Rotten eggs spoil 'The Bachelor'

9416__allie_lCan television crush your soul? Probably not. But I sure felt like it might last night while watching the season premiere of The Bachelor on ABC. Granted, the show’s never been feel-good reality in the vein of the network’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, but watching 33-year-old oncologist Allie’s biological clock explode in the middle of a Paris chateau made me feel emotionally dead inside.

You knew it wasn’t going to end well when Allie (pictured,with E.R. doctor Travis, this season’s prize package), told the doc that she was ready to begin ”the reproductive phase” of her life (in their first significant conversation, too!), but it was her confession to the show’s camera crew that hit me hardest: ”The reason why I am here is definitely to find a husband. Hopefully, the bachelor will be that guy, because quite frankly, my eggs are rotting.”

I hoped against all indicators that girlfriend would hold it together when Travis chose to send her and 12 other eager singles back to the States, but — oh no! — Allie instead confronted her fellow M.D., demanding to know if she was ”too short” or if it was her ”small boobs” that prompted him to ditch her in favor of model Jennifer, wild-eyed Shiloh, and Tara Reid-lookalike Kristen, among others.

Fair enough, Allie has no one but herself to blame for flying across the Atlantic for a reality TV show instead of getting in a car and driving to the nearest licensed therapist, but the way the show lingered on her post-rejection rant struck me as particularly cruel. You can’t compare it to last season’s meltdown of resident witch Sarah W., who deserved to get taken down a notch or three. And juxtaposed with at least six mentions of the word ”romantic,” five references to ”fairytale,” and four uses of the word ”journey” (one in French!), the whole scene was the opposite of amorous, akin to downing an after-dinner glass of bile.

What did you think of last night’s season premiere of The Bachelor? And will you be back for Episode 2?

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  • Shana

    My first thought was that The Soup on the E! channel was going to gobble that clip up. She really did put her foot in her mouth by introducing herself that way. I do agree with her on one point though. Obviously this Dr. doesn’t want to date another doctor or any sort of intellectual equal. He chose pretty girls. They didn’t show him discussing carerres with any of the other girls, its as if he didn’t care what they did. I think this is what Allie was alluding to cncerning doctors. They want arm candy, not a real partner necessarily. Obviously, I’m assuming that the truth is different, we’re filtering through the editor’s eyes. It does seem like he knows he’s good looking and wants a pretty girl to worship him, not a smart girl to blow him mind. You never know, maybe one of the girls is both pretty and smart. I think I’ll keep watching a few more just to see Paris shots, reminds me of my recent visit.

  • JrsyGrl

    What, no official weekly write-up? Just a blurb in the blog? A little disappointing!
    Anyway, yes, Shana, it is possible for a girl to be both pretty and smart! Shocking, huh? It’s also possible that a guy can be looking for something serious yet still be turned off by someone he just met minutes before telling him she’s ready to start reproducing. Then again, can you blame a guy for taking the chance to make out with as many hot girls at once as he can without getting in trouble for it?
    Oh yes, I will be back for more! It’s like a trainwreck!

  • LP

    I misss Charlieeeee!!!! This dude is BORing….they should ave kept the oncologist on if for no other reason than to recesitate Travis from his comotose personality. I hope things spice up a bit- bring on the trashy women and perogies!

  • dma

    This thing is still on??? Oh, please!! Give it the boot already. It’s a waste of airtime.

  • anony

    Love the show as usual. I do wish you’d start the weekly write-up. Yes, Allie made a fool of herself -but what is up with all the “reproduction” talk. Even if the bachelor is interested in kids, speaking about it in such technical terms is too clinical, technical. She was just annoying and weird. But, that is why we like reality tv. I’ll be watching even though I still miss Andrew Firestone (where is her lately????)

  • suzie

    Only watched the beginning and the very end (I was flipping back and forth between the Bachelor, Medium, and Entertainment Tonight) but it seems to me that he is entitled to opt for beautiful rather than brainy if that’s what he wants. Who are we kidding? We all take in the external appearance in the beginning. He had to let half the women go on the first epidode, how was he supposed to make his judgements if not by some superficial first impression? And if a new guy said to me on a first date that he wanted to reproduce I would think that he had an agenda rather that an openness and a desire to get to know me. After all what we say initially is especially important when there’s no frame of reference about who the other person is. That first meeting carries alot of weight and can definitely be a deal breaker. She came off as too singularly focused and way too ahead of herself. Doesn’t everyone know that talking about committment, marriage, and starting a family are subjects best kept quiet until at least the second date!! And if she doesn’t know it, what does that say about who she is? I don’t blame him for showing her the door.

  • Lily

    Michael, get your facts straight — Travis sent Allie and 12 other girls packing (not 13).
    Also, I don’t think this was a matter of brains vs. beauty. It was a matter of normal vs. psycho. Allie obviously showed herself to be mentally unstable and Travis picked up on that. The way she called him a fraud for not wanting to have children right away was ludicrous. Some people wait to have kids — some people don’t have kids AT ALL. There is nothing wrong with this. She is clearly nuts.

  • Liza

    I know it was one Dr talking to another, but she made it sound so bad when she said that she was ready to begin “the reproductive phase” of her life. She could have said that she’s ready to have kids, or that she’s ready to be a mom. That would have scared him off as well, but atleast it wouldn’t sound like she’s looking for a sperm donor.

  • Faye

    Bottom line, “Egg”li G is a nucking fut !

  • BC

    Cancel this show already! Its boring and no true love has EVER come from this show.

  • djm

    So what if he chose the “pretty” girls – what woman with a substantial amount of intellect is going to give up months of her life to go try to find “real” love on a reality television show? And not a reality show whose outcome you can’t predict – there has NEVER been a successful, long lasting “Bachelor” pairing (and yes, I know that Trista & Ryan got married, but until it lasts more than 10 years (to me) it doesn’t count). Most of the women on this show just want to be on television – why else would they subject themselves to such public humiliation? If they want “love”, they should find it the old-fasioned way – by finding it within themselves first and then putting themselves out there. Having 25 other people making out with your potential mate while television cameras film it all for the general publics ammusement probably isn’t the best idea. I liked the format this time better – a 1 hour premier rather than dragging it out for 2 hours, and I like that we didn’t have to watch him looking at the pictures on the wall trying to decide. It seems like they trimmed a lot of the things out that annoyed me the last time I watched this show (which I think was when the Firestone guy was on). And the reproducing woman is just a freak.

  • nessa

    Please put this show out of its misery….

  • nikki

    This whole show is crap! why not have a bachelor who isn’t superficial enough to send home all the black girls in one night? And the egg chick was nuts!! He should have sent her packing.

  • Angela

    I watched and I’ll probably continue to do so. My friend thinks the whole show is phony and that some of the bachelorettes are schills, planted to create drama and stir up trouble. I don’t really care, I enjoy it anyway. Allie was a trainwreck — I felt badly for her but couldn’t look away. I think most women, whether they’ll admit or not, have had some moment in their lives when their hormones and emotions have gotten the better of them, and they become irrational(thank goodness they make pills to treat that sort of thing) She appeared to have a sensitive, high-strung sort of temperment to start with, however it was extremely presumptious to assume that simply because she was also a doctor she would have an automatic bid; she took his rejection way too personally, perhaps projected upon him her idea of the perfect guy without knowing him, then suffered great and (very public) disappointment as a result.

  • moonmaid

    I flipped back and forth to this show, because the doctor bachelor was cute and seemed like he had half a brain. But the whole trumped up cattle call in a castle thing was a real turn-off. And that woman dr. melting down was scary and embarassing to witness.
    How that woman is going to be able to hold her head up at work with patients and colleagues after that episode is something to ponder. The whole “why wasn’t I good enough” whining on her part is a cry for therapy. If all she wants is to “reproduce” then she should find a sperm donor or find a husband on Never tell a man something like that within the first few months of meeting, let alone the first time you talk to them! Yikes. I’ll probably watch again at some point, but sitting thru the whole thing is pretty excrutiating.

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