Trailer Blazer: 'The Da Vinci Code,' 'Poseidon'

185632__hanks_lTwo shiny new trailers! Ch-ch-check ‘em out and tell me what you think, yo!

The Da Vinci Code (May 19, 2006) Is it just me, or could the opening half of this trailer just as easily be for an X-Men sequel? I mean, you’ve got Magneto’s voiceover about being ”in the middle of a war,  one that’s been going on forever,” one that will ”devastate the very foundations of mankind.” After that, though, things definitely start looking more like Dan Brown’s novel, with Paul Bettany mutilating his gams, Audrey Tautou (Amelie!) racing through the streets, Tom Hanks sporting a really weird ‘do (left), and…ooh, anagrams! When you’ve finished viewing, reimagine the trailer with PopWatch pal Helium as a costar, then visit the official Fun!

Poseidon (May 12, 2006) Wow, here’s a remake that looks totally unnecessary, totally schlocky, and — who am I kidding? I’m so going to see it. I mean, there’s like 123 people in the cast, so you know there’ll be lots of groovy death scenes, and the tidal wave looks pretty cool. The thing is, though, they’ll never be able to outdo Shelley Winters holding her breath while swimming under water, so they’d better not even try it. I’m serious. I’ll take my sunglasses off if they go there.

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  • Hubi

    Oh gee, this is so not important, yet it’s bugging me nonetheless: what do – if at all – the highlighted letters at the end of the DaVinci trailer lead up to (the ones of the actors’ names). As a non-native speaker I probably don’t get the “code”, so any hint would be appreciated! (And anyhow it would be terribly embarrassing if this is all just a spoof!!)

  • Monica

    The code at the end of the trailer spells:
    “The Codes”
    –Best Regards…

  • Monica

    The word “Seek” is also highlighted right before the letters that are an anagram of “The Codes”.
    Go to:

    –Best Regards…

  • Tim

    I love the original Poseiden Adventure. It will be interesting to see how it’s redone.

  • maria

    um, those were kinda fun.

  • Hubi

    Thanks, Monica, for your help! Gee, that was actually not that difficult, stupid me ;-)!!
    Re Poseidon: Thought Richard Dreyfuss had quit doing movies some time ago and now is on board this sinking ship…;-)

  • Ron Mwangaguhunga

    No current Hollywood star can outdo the surly Ernest Borgnine character.

  • India

    Helium is too cute!

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