'Project Runway': Guys and dolls

15550__nick_lWho says Heidi, Nina, and Kors get to be the only one deciding who’s in or out? Here’s my take on the winners and losers of the Barbie competition:

Granted, Nick (left) deserved to win this week’s competition. But what about Santino? His dress was certainly worthy too. I’m beginning to think his argument that they don’t want to award the same person too often too quickly is right. Not to dis Nick. They both used bright colors that jumped off the runway, making the models indeed look like walking dolls. I likey. (How many more contests before Santino starts yelling at the judges for not crowning him winner? That evil glance he flashed before heading backstage was wonderfully ominous.)

I’m really beginning to dislike this Andrae guy. I don’t buy Tim Gunn’s speculation that his emotional meltdown was contrived — because, of course, Andrae is just plain crazy. His steady gaze is, like, Heaven’s Gate-freaky. To quote Top Model‘s "Miss" J. Alexander: "Girl, look like she on crack!"

But back to Andrae’s horrid dress. It looked like his model was wearing a hot-air balloon. I was afraid she would float off the runway at any moment. Also, why did Andrae refuse to use the blond Barbie wig on his model? (Was it because she’s black? Hmmm.) I think waging a ethno-political battle on Barbie is one waged in vain. She’s the model of the Aryan race. If you’re gonna agree to play the game, then you’ve already lost.

I must also give credit to the judges for providing the priceless chant "Lighten up! Lighten up!" I thought Andrae’s eyes were gonna explode. (Reminded me of Tod Browning’s Freaks: "One of us! One of us!")

Regardless, Raymundo "I’m young, have balls of steel" Baltazar was a fitting loser. Oversized sunglasses alone do not a surfer chick make. And what’s with his hair? He looks like a turquoise skunk. Scary sideburns too. Anyhow, back to the dress. Leave it to Michael Kors to sum up Raymundo’s "Halloween tablecloth" dress best: "Barefoot Appalachian Li’l Abner Barbie"

Does anyone have any idea what that means? Who cares?! Funniest thing ever!

How do you think the competition is shaping up? Any favorites yet?

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  • Alissa

    Project Runway has satiated a need, which I thought was insatiable until I returned back to my college life. The drama is intense, and I’m looking forward to the moment Santino yells at Nina. Not to say I don’t appreciate a strong, opinionated woman. I do, but Santino, thus far, has proven to be a really good designer in competitions, but my heart belongs to Uncle Nick for now. I think I have a penchant for teachers (and Tim Gunn).
    I think that mom from Allentown, PA will breathe her last, sweet breath soon. But being from PA as well, I know her clothes will sell real good at the next county fair. I don’t like the Asian who likes to mix technology with fashion. But they may keep her along like they did with Robert Plantkin (sp.)–please pose for Playgirl. And Lupe makes me throw up, choke it back and burn my corneas with a match. It’s her Dorothy Hamil meets squire boy haircut. And, though, she tries to come across as pretentious, Santino’s better, more witty and is balding with long curly hair…reminds me of my cousin.

  • doriangz

    HEY !
    Raymundo’s dress sucked alright and I am not surprised he was sent home but I think he was A-DO-RA-BLE. They all kinda have weird looks for themselves anyway.
    Dont kick him when he’s down ! :) He can show me his balls of steel anytime

  • Katie

    Santino’s good. There’s no doubt about it. Although his confidence can be a little much at times, nobody else has been a part of “the best” group throughout all three challenges.
    I am a little confused, have they taken away the prize of next round immunity awarded to the winners of the challenges?

  • djm

    It’s all about Nick for me – I have loved all of his creations thus far and I think he has a great personality. Santino? Where to begin. Girl, that hair need to go!! There is nothing worse than a balding man trying to hold on to the left-overs – take a lesson from Donald trump and lose that nasty ‘do your sportin. Once you do that, check your ego big guy – this competition isn’t all about you! If you were/are as talented as you like to believe than why haven’t you made it prior to this competition? I am all about attitude and wit, but you are just a tad too self absorbed for me. my other fav is the Asian girl that won last week (Chloe?) – I think she has some interesting things to show. I don’t like Kara either – she and Zulema both get on my nerves. How did Marla actually make it into the competition if she doesn’t know how to sew? Also, my gut tells me that Daniel Franco’s days are (hopefully) numbered.

  • Delon

    Nick was the right choice as the winner of this week’s challenge. I see the brewing signs of a coming clash between Nick and Santino as they are both talented queer males. Santino totally looks like Rasputin!!! I suspect a blood lineage between the two.
    I cannot stand that South African girl(is her name Kara?) and Andrea is painful to watch. Did anybody notice the melodramatic hand gestures he makes just before he exits the runway? They are hilarious, but his character is hard to stand.

  • Robin

    I think Nick’s dress was the perfect Barbie design. It looked like something you would actually see a Barbie wear. Which is not to say that Santino’s dress wasn’t great; it was, but Nick’s was just a little bit better. And Santino needs to get off his high horse. Yeah, you won the first challenge, good for you. Stop acting like you’re God’s gift to Project Runway. I’m wondering if he’s going to turn into this season’s Wendy Pepper, albeit with the chops to back the bitchiness up.

  • Kik

    The problem that I have with Santino is that, though he creates most sophisticated dress with ease, his design has become very predictable. I didn’t think his dress was particularly appealing or original. I think I’ve seen similar design on barbie so many times. His ego doesn’t help either. Nick, on the other hand, creates something unique. His choice of fabric this challenge was perfect, so I was very happy that Nick won the barbie challenge.

  • Kat

    i LOVE Nick! Great set of contestants this year – all very captivating characters and talented as well! (well, mostly)

  • bsb

    Entertainment Weekly: why doesn’t TV Watch do a weekly rundown on Project Runway? Everyone watches it, so wouldn’t everyone read it?

  • Josh

    Talent or not, I want someone who is modest. That’s why there’s no way I can root for Santino. Nick is supposedly his friend, and he can’t even feign happiness but must go sulk in the corner? He knows the judges have loved three of his outfits in a row, that would be enough for most people.
    I too believe Andrae’s tears were real, but besides modesty I also like someone who can take criticism and Andrae is not that person. Even after having a ‘talk’ with Tim Gunn about how to take comments on the runway, he then has to ‘disagree’ with the judges (granted, if the dress was good, I think a designer should defend it, but who wants a barbie with a bubbly butt?).
    I agree with Dorian that Raymundo was adorable, even if his odd hair coloring and inappropriate dress design were not.

  • nycanuck

    Santino is a big baby.
    A talented, big baby.
    Nick is much more fun and just as talented.
    Andrae? Super Freaky (the kind you won’t take home to mother!)
    Re: Katie’s question
    Yes, they did do away with the ‘next round immunity’ for the winner of each round. A smart move I think.
    Hey EW… bring on the Project Runway forum!

  • Marcus

    Top Model or Project Runway, I cheer for the Nic(k)’s. Various spellings do not matter!

  • Miles

    Santino should know the quote… Pride Cometh Before the Fall… His fall will be mighty and I can’t wait to see it.

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