'Nip/Tuck': The Carver unmasked!

9361__nt_l(WARNING: If you didn’t watch last night’s season finale of Nip/Tuck, you can read a recap of the episode here, but if you don’t want the slasher’s identity spoiled, skip the rest of this post.)

Now we know who the Carver is

Raise your hand if you guessed Dr. Quentin Costa (Bruno Campos, at right). Okay, now raise your hand if you guessed Det. Kit McGraw (Rhona Mitra, at left). Looks like you were both right. So, was the two-collaborating-slashers scenario a little too Scream for Nip/Tuck fans, or are you satisfied with the way it finally played out?

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  • Nic

    Worst season finale I’ve ever seen. So disappointing. When it was revealed that it was Quentin–so obvious it was too obvious, so that’s some poor writing–I was just waiting for it to turn out to be a dream sequence. Which would have been much less cheesy, and that’s saying a lot. And Kit–who the hell cares. I can’t believe Ryan Murphy could have thought this would be a satisfying outcome. A very poor showing indeed.

  • Joseph

    I guess the obvious answer sometimes is the answer so always go with your first guess! I just expected better from this show!!! What a disappointment!!! For a show that prides itself on shocking twists and turns this finale sure didn’t provide any! Of course it could never live up to a season of anticipation but still what a boring, unoriginal and uninspired choice for the Carver!! I never thought I would see the day that Nip/Tuck could be called predictable!! Viewers were guessing Quentin was the Carver before the season even premiered…that is how obvious it was!!! The writers could have done so much better!! Geez! I could have done better!

  • Jennifer

    Ok…there were some plot holes. They explained how Quentin fooled Christian and Sean into thinking he was all man (Christian by fooling around with his sister who knew the truth and kept his secret, and Sean by paying that college girl to give him a pretend blow job) but what about Julia? She was in the hot tub with him, and even if he had trunks on, wouldn’t she have noticed that something was missing, or not right? This is not an inexperienced virigin here. Or what about the army guy? Even though the army man was the giver and Quentin the receiver, wouldn’t you think that the army man would have at least caught a glimpse of Quentin’s package (or lack there of)?

  • POP

    so disapointing!!! the carver was obvious, there was a rumor that the carver was sean, that would have been sad but awesome! the matt thing was lame too!!! so matt and the tranie killed ariel’s father???? but he didn’t tell anyone???? if there was ever a case of self defense. so matt has been involved in how many crimes???? that kid is already screwed up! now he is just mental.
    it just seemed that they were tring to push the envelope as far as they could go. I am so over this season.

  • Alex

    So did the good doctors not go to the police with the information about Kit? And how did they get to Maine so fast? How did the dead body of Quentin disappear and no one said anything? Too many logical gaps in this story. Also how bad was Kit telling her whole tragic story? As soon as she opened her mouth I knew she was some sort of relative. Finally, why did Matt and Cherry not go to the cops?

  • James

    You idiots. Don’t you think putting up a picture of Kit and Quentin next to the headline, The carver unmasked reveales who the carver was? STUPID

  • jim

    Twin plotlines about simultaneous psychopaths snipping off body parts. Must Saw TV. This took two hours. With about twenty minutes to go, I was hoping they would really jump the shark by having Bruno Compos wake up as Diego on Jesse and had imagined the whole season.

  • Christian

    Well I am disapointed as well, I franticaly went out and rented the 1st and 2nd season 2 weeks before the premier of the 3rd season I could not stop watching the episodes. The third season I was not happy with a few GOOD episodes but the rest pretty crappy and Quintin as the carver we VERY obvious… Maybe season 4 will make me love this show again???

  • Christopher

    Matt… I am really hoping that Ariel is back next season for a few episodes, but NOT the entire season. I was so thinking that Mr. Alderman would get an unpleasant dialogue with Matt about his daughter’s ra
    I am sad we’re losing Kimber, but obviously, we can’t make Troy happy for long (as proved with Natasha in season 2) or he becomes dull and the sexual tension between him and Julia is ruined.
    I was disappointed with Sean and Julia’s storyline. Looks like Julia obviously has some sort of fatal condition that will mean her death, or the baby’s.
    As for the Carver… it was way too goofy. I think Murphy had a way in mind to end the show on an amazing note and chickened out (or was talked down from a very fun ledge).
    It felt like last season’s finale in reverse– we’ve undone the entire year and have nothing but a little scar tissue to show for it.

  • Angie

    I stayed up late during the NYC Strike to watch this disappointing finale. What a waste of my time and energy. The fans deserve better!!!

  • Tony N.

    No matter who they revealed as the Carver it was going to be stupid and disappointing. Even though it being Quentin was the most disappointing route they could have gone. At least with someone else it would have been stupid and a little surprising. They should have wrapped up the whole Carver storyline last season or at least revealed who it was at the beginning of this season. Strangely I did enjoy Matt’s storyline; as for Julia’s “Rosemary Baby”, as with most things Julia, who cares.

  • Tam

    I was a little disappointed in the finale myself. How many times does Matt have to be tortured already. Once again Julia is keeping secrets about her pregnancy from Sean. And the porn queen, Kimber getting mad at Christian for not trying to find her and blaming him for the reason why she got all that plastic surgery work done was ridiculous. Just where was he to start looking for her? And her profession had nothing to do with getting the work done and why she was so successful at her profession?
    The whole Carver scenario has seemed disjointed since the beginning of the 3rd season. The 2nd season left the audience guessing who it was and then they barely involved the character during this season. What made the Carver go on hiatus for most of the season and then suddenly slash 9 people at one time (how unlikely is that!!)?
    And the whole plane crash episode was a total bust. It started out good but when Julia smothered the woman she thought was her mother was completely unreal. I was thinking the whole time she was talking to her that the woman does not look like her mother. How in the world could Julia not notice. I know she was charbroiled but come on!
    Overall, the whole season did not live up to the previous two. I don’t expect it to be around much longer.

  • Emily

    I wouldn’t have been surprised no matter who the Carver was. I had suspected everyone at some point. I was hoping it wouldn’t been Quentin, but I thought the scenes after the reveal were awesome, especially mixed with Matt’s storyline. Yeah, as soon as Kit started telling the story I realized she was the sister, but it was still cool and creepy (as was their scene by the pool afterwards).
    And, most surprising, I like Matt again. I loved him in this episode. Never expected to like him again. But I loved his interaction with Cherry. And I’m thrilled they killed the Dad.
    I was disappointed with Kimber. I really just want Christian to be happy. But, it looks like Sean will be happy for a little while, at least until he figures out something is wrong with either Julia or the baby.

  • justin

    i thought it was great, while it was easy to figure out Quentin was the Carver I never thought about Kit being involved, much less her being his sister…loved the storyline with matt and cherry too!
    u people who are complaining are just the types who like to complain and no matter who the Carver was u would find some excuse to b!tch…
    all in all, great finale

  • Rebecca

    I enjoyed the story. Yes there are plot holes but the show was only 2 hours long! I mean to answer every question we had would have taken a whole day!
    I was a little dissapointed when Quentin was unmasked as the Carver. But the way they played it with Kit I thought was great! Also, Matt was great in this episode. I actually started to like him again! Which was nice. It is so hard to watch Brittney Snow play his ex-psycho girlfriend! I loved her as the good girl in American Dreams. But she is doing great. I wish Julia would just for once be honest with Sean from the get go! Is that to much to ask for!?!
    All in all it was good! I just hope next year the show is a little more funny! I miss the funny times.

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