tell the difference. I think Drew is adorable and I hope he makes it to the finals–he deserves it!

  • BruteSentiment

    I admit to being a Stacy fan….I’m only watching the show because of her. I don’t think the facial expressions were an issue, they seemed in character. Think of the choice of song, and the end: Tony choreographed a dance that’s usually about love and passion and turned into a ‘Black Widow’ sort of thing, where the ‘passion’ is simply a means to an end, being the crime. That’s why Stacy looked so cold until then end…she was supposed to. That seems to be what has flown over everyone’s head.
    I know few people take Pro Wrestling seriously, but in many ways, it’s like performing for the stage: everything, including the emotions, have to be over the top to get across to a crowd, and Stacy’s performances mirror that. She did it last week with the over-the-top expressions during the Rumba, and when she’s supposed to be cold, she is (if you’ll excuse the wrestling pun) Stone Cold.
    That said, it was her weakest dance so far (disappointingly so), and Tia’s was definitely a lot more fun, and I’m surprised they didn’t get the top votes. But then, I’m hardly a ballroom dancing expert.
    Of course, it shouldn’t surprise. If I remember right, Tia performed a very fun Tango in ‘True Lies’ with Arnold, who is hardly a dancer either. Working with a premier partner on a dance she’s familiar with had to have been fun, and it looked like it on the dance floor.

  • DanceFan

    What is up with the contestents not being able to do “lifts” any longer. In my opinion that’s what spices the dances up a little – makes them more exciting to watch. I don’t need to see a by the book dance each time. I have no idea why they are putting restrictions on them (and then not telling them about it). Is it for safety reasons?

  • Jennifer

    Tia’s tango was sexy and passionate. Stacy’s was cold and stiff. Drew’s jive and Tia’s tango left everyone else in the dust. Poor P, he just has to go home. He just looks so uncomfortable out there and the judges were a little harsh on him.
    What’s up with George Hamilton? The ‘tanned one’ needs to leave the dirty old man leers at the door.

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