Is Bo Bice's debut too generic?

9233__bo_lAmerican Idol Season 4 winner Bo Bice’s debut album, The Real Thing, hits stores today, and it’s streaming over at AOL Music. What’s that? Bo didn’t win Season 4? Well, he most certainly should have. (Oooh, I am so gonna be feeling the hateration from Carrie Underwood fans!)

Anyhow, I’ve been listening to it this morning with one ear (the other one was booked by the Golden Globes), and I hate to say it, folks, but after hearing the first seven or eight tracks, I’m troubled. Where’s the Southern-fried soul Bo served up during his Idol performances of "Remedy" and "For the Love of Money"? Most of the tracks sound like they’ve been focus-grouped by a conference room full of adult-contemporary radio execs. The Real Thing is a sexless, bloodless listen, and…oh no, I think I just heard him sing something about writing another chapter of his life, and ”driving down this lonely highway.” Sigh.

I better go listen to Breakaway or Free Yourself and cheer myself up. How about you?

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  • Katrina

    I love me some Breakaway

  • Chris Jones

    After giving Bo’s album a listen, I have to say that that voters got it right by making Carrie Underwood the winner of AI4. Carrie’s debut album is nothing short of fantastic and really shows off her voice and personality–and I don’t even like country music! She is going to bring a lot of fans to country music and be a major crossover success–probably the 2nd most successful Idol after Kelly.
    Bo, on the other hand, has made a bland album that shows none of the spark that he had during the show. I hate to say it, but I think Bo is destined to fade away and become an Idol footnote like Justin, Ruben, Fantasia, etc.

  • professor74

    It is pretty bland like a lot of the radio-friendly pop rock. “You’re everything” is a decent song but hopefully he can add a little more blues/country in future releases.

  • professor74

    Ruben hasn’t faded away – he is just not in Pop market. He has focused on the R&B and the Gospel markets.

  • EP Sato

    I’m waiting for Mario’s album to come out. It won’t be produced by Simon, and will therefore not be watered down.
    As for Bo, even if his album stinks it will sell well enough to keep him out of trouble with the authorities, for now anyway…

  • Christina

    As I said a few weeks ago when you were going on about how Bo should have been the deserving winner and no way should Carrie debut ahead of Madonna, I said ” Wait til you hear Bo’s material.You wont be singing his praises then because Clive Davis neutered him.” Now as it stands it looks like Carrie will do at least 200,000 in sales next week (her 5th week on the chart), and could very easily outsell Bo in his first week. And on top of that when Carrie’s final sales come in this week she will have outsold Madonna’s four week total. I guess the right person was crowned Idol champ after all. Her album will easily cruise to double platinum and the best two singles on the album haven’t even been released yet.
    And to comment on why Carrie’s album turned out much better than Bo’s. Well its because Clive Davis barely touched Carrie’s album while he basically picked out every track for Bo except the final two.

  • Paul

    I didn’t like Bo on Idol and I don’t like his album now. Fade away like Justin and Diana De-Yuck-o. Give me Kelly, Kimberley Locke or Carrie over this any day!!!

  • Chris

    Did someone just refer to Fantasia as an “Idol footnote”?? She was just nominated for 3 grammy awards. I’d hardly call that the work of a “Footnote”!

  • judge jru

    This album is so painfully dull! I had such high hopes Bo! Frankly, I liked Diana DeNoNo’s BLUE SKIES album more!!!

  • Lisa

    Dear Mr. Slezek. I understand you are a Bo fan. I love Bo. But honestly, do you not understand that Carrie Underwood embodies everything that a real ‘Idol’ should be. Great voice, personality, looks and a role model for young people.
    You prefer Bo, that’s great! But to constantly remind readers that Bo should have won, in your opinion, is a slam against Carrie. Bo’s troubled past, lack of diversity in song selections (Vehicle is NOT a dance song and In a Dream he’s been performing acapella since he was a kid and He did a great job thought but internet fans knew it was not such a bold choice!)and his semi-professional status as a singer put him out of the game to win the show a long time ago.
    Bo is very talented and he will be okay despite this first release. Bo has said this CD is rock n roll so at least in Bo’s eyes he’s made a CD that is more than elevator music and he is very happy with it.
    Please stop bashing Carrie Underwood. Can you just accept that people love Carrie, she’s got an amazing voice and she will only get better as she gains experience and develops. Can you honestly say the same thing about Bo? No, because he has peaked with his showmanship and will be sucessful.
    All the talk about Bo’s coming in second giving him more freedom to make the CD he wants? Well, either Bo wanted to be a pop singer like anyone else or they didn’t give him freedom at all! Bo said he’s not a pop singer. Someone should let him know he better be ready to accept this and move on!
    They let Carrie be Carrie so why wouldn’t they let Bo be Bo? I think they did and Bo wanted to make sure he got radio play and thus chose the pop/rock route. Smart business wise, but bad for real Bo fans of Idol.

  • Elizabeth

    In my opinion, I belive you cannot really say Bo should have won. I understand that you are a Bo fan. But clearly, he didn’t have the whole package (looks, talent, personality, etc.) But Carrie had the whole package. Also, America had decided who the winner was, and they made the right choice. If you think Bo should have won, you should have voted for him, instead of complaining. Don’t talk about something, do something.
    Carrie’s album really showed the best of Carrie, and America surely loved Carrie in America Idol and her Cd Some Hearts.
    If you think you are going to get slammed by Carrie fans, then why say it? If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all. You also stated that you would go listen to Free Yourself. But with that album.Free Yourself, Carrie outsold her. I hope you realized that. I also believe Bo will fade away. Diana, Fantasia, Justin, and many others had that same fate. But Carrie Underwood will never fade away.
    I also believe that you just pick on artists fault. They just entered the business, no one is perfect. And clearly, you are far away from “perfect”. Ha-Ha.

  • Mike in Moncton

    What Idol needs is some male singers with gonads. The ladies will be kicking their butts before and after until the guys stop singing the same way the girls are.

  • Jen

    I have to agree with the writer that Bo should have won. In my opinion, Carrie was typical. She is just like every other female country singer that is out there. Don’t get me wrong, I adore country music. I was raised on it, and I love it. Every time Carrie took the stage, she bored me to tears. She has a fantastic voice, but as a performer, she was always the same. She always had the same deer-in-the-headlights expression. After listening to her album, it was nothing but a cookie-cutter typical country album.
    Bo on the other hand lights up the stage. Since Idol, he has performed with various greats such as Skynard, Dave MAtthews, Counting Crows, and numerous other artists. Musicians are clamoring to work with him. They see his amazing talent. Why the rest of America didn’t see it, I don’t understand.
    Stop getting on the writer for praising Bo and saying he should have won. He has a right to his opinion.

  • Thad

    Good try for his first outing. I’m sure when he has more input, it will be much better. I believe all of the winner’s first cds are controlled by the system of Idol puppet masters. Kelly rocked the second cd, maybe Bo will too. It should sell lots! Sound like Bon Jovi to me.

  • Jen

    ONe more thing. I’m sick of people saying, “If you liked this person, then you should’ve voted for them” Are you really that delusional that you think America really has any say in who wins? Please. Not only do they taylor the show around the person they want to win, but the entire voting process is a big sham. Even IF it was a legitimate vote (which it isn’t. They just rig it) Thousands of people with power dialers skew the vote so badly, that it wouldn’t be an accurate count of who is actually voting anyway.

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