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155012__katharineheigl_lHere at PopWatch, we like to give your brain a workout. I mean, it’s not like any of us are going to get any smarter surfing for kitty-cat lamps on eBay, or doing Google image searches for My Pretty Pony, right?

So let’s get the blood circulating through our cerebrums by naming the single best moment on last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. No easy task, of course, given that pretty much every scene in Seattle Grace Hospital is a winner, but for my money, Dr. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) getting caught baby-talking to the quintuplets (funny! heartwarming! unexpected!) earns a slight edge over Rosanna Arquette’s prison inmate swallowing a light bulb. Oh, and pretty much any scene with the underrated — and stunning — Katherine Heigl (left), who plays the put-upon Izzie as if she were an ugly duckling.

Argh. My noggin is starting to throb. I told you this was hard work. Take the Grey’s Anatomy challenge and see for yourself.

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  • Mike

    My favorite moment was when Addison, was telling Izzie that the baby was going to die no matter what. The frustration and anger on Izzie’s face was priceless. And the helpless Addison felt, knowing she made Izzie a better doctor, but also knowing that she has ended a potential friendship. I am glad that Izzie is getting play for being a good doctor, I feel that with Meredith being the “natural”, Yang being the “workaholic” and George being the “underdog”, I am glad Izzie is getting her due!

  • Jen

    I think that the best moment was definitely when George was talking with the “leeches” patient about Meredith.
    The look on George’s face as he finally admitted that he loved her was absolutely perfect!

  • Osman

    did you guys see punkd last week? Meredith was on there and omg… shes soo different in real life..i was kind of turned off by her attitude.
    Neways back to the show.. my favorite moment was the elevator scene with Izzie and the nurse… that was funny. Izzie started mouthing off to everyone was cool too. Dr. Yang and Burke’s storyline is soo cool too I love it
    and then there is george and the nurse..
    oh i love this show..MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP lol
    M: “izzie cmon… alex and I are sort of freinds”
    I: “Since when??? Since when are u and alex friends.. you tell me to cut my losses, that i am better off without him and as soon as a turn my back……”
    M: “Izzie ure making way too big a deal out of this…
    I: ” Right,of course becasue im the unreasonable one. you know what Meredith, do what ever you want, sleep with the guy for all I care”
    M: “Well, obviosly im not going to sleep with him Izzie”
    I: “Why not, you’ve slept with everyone else”
    WOW…BEst show everrrr

  • Osman

    I: “Im telling you Meredith was all over him”
    C: “Seriously , she was all over him, what like mounting him with all the babies watching? Seriously
    I: “Well she wouldve been if I hadnt interupted.
    G: “She was talking to him”
    I: “You dont talk to bastards who cheat on thier girlfriends George, thats the rule”
    G: “You werent officially, his girlfriend”
    I: “Thats not the point ”
    G: “It is kinda the point, You dont see me getting all emotional about people I’m not dating…”
    I: ” Really, you wanna go there?”
    G: “No”
    I: “Im having a moment here, dont mess with me”
    C: “Your not going to have a nervous breakdown and kill yourself are you??”
    I: “No”
    C: “So, there’s no chance youll kill us??”
    Izzie storms out…
    G: “THat was so wrong in so many levels”
    C: “Sooooooooooooo goood”
    G: “That was, that was good..”
    C: “HHahhShs sogoodgood”

  • jessica

    loved the whole show, but my favorite part was meredith putting the babies together to help them get well faster…and i too was glad to see izzie get some action!

  • Megan

    I love Greys Anatomy, but the best scene last night was were Izzy confronts Meredith about how she wasn’t supporting her, when during the McDreamy breakup thats all Izzy did for her. The best! Izzy is by far my favorite character.

  • Haasim

    My favorite scene is when Christina says that she likes Izzie when she’s bitchy (just after waking her up) because she seems more human or something. I just started watching this show a week ago and I’m surprised by how good it is. I ignored it last year becaus I thought it was just another medical show and I already had a full plate as far as TV shows go. But with Lost doomed to totally suck by year’s end and Arrested Development cancelled, I figured I have room to take a new show and I’m glad I did.

  • Thad

    Dr. Baily is my fave! She rocks hard core. Best scene, ‘I want to take the leeches home please.’ Sandra Oh is great, they are all great!
    Meredith, Stop talking to Dreamy, puh-leeze. Give it a break.

  • not a fan

    My favorite moment is when they stopped playing that stupid harp music in the background, like on “Desperate Housewives”…oh wait, that’ll never happen.

  • EP Sato

    Funny this, but just last night I was saying “How can Grey’s Anatomy be so popular if EW never writes about it?”
    Sure enough, less than 24 hours later, it’s on Popwatch, and EVERYONE seems to be talking about this show. WHy does it have to be on at the same time as Curb Your Enthusiasm? Grrr.
    Okay, now that CYE is almost over, anyone got any suggestions on how I can get initiated into this show? Anything with Sandra Oh in it has to be good…

  • Nancy

    Man, how can you pick one scene? This show is full of great scenes! Izzy and the nurse in the elevator, Izzy confronting Meredith about not supporting her, every scene with the preemies, Christina and Burke having breakfast together. Excellent cast, excellent writing and excellent show.

  • Scott

    This show just gets better and better, week to week. This is by far the television highlight each and every week – at least in my week. The cast is top notch and each deserves an Emmy… WOW! I can’t say enough wonderful things about this show… good-bye ER – hello Grey’s Anatomy.
    Favorite scene – George… and Yang at the table w/ Izzie… discussing suicide / murder… EXCELLENT and funny… can’t wait for another new episode next week.

  • carlo

    You’re right! Katherine Heigl is amazing among many. What a great start to this great show — so much potential. I did feel last night like the stories were dragging — is there anything meredith can get herself involved in besides Dreamy — our apprarent heroine, as suggested by the title — has nothing better to do at like 26 years old then to pine over this GUY? poor Ellen Pompeo has to sulk every week — can we get her doing something fun and useful of her talents?

  • Sina

    The best from Sunday was when Izzie told Meredith, “Well you sleep with everyone”!!!! I love it. Burke and Yang or as I like to call them “Prestina” is the best couple on television right now and I really wish Meredith would get over Derrick. They were only together for 2 months, get a grip. Love Addison and I hope she gets a friend. Oh and can Ellen P please eat a sandwich.

  • Tiffany

    Oh my gawd! I so love this show! It is my favorite — esp since Lost and DH are gong down the drain! I favorite characters are definitely Dr. Bailey, Izzie and George! I love Dr, Bailey — she is just too fabulous for words! Izzie is just so beautiful and I am so glad that she is getting so much airtime! She deserves it! George is a great subtle actor. His frustration towards his feelings for Meredith registers so well. I like Addison too! The one I am really starting to dislike is McDreamy! Come on, this guy needs to stop taunting Meredith. I wish that the show would just end that silly Meredith-McDreamy story arc. It has dragged on long enough. I am sick of it… and it is making an otherwise adorable McDreamy look like such a jerk to his wife.

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