'Dancing With the Stars': Lisa Rinna wuz robbed!

9918__lisa_lLast night’s edition of Dancing With the Stars brought out the Whitney Houston in me. In other words, I spent 90 minutes sitting blazing-eyed in front of the television shouting ”Hell to the no!” Among the reality TV crimes committed:

Judicial Impropriety: In a move that added confusion to DWTS‘ already wonky points system, judge Carrie Ann Inaba was allowed to change her score for Tia Carrere from 8 to 7, claiming she had accidentally held up the wrong paddle. So how come she also said the word ”eight” as she doled out her original grade, hmmm?

Felony Robbery: How the heck did Lisa Rinna (left, with partner Louis van Amstel) wind up in the judges’ bottom three? I mean, she may not have been as flawless as wrestling star Stacy Keibler or journalist Giselle Fernandez, but at least the massive-lipped soap star got out on the floor and shook what her mama gave her, unlike a couple of higher-rated rivals (Carrere, George Hamilton) who did little more than stroll the stage and strike some poses. Last time I checked, vogueing wasn’t a ballroom dance.

Reckless Impersonation: Is it just me, or does van Amstel look like a cheesier version of his dance partner Rinna’s hubby, Harry Hamlin? Dude did offer the unintentional comedy highlight of the night, though, when he explained: ”Doing that [pole-dancing] class as a man made me realize and respect the feelings of any woman.” Yes, because as we know, every woman is really a stripper on the inside.

Petty Larceny: Apparently, half the judging panel’s paddles were stolen, as none of them were able to find scores lower than five for abysmally disinterested Master P.

Did you catch any other bad acts on last night’s episode? And who do you think should get the boot on tonight’s results show?

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  • Jenny Canuck

    Please, please, please let it be Master P going home tonight! I’m not sure how much more of him I can take. My heart goes out to poor Ashley. She deserved so much more than this.
    And could P please stop saying that he’s doing the show for Katrina victims? I don’t see how his horrible performances could possibly benefit those people – other than to give them a much-needed laugh.

  • JS

    P is a defensive, insecure cry-baby. If he doesn’t want to be doing this and can’t laugh at himself, he should just quit. I’m embarassed for the man! Katrina victims my you-know-what!
    Drew Lachey was the best of the night. His dance was so full of TRUE quick steps that we can forgive the minor blip in one sequence. Too many others just walked and posed. Dull!

  • mon

    at the end when they were announcing everyone again, everyone got applause but Tia! wow…that’s not a good sign. i missed her dance last night, but she couldn’t have been worse than P. ugh. he’s got such an attitude. he keeps saying he’s a role model for “the hood”, but what he’s showing any kid out there is to be defiant and not commit to something. hope he gets the boot. poor tatum, she was way too stiff and did she flip the judges off or did i imagine that? she’s got a bad attitude as well, but she has potential.
    kudos to any woman who could do the splits like that!! wowza.

  • Alin

    Giselle (journalist? What, does she write for US Weekly?) begging for the Latino vote was so cringe-worthy. She was good, but I don’t get how she is a ‘star’.
    And, seriously, what did Ashley do to get stuck with P? Bless her heart.

  • Hoo

    Omg this show is so addictive.
    Poor Lisa she was terrific, but the music backing her up sucked and didn’t go with the moves. Tatum annoys me and she and P should get the boot. They both don’t try and rely on their personas to get them through each week. Keep celebs who try like Tia. P is ridiculous and I loved that George made fun of him. Is it just me or does the wrestler chick and her partner seem like they are in love? Or that he has a big crush on her? Anyhoo, best of the night, Stacey, Drew, and Giselle (she rocked) and the judges didn’t seeme to notice.

  • Scott

    Unfortunately, as much as I like her, I don’t think Tia has a big enough fan base to make it through another week. Which is sad because I think both her and Lisa Rinna, especially, really want to be there and learn these dances, and someone like Master P will probably get enough sympathy votes to stick around even though her can’t even bring himself to wear the right shoes.
    And I’m sorry, but, George Hamilton has also got to go.

  • eric

    I made it over for a minute and just in time to see Tatum claim to be an “actress”! I think if we keep her on, she may have a break-down and that’s good TV. Alas, if America takes to Tatum the way they did to Trista (who was a fine dancer in her one episode), Tatum will be gone with the turn, turn, turn…

  • Maurine

    I don’t think Stacy deserved 29. She and her partner basically stayed in one spot. I thought Lisa and Giselle were much better.
    P is pitiful. PU! Please put us out of our misery and send him home. He was so rude when Ashly gave him dancing shoes. He says he’s trying, but it doesn’t look like he is.
    YES!!! I thought Louis looked like Lisa’s hubby too! :)
    I thought Tia looked great. Tatum wasn’t as good as in the past. Lisa’s music was so slow. Drew was excellent. Jerry was good too.
    P needs to go home!!!

  • SF

    That was really heartbreaking when Tia didn’t get any applause! I think the audience didn’t hear the host, though. I love the male host’s snark, his swipe at Master P about wearing ballroom shoes only if he could promote them and sell them as P Miller shoes was hilarious, and so true. go home dude! I wish Romeo hadn’t gotten hurt, he would have been adorable in this competition. Poor Ashley, and Lisa Rinna definitely deserved better scores.

  • Gavin

    I have to admit that I think that Tia ia gone, which is sad. She isn’t fabulous, but George and Master P. are both far worse.
    If I had my way, P. would be on his way home. Last week I wanted him to come back because it seemed unfair to Ashley to punish her for P.’s lack of interest. Now it seems unfair to make her keep dancing with him.
    Biggest loser, this week, even though P. treated those ballroom shoes as if they were carrying Bird Flu, was Tatum O’Neal. I thought her dancing was wonderful last week, even though she acted like a 12-year-old on crack. This week she seemed to take the “Hollywood royalty” comment to heart and act as if she didn’t have to try.
    I don’t care what the judges say, either. Drew’s quick step was the dance of the week. (I’m not proud of cheering for a Lachey, but the man can dance.

  • Dee

    I also don’t think the judges like Lisa. Don’t know why.
    Comments on others…
    P shouldn’t be there because he’s not fully participating. Tatum’s legs were so stiff. It was pretty funny. She could be out. I don’t have any feelings towards Tatum so it doesn’t matter to me but it seems like she doesn’t have too many fans.

  • lei

    I think last night proved that the voting is pre determined, what else explains holding and eight saying eight but the screen below said 7? I think the only reason why Lisa Rinna was in the bottom three is they are trying to pull a Kelly Monaco where we all voted for her in the beginning because the judges were so mean.
    Wouldn’t you love to see Tatum O’Neil just lose it at the judges one night, she came awfully close last night I thought she was going to grab the mike and start cussing!
    I like Tia and Jerry Rice because they look like amateurs who are learning just as they should be, not amazon women who have been doing this for years. And Drew Lacey is a good dancer and funny too because he puts so much pressure on himself I’d be surprised if he doesn’t have a melt down before the show’s over!

  • Chris Alberts

    Dear Anybody-in-the-entertainment-industry-who-will-listen:
    I like TV. I won’t deny it. In the past decade, TV has gotten
    smarter and brighter and given us a level of quality that most of
    today’s films can’t even touch. I like the gritty fare of DEADWOOD,
    the brilliant humor of THE SIMPSONS and THE FAMILY GUY, the incredible
    view of reality from THE DAILY SHOW, and the polished drama of the CSI
    franchises. And, yes, my family and I enjoy reality shows. My wife
    and I can’t get enough of PROJECT RUNWAY. And it’s always family night
    for SURVIVOR or THE AMAZING RACE. We also enjoy watching guys go for
    big fish and bigger choppers and monster trucks. And sure, we’ll even
    cheer on another season of AMERICAN IDOL.
    But now…where can I possible begin with a discussion of DANCING WITH
    THE STARS. How can one possibly write a true plea to the industry for
    sanity without resorting to excessive use of profanity coupled
    with suggestions of how to place various objects into one’s anatomy.
    I will admit that I have been involved in entertainment on a much
    smaller scale for most of my life. If anything, I am a superior judge
    of talent. (Yes…Simon Cowell is correct 99% of the time and I’m just
    sorry he isn’t allowed to use the phrase “get of the f*&$ing stage!”)
    Therefore, to the producers of DANCING, I suppose I must first ask the
    question, “Are you even trying to find ANYBODY who can dance?” I
    admit, there are a couple…well…one celebrity…who looks like she
    has some ability. I know you’re focusing on B-listers…because
    A-listers are generally smarter than to get involved on this level.
    But George Hamilton appears to have an issue with standing, much less
    dancing. And can Lisa Rinna’s lips be any bigger? (Actually…that’s
    a rhetorical question because the obvious answer is no.) And just so
    that I can avoid a visit to the emergency room, I won’t even discuss
    the ignorance of P. Miller. Whoever came up with THAT casting idea is
    hopefully looking for a new job. May I suggest rodeo clown.
    My second question is to the judges. “WHA?” Sorry…let me clarify.
    “WHA are you looking at?!?!?!?” I have never seen more rewarding
    of mediocrity since the re-election of George W. Bush.
    My final question goes out to the studio audience. “WHA?!?!!?”
    Sorry…let me clarify. “WHA is with constantly booing the
    judges?” Just stop it. It’s annoying…and it gets Bruno all riled
    up. And we can’t have that. And stop the “Jerry” chant for Jerry
    Rice. The culture shock of hearing a Jerry Springer chant while
    watching a show dealing with ballroom dancing sparks an intense pain in
    the lightning bolt scare on my forehead.
    TIVO changed my life. It has made watching TV a joy. TIVO can’t save
    this show.
    Let me state that I DO understand the nature of this show and it’s
    place in the food chain. I actually enjoy concepts like this show.
    It’s just execution from hell. I’m not going to delve into the
    psychology of how it’s now acceptable to watch a train wreck. Not
    only to watch it, but to phone in and vote for who we want to see
    killed next. I’m just going to simply say that the producers of this
    stuff can be a little smarter…a little sharper…and a little more
    creative. I used the word “can” because I have set my personal feeling
    aside to allow them the benefit of the doubt.
    In closing, I simply ask all producers to dig a little deeper, go a
    little further, make just one more phone call, and
    please…PLEASE…don’t ever stop striving for quality in order to
    settle for mediocrity.
    Chris Alberts
    PS – And stop killing major characters. You’re screwing up my joy of
    knowing that I can hang with my favorite characters next week. Anybody
    tries to off either of the Gilmore girls, there will be hell to pay.
    If you really think that “the characters have no where else to go,”
    then maybe YOU or your writers need another job on another show.

  • Stephanie

    P is mismatched with his partner. He is really tall and he filled in for his son at the last moment. Tia just had a child, but after I saw the playback I agree that Lisa should have gotten a higher score. Yes, her partner looks like Harry. I am sure that he found that funny. The whole show is about Bruno’s wisecracks.

  • Penn

    Why no TV Watch this week?
    P is a disgrace. And I’m not even talking about his dancing. Ashly was thoughtful enough to buy him a gift and present it to him wrapped and everything. And he has the nerve to open it, through it to the ground when he sees that it’s ballroom shoes, and then proceed to kick the shoes across the floor? He and his family should be embarrassed and ashamed. What an a-hole.
    Tatum should not be interviewed. She’s a wreck.
    Stacey, Drew and Jerry are my faves. Lisa is good too.

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