'Nip/Tuck': Who is the Carver? Wanna bet?

15550__carver_lIn this week’s issue (on newsstands Friday), Entertainment Weekly’s Lynette Rice (with the help of Vegas oddsmakers) speculates on the identity of the Carver:

"How much you wanna bet Dr. Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) is the Carver? Odds are you’d lose if you wagered on Nip/Tuck’s Dec. 20 finale, when we’ll learn the identity of the serial slasher. According to the (just for fun) oddsmakers at Wynn Las Vegas, Troy’s odds are 5,000 to 1. The safe bet? Two-timing scuzzball Dr. Quentin Costa (Bruno Campos; 8 to 5). Running behind him: Matt McNamara (John Hensley; 5 to 2), Det. Kit McGraw (Rhona Mitra; 3 to 1), Dr. Merrill Bobolit (Joey Slotnick; 8 to 1), Dr. Liz Cruz (Roma Maffia; 10 to 1), and Ava Moore (Famke Janssen; 15 to 1)."

For what it’s worth, PopWatch Nip/Tuck aficionado Katy Caldwell sees another option: "This is the first season I have watched, so I could be waaaaaaay off base here, but I think everyone’s overlooking a prime suspect: Gina Russo (Jessalyn Gilsig), Dr. Troy’s scorned ex-wife. Look at the evidence: Russo has ties to both Kit McGraw (Victim No. 1), the undercover investigator who had a threesome with Kimber and Christian, and Kimber (Victim No. 2), whom Gina was the last person to see alive. She also has a financial motive. As the co-owner of the recovery spa, she’s getting a lot of referrals from the plastic surgeons who have to repair the Carver’s victims, no?"

Who do you think the Carver is?


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  • dygla

    Katy is way off–Kit and Kimber were not victims 1 and 2–there were many more victims last season, including Christian and Sean. She missed a lot but only starting to watch this season. And Gina is not Christian’s ex-wife, just ex-lovers, who they both thought was the father of her baby, Wilbur…it’s a long story, but he was helping her our financially and then cut her off when he ran into financial difficulty. It is possible that she is the Carver, my best pic is Matt, he’s such an angry little boy—who knows, I just can’t wait for the finale next week!!! I love this show.

  • ftworthbabe

    Since Christian was raped, I think that it will be a guy- probably Matt.
    unless Liz wore a strap-on!!

  • Josh

    What ever happened to the Matt’s girlfriend from season one who turned out to be a lesbian? Or what about his friend who had guilt about their accident that ruined a girl’s life? My memory is fading… But it’s not Bruno Campos (unless it’s him working with someone else), because he’s too obvious. And why is Kit McGraw a suspect? If she truly was the Carver, don’t you think she would have left Christian in jail a bit longer, or come up with another option to get him out other than slashing herself?

  • Condo

    The carver is a woman, that much we know. You have to remember that Sean was carved, too, and Gina had nothing against him, nor did Liz, so I discount those two. Kit came along too late to have carved Christian or Sean. Ok, here’s where I step out on a limb. Christian dated a blind woman last season and cheated on her after helping her obtain ocular implants. I think it was her…she has no problem navigating in darkness, and she’s so obscure that no one would think of her. Second and third picks: Jill Clayburgh (the former patient who blames Christian and Sean for botching a procedure), or Julia.

  • Sarah

    Gina’s not Christian’s ex-wife, she’s an ex-hook-up.
    It’s Quentin.

  • Justin

    I have always suspected Liz. When the Carver killed for the first time(the woman who faked her Carver attack) Liz had just put Christian under anesthesia which could explain how the drugs were planted in Christians apartment.

  • Thad

    Matt’s girlfriend’s dad. He is a hater of all. The carver had sex with Christian. He hates both doctors, even Bruno. Did you not see Bruno Campos character tied up and dead on the previews? Hes like an anti-abortionist, kill the doctors and the patients.

  • Brody

    A. Alec Baldwin
    B. Jude
    C. The girl from Matt’s hit and run
    D. Matt’s friend from the hit and run
    A and B have the medical experience and have nothing against them to discredit the theory. While C and D have motive to think beauty is a curse, with D being a proven rapist.

  • Josh

    i hope it’s not liz or julia. these two have often provided the heart and the soul of this show when it otherwise reaches dark places. I would have trouble believing either as the Carver, and would probably never watch nip/tuck again in either case.

  • meex

    Although it’s a long shot, I think it’s Ava More’s ex-husband (character played by that Baldwin chap–he is a surgeon, has access to drugs AND he knows very well how to use a scalpel) or how about Ava’s son. Dude, I so don’t believe he is dead.

  • Albert S.

    Caldwell is right, THE CARVER IS GINA!!! There are a lot of clues pointing her way including motive, previous craziness, aggressive instinct, loathing of Christian, and the whole paralyzing-shtick-so-it-could-be-a-woman-with-a-strap-on thing going. They are probably going to pin it all on Quentin, and then come out with the final shocking reveal that it is Gina. MARK MY WORDS!!

  • Rebecca

    I think it’s Kit….I’d bet on it. All the people attacked by the carver have been left at the scene of the crime. Everyone but Kimber…..she seems to be taken hostage. Kit was angry because Kimber had decided she did not want to continue their threesome any more. She was even angrier when Kimber chose Christian over her. She was not going to let Christian marry her. She was the one knocking at the door at the church when Kimber yelled to come on in. Carve up her face and make sure she is no longer beautiful. If Kit couldn’t have Kimber then she made sure no one else would want her either. Just my thought on it. Of course I could be way off but thats okay…..I love this show!!!!!!!!



  • dub

    with things spiraling so twistedly over the edge this season on Nip/Tuck, i’m convinced that ‘finesse’ and ‘subtlety’ have become dirty words frowned upon by a creative team unable to develop and sustain a character with the pathos requisite to be a serial… well, carver. don’t get me wrong, love the show, love the camp- but it seems as though any issues of plausibility with the current story arc were handled with one simple solution: just have EVERYONE act all crazy! then it doesn’t matter who the carver is because there is no one who hasn’t been behaving like an erratic whack job all season long. that being said, my money’s on an out-of-the-blue Revenge of the Super Tranny. Ava.

  • Dizzy

    It’s Ava’s son. Absolutely, positively. He’s not dead. That was some rotten corpse dragged in there to throw everyone off. (notice that his face was gone, due to the advance rotting and magotts) He’s clearly a confused sicko and after his “Mom” dropped all of that cruel commentary on him, he was more unstable than ever. How disturbed is a kid who is sleeping with his post op tranny Mommy? No one suspects him because he’s supposedly dead, but remember we’re dealing with a show where reality is a very loose concept. He’s confused about his sexuallity, hence raping both the guys and the girls. Plus the director dropped a hint during an interview that I think points to him. We’ll see. I love this show. Just when you think they can’t surprise you, they hammer you. FYI, all of the surgery cases are based on true stories. The woman attached to the sofa from sitting there for five years really happened in Florida. Goggle any of them, they’re for real. Scary as hell, but we love it. Go, Nip/Tuck!

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